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For decades, people have been wearing jewelry to improve their overall appearance and make a status statement. Although patterns are coming and going, there are still some timeless simple guidelines.

Fashionistas know that accessorizing accessories can make you think of a boring dress. Just make sure you receive positive attention. The right accessories will enhance your overall look and give you the fashion statement you want to make, but if you’re not careful, your look can be cheap and distracting from your wonderful personality. Silk scarf is in trend and they look flawless if wore rightly with the perfect pair of jewels.

Read on to learn about some of the jewelry trends and how to add these looks into your own personal style.



Pearl rings are going to see a revival this fall in popularity. Pearls have a timeless first-rate that helps every outfit to be elegant.

Pearls are in all kinds for autumn, while pearl rings are especially trendy on the other side. Do not be afraid to embrace dramatic types of earring—large pearl drop earrings make every outfit appear to be trendy without problems.



Chainlink earrings give every look a cool touch. It offers structure and a bit of robustness at the same time as being elegant on the other hand. Chainlink links perfectly matched with any style, from casual jeans and a t-shirt look to evening wear.

An enormously versatile piece to add to your ring collection is a long, sweeping chainlink necklace. You can even put it on as a layered necklace set to reap every other stumbling look.



While we love sophisticated chains and demure stud earrings, big, chunky jewelry is all about this season. Speak of massive necklaces, huge bracelets, and thick chains.

Such strong pieces look good with the season’s knits and comfortable textures. When you want to make your look exquisite, polished as an alternative to flashy, chunky rings come in a single tone of steel.



Announcement rings are all about components that are not afraid to stand out, similar to chunky jewelry. A fantastic piece of an announcement that truly reflects your private style is a fantastic way to take every outfit to the next level. Here are some suggestions to add to your wardrobe for announcement rings.


Statement necklaces are like a work of art. When carrying one, you can maintain the rest of you seem to be exceedingly accessible and let the earrings do the talking. Pair an elegant marketing necklace with a simple sweater for an elegant effect.



The hoop earring vogue it is truly spherical for even as now is no matter the fact that it is going strong, and for fall we see hoops combined with various elements, such as pearls, beads, and crystals.



Big links, oversize beads, and heavy cuffs are the pleasant bracelet seems of the season. For a whimsical touch, show up for enchantment bracelets with giant or even oversized charms.

This is a super way to show off your playful side. Choose charms that specific your character and are significant to you.


Statement rings are an easy way to add a little pop to your outfit. Bold rings featuring all the most current fall jewelry styles are a sure hit. This means interesting shapes, thick metal, and striking details.

Statement rings look especially good paired with a fresh manicure and a stylish handbag. One statement ring is all you really need, but if you’re feeling extra fabulous, you can wear one on each hand.



While rose gold has been the darling of the jewelry market recently, this fall is going to show classic yellow gold jewelry making a comeback. This warm and sunny metal is perfect for brightening fall days, and it pairs well with the earthy and heavy textures of your fall wardrobe.

Rings and bracelets with thick gold bands are a great way to add a luxe touch to a variety of outfits. Choose on-trend styles like open chainlink necklaces and chunky earrings in yellow gold for an extra stylish look.



Layered necklaces are a fun and versatile way to show off your personality in an elegant fashion. Because of their mix-and-match nature, you can combine all different necklaces of varying lengths to achieve the perfect look for you.

While there are no absolute rules to styling layered necklaces, combining three necklaces of varying lengths is an easy way to achieve a look with depth and balance. You can use necklaces of the same color and thickness to achieve a more uniform look, or you can combine different colors and styles for a textured and eclectic vibe.


Another example of this fall’s big jewelry trend, oversized pendants are a great way to achieve a stunning impact with a single piece. If you like more of a natural or even bohemian style, look for pendants made of natural materials like sea glass or smooth stones. If glam is more your thing, pendants of cut glass or other semiprecious stones are the perfect bit of radiance for your fall jewelry collection.


LOTS OF sparkles

No matter your personal style, there’s something about wearing sparkly jewelry that just makes you feel fabulous. For fall 2019, crystal jewelry is very in. From crystal chandelier earrings to bright rhinestone necklaces, crystals help bring a bit of shine to overcast fall days.

Most people may say “less is more,” but it’s not always right. There are times when you want to wear glittering and shiny accessories; the key is to know when it’s all right. Here are a few helpful tips to look for you to get most of the jewelry trends for different events or occasions:

Everyday Jewelry

Many jewelry pieces are great to wear all the time. For married folks, the wedding band is one such item. Another piece of jewelry that can be worn most of the time is a simple keepsake necklace.

Office Jewelry

Choose items that are not distracting or disruptive if you choose to wear jewelry to work.

Here are some dos and don’ts for office jewelry:

  • It’s a smart idea to stick with stud earrings in a conservative office that complements and suits your outfit.
  • You can wear stud earrings or tiny hoops in a less traditional office as long as they don’t sparkle too brightly or sound as you walk.
  • Don’t use extra-large rhinestones to blind your colleagues. After hours, save the flash.
  • Do not wear any type of office with noisy bracelets, they may annoy other people.

Jewelry for a Formal Event

A formal event is a time to wear your best yet elegant collection. While it is acceptable to shine throughout, it is best to choose one piece of jewelry to highlight your best feature. The onlookers ‘ attention can also be drawn to your head by a statement necklace. Note that your dress should be accessorized with accessories. Wearing too much of it distracts from the overall look, even to a formal event. Jewelry recommendations for a formal event:

  • Don’t wear too much jewelry, it will clutter your appearance.
  • Wear only one over-sized piece, if you do so it can ruin your overall look.
  • Select any one statement piece that can catch an eye.
  • Though wearing a set is appropriate, be careful not to be too matchy.

Party Jewelry

This is the time to wear it if you love clanging bangles and dazzling bling. But, don’t forget that too much jewelry will take away your attention and your good personality will be overshadowed by the accessories.

Old Vs. New Jewelry Rules

There were so many laws of etiquette about the jewelry back in the day, it was overwhelming. Some of the trends are still in fashion and seem like to be in trend forever such as pearls. Whereas, many new looks have been introduced to old jewelry which looks so elegant.

Here are some changes in jewelry etiquette:

  • The old rule about mixing metals is passé. Now you can wear any combination of gold, silver, pewter, copper, and whatever other metals you like.
  • Women were once told that they should never wear a ring on their left ring finger unless it was an engagement ring or wedding band. Now that rule is out the window, and you can wear rings on whatever fingers you want.
  • Once upon a time, it wasn’t acceptable to mix real gemstones with faux stones, but now you can mix to your heart’s content. And it’s nobody’s business which pieces are real and which are faux.
  • Matching sets were once all the rage, but in today’s world, you don’t need to be matchy-matchy. In fact, in many cases, it’s better if you’re not.


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