10 Actionable Social Media Tips for New Jewelry Brands in 2024

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Social Media Week (SMW) is a global platform for premium conferences. They also capitalize on bringing in you news from the social media industry for the sake of professionals in marketing, media, and technology. The purpose of the platform is to bring insight, ideas, and opportunities in the industries as mentioned earlier. That way, individuals and organizations can advance themselves in a more interconnected globe. From that, one can influence the culture, society, and the business itself.

There is more that businesses talking part in SMW can do with regards to harnessing the social media platforms available to them. In this article, we’re going to look at ten strategic social media tactics and strategies that jewelers can use to implement in their day-to-day marketing. The purpose of these tips is to boost engagement, gain a new and wider following and, as a bottom line, increase sales. Let’s dive in.


1.  Define your brand

One aspect that some persons getting into business fail to do is define their niche. They want to do everything in one go; the idea is trying to kill two birds with one stone. As a result, you find that there are companies doing everything trying to sell to everyone. The smart thing to do in business is to establish what the DNA of your business is; what you do want to be known for?

There are several questions that you ought to ask yourself when you want to carve out a name for yourself in the industry. If you are a social media manager in your company, then some questions need answering by your client so that you’re on the same page. Below we are going to tackle some of the questions you ought to be asking.

  1. In three words, define your brand.
  2. List five companies with a strong social media presence that you would like to emulate, and that reflects your brand essence.
  3. In the past year, what posts have performed the best?
  4. What kind of posts got the listing engagement during a similar period?
  5. What emotions would you like your audience to feel when they visit your social media page?

These and other questions can give you a greater understanding of what your brand stands for. From there, ensure that your social media content, whether words, images, or videos reflect what you want your brand to represent.


2. Keep your pages updated

You want to have your page look as dynamic as the things you’re doing within the company. That is why you ought to change your cover photos on Twitter and Facebook to reflect what is currently going on in your company. If you have new designs and stock, have a collage of some of the images made. You don’t need graphic skills to do that. You can source for a graphic designer at odesk.com, elance.com, or any other freelance website.

Cover images are not just to showcase stock or new designs. You can do the same when wishing people happy holidays, if you have a sale or if there’s an important cause you’re standing by. Take a look at what your brand supports on a societal level rally behind it. If you believe in recycling or other cause, ensure that you communicate clearly to your audience that you support them. In this current time, companies can no longer be quiet about social issues.


3. Share photos of your customers

There is no greater compliment than having a customer tagging you on their post, having worn your jewelry. It speaks of their supporting and believing in your brand. They are also telling people around them that they are a believer in what you offer. For that reason, you want to capitalize on what your customers are posting on social media. You might not be able to repost all photos, but select the best on your Facebook or Instagram page and share them with your followers.

When you share content that your customers have shared, you’re showing people that you have a humanistic side, and you care about your customers. You also get to get a firsthand account of what others think about your brand. You can turn this into an opportunity. For example, you can pick a day in the week or the month where you share the most creative photos of your customers’ posts. You can also turn that into a chance to reward them for their loyalty by giving them discounts on their next purchase.

Having a reward system in place will encourage more people to share your content. Customers also feel that they are part of a community where they can support one of their own by leaving likes and comments on the post.


4. Get models for your photos

Picking up on the idea above, you must use models when taking photos of your jewelry. Mannequins are practical, but they don’t have the same feel as someone seeing a piece of jewelry on someone’s skin. If you depend on photos that you got from your supplier, it’s perhaps time you had a photoshoot of your own. It’s also a good opportunity to watermark the images and shoot them in a style that’s unique to you.

The reason to have an actual model for your jewelry is that it makes it easier for a person to picture it on themselves. There’s also the aspect of a personal touch that it adds to the jewelry you’re marketing. It shows that you care about a person’s experience beyond their buying jewelry.


5. Place your social media links strategically

Whether it is your email signature, business cards, or advertisements, you must add your social media channels on everything. On all the marketing materials that you produce, be sure to have links on the pages. Also, be sure that the links are similar across all platforms. If your brand is called, for example, ‘LA Jewelry,’ be sure that the handles are the same. It makes it simpler for someone to search for your brand on whatever social media channel they use. Equally, remember to add your website to the marketing collateral as that is also where your online store is based.


6. Have giveaways

Another way to grow your social media presence is through having giveaways. Run a contest where you give away a gift certificate or a large discount on an item. If you’re a jewelry store dealing with engagement rings, you want to know you were part of someone’s huge moment when someone proposed using a ring they won from your store. Whatever you choose to give away, be sure that it matters to your audience.

Don’t be stingy in this regard. Remember, you’re getting something in return. People typically like free things or those that are on sale or discounted. When you’re running a giveaway, word of mouth will bring people to your page. You’ll have more likes and engagement than you did before. Do these occasionally to have people coming back for more.


7. Run an influencer program

Influencers have changed the social media sphere as we know it. That’s why you want to take the super fans on your social media accounts and partner with them. These are the people who have proven to be loyal to the brand and make fantastic evangelists of your brand. For that reason, you want them to be your brand ambassadors. You want to deal with influencers differently, giving them the VIP treatment to your brand.

Identify the people who are always commenting and purchasing your product. After, create a community for them, where you give them free products to sample, give exclusive discounts, and access to VIP events. Let them be the first to have access to a new line you’re launching, and let them, on your behalf, spread the word about it on social media.

The other approach is getting people with a large following to be part of your marketing efforts. These influencers can write blogs and other posts based on your jewelry for people to get. Fun facts, such as the benefits of wearing copper, are an example of posts that will get a lot of traction online. Remember not to neglect and instead partner with people who are passionate about your brand and have a large following.


8. Make videos

One of the most lucrative marketing assets that are there is videos. With the software around, you don’t need an entire production crew if you can’t afford it to make videos. Videos are powerful when it comes to sending messages. It works similarly to the images that you share. You could choose to make a video with a product you’re selling. Alternatively, the best video to make is an informative one. You could explore ways to keep jewelry looking new, providing useful tips to help the customer.

When making the videos, ensure that you put the correct tags and descriptions so that it makes it simpler for a person to find the video online. It’s important that you research how to brand your jewelry or company using video. If not, you can hire someone to do that for you. Having professionally done videos puts you on the map.


9. Use a feed

The news cycle is quite fast nowadays, so staying in touch with the latest news can be quite hard. That’s why it helps to use apps such as Feedly that put the latest articles from your favorite news sites and blogs too. When you post on Feedly, you’re also able to chare directly to your social media pages so that they can get access to it. Other platforms like Sprout and Buffer make it simpler to share content online.

All you have to do is schedule content that gets posted at a later date. You don’t always have to be online to share content on your social media pages. The mentioned platform and others allow you to queue your content and let it get posted automatically. It means that you have time to focus your energy on other marketing efforts and not having to be online to share them.


10.Social media advertising

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have advertising services that you can use to get your accounts to the right people. Through their targeted marketing, you’re able to choose who you want to see your advertising. You can choose the age bracket and other particular interests that your potential customers have to be able to get the right people looking your way. Facebook and Instagram have done a fantastic job in helping businesses to get the right kind of attention.

Know who you want to sell to avoid having a vague target market. Doing so means you’ll waste cash and not get the right people to your products. Also, ensure that you know where most of your customers are; do they prefer Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? That way you’re able to invest the right amount of money in the relevant channels



You require social media to market your social media brands. It’s the new way of ensuring that you get your products out into the local or global sphere. Before launching your product, ensure that you have a social media marketing strategy in place where you’re able to execute what you’ve planned. If you’re not familiar with social media, the best route to take is hiring a social media manager to put the systems into place for you.

That said, it is crucial to remember that it takes time to grow your audience. Social media doesn’t guarantee immediate success, but it does put you on the map. Keep growing your audience using the suggested tips and more so that you’re able to create a loyal following that visibly contributes to your profits.


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