8 Best Made in USA Wholesale Drop Shippers (2024 Guide)

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There has been a shift in how startups and large businesses alike run their companies nowadays. It is about creating lighter models, and one of the ways that are taking place is through dropshipping. Companies don’t want to stock up inventory in warehouses as that is an added cost in their operations.

In this article, we’ll explore the various drop shippers in the USA. We’ll also provide a guide with essential information to get you well acquainted with dropshipping. With this, you’ll be able to know what wholesale dropshipping company you can partner and start making profits of your own.


What Is Dropshipping?

Before we do get into the fine details, let’s look at what dropshipping is all about. Dropshipping is part of a supply chain where the manufacturer or wholesalers deliver directly to the client on behalf of a company. As mentioned, the company that a client orders from doesn’t have the inventory. Instead, they rely on the suppliers to make the delivery.

Simply put, when you, the buyer, make an order to an online store, it won’t be the store you purchase from that makes the delivery to you. Instead, it is the manufacturer or wholesaler that will make the shipping to you. The store you brought from will share your shipping details with the third-party for deliveries. A lot of stores are now relying on this model for efficient deliveries.

In essence, dropshipping is a risk-free way of doing business. You only place orders to the manufacturer when you get an order from a customer. For that reason, as the retailer, you only order for what you need instead of getting stuck with inventory that won’t move. Given that this headache is removed from them, retailers can now focus their energies on growing the business. The time is better spent now on market research, marketing efforts, and building customer relationships.


8 Best Made in USA Wholesale Drop shippers

Let’s now look at the top Made in USA wholesale drop shippers available in the market.

1. Dropship Direct

There are over 100,000 products on the platform that is available on the warehouse and ready for shipping. The products they mostly deal with are electronics, sports gears, apparel, and others. To join the platform, you can sight up for free. However, you’ll find the wholesale pricing a bit higher than others in the market.


2. Wholesale 2B

Wholesale 2B is a drop-ship system that lets you choose between one million dropshipping products. They guarantee some of the lowest prices in the market. The system involves automated product uploads, sync inventory, and order fulfillment. You can get started on the platform for free. Overall, you can choose products that different suppliers provide and later sell them on wholesale websites such as eBay, Amazon, WooCommerce, or Shopify. When you create your website, you can install the various apps mentioned and import existing data. You do have though to part with an annual fee of $149.


3. Sunrise Wholesale

On this platform, you have access to 30,000+ thousand products in 20 different categories that include home décor, jewelry, electronics, sport, and fitness. They work with top brands, including D&G, Apple, Canon, and Versace. You can also get drop shipping integration with platforms like BigCommerce, eBay, and Amazon. The membership to join this platform is $99 annually.


4. SaleHoo

SaleHoo is an impressive company. It is among the largest wholesale directories on the internet, and it is indeed one of the first in terms of offering international wholesale contacts. Overall, the website specializes in global trading among retailers and wholesalers. Another aspect that puts SaleHoo on this list is that it has a streamlined inventory control system. To get started, use their Market Research Labs to find profitable products. After, use the SaleHoo directory to get a trustworthy supplier at a low cost. From there, you can sell the product for a handsome profit margin.


5. Chinabrands              

Chinabrands is among the leading dropshipping and wholesale platforms on the globe. The website is business-to-business e-commerce that facilitates the sale of manufactured products from small-to-medium enterprises directly to the buyers. Overall, they offer direct access to hundreds of thousands of top-selling products, with new products coming in daily. Above all, Chinabrands maintains low wholesale prices that other platforms find hard to beat. The company can dispatch orders within 24 hours to customers in more than 200 countries.

The reason Chinabrands can be so effective in the dropshipping is that they have operation centers in various parts of the globe. You’re thus able to get your products in no time because they will deploy the product you’ve ordered from the operation center closest to you. Also, another contributor to efficiency is their partnership with delivery organizations such as DHL. You’ll find that in just 48 hours, clients receive their products. That time frame also applies to those in the US.

There is a concern for many when it comes to finding products that are out of stock. That can be a headache for a retailer because the client is looking at them to deliver. With Chinabrands, you won’t get that problem thanks to their high technology systems. They can tell when stock is about to run about and ensure that the various products are made available at all times. Another aspect that Chinabrands shines is concerning quality. They thoroughly do check the quality of the products that they send out to customers. If you’re unsure, you can have a sample shipped to you for quality testing.

Chinabrands is also far-reaching with regards to the platforms it is integrated with. You can work with wholesalers such as eBay, Amazon, and Shopify to get the products that you need for your clients. When you use these platforms, there’s an even shorter time in the delivery system.



Next on the list, we have another top wholesale drop shipper in the US. They use WordPress as their operating system platform. This company is an extension of AliExpress. The fact that it is WordPress makes it easy for first-timers to use; you can build your platform with ease of having the tech guys behind supporting the platform to make it for you.

Alidropship is a platform where you can make money via providing dropshipping services to AliExpress. One can make a 2000 percent profit margin. Currently, there are over 1000 thousands of trusted suppliers using the platform. You’re able to get an unlimited number of products on the platform you’ve made; you can expand even to have millions of orders. That is good news, especially because there are no extra fees.


7. Worldwide brands

Here we have a dropshipping platform that boasts about working with a directory of certified wholesalers. There is a wide selection of quality wholesale products available from the best possible Wholesale Suppliers there are. If you’re joining the platform, you’ll have to be certified as the best. Overall, the organization guarantees that all the items they have are provided and routinely restocked. With every signing in, you’re assured that you’ll get new products. However, to join the platform, you’ll have to pay a fee.


8. Spocket.co

This next one is also among the best dropshipping company in the US. The primary platforms they work with are Shopify and Woo Commerce. The company is best known in the US and European marketplace for its ability to deliver high-quality, unique products. The shipping process is quite fast, an aspect that puts them ahead of others in the business context.


Should I choose The ‘Made in USA’ Wholesale Drop shippers?

There are equally advantages and disadvantages in selecting these top dropshipping companies in the USA. It’s vital to know the payoffs and the risk of partnering with these companies so that you can accurately settle on the best choice for you. Let’s dive in.

Pros of USA Drop shippers

Low startup costs

Typically, starting a business is an expensive affair, primarily because of the inventory that needs purchasing. There are also storage costs, so you have to pay a fee for a warehouse. Dropshipping can remove this massive cost. That means that you can start your business without stock and still make large sums of money.

Low cost of inventory

When you have a warehouse for the stock, it automatically drives up the cost of owning the inventory in the first place. However, when you don’t have to worry about the cost incurred for having inventory, you can get stock at wholesale prices and make a more substantial profit. You’re able to pocket the cost of stocking products, leaving you with funds, and time, to build on your customer base.

Low order fulfillment costs

If you have your own stock, you have to worry about tracking, picking, packing, labeling, and organization of the stock. With dropshipping, this entire process is out of your hands. Your focus thus becomes taking customer orders and forwarding them to the dropshipping company you’re working with.

Ability to sell and test more products

Wholesale drop shippers keep their websites update for the various inventories they have. You’re going to find new products coming in daily. Through your market research, you’re able to know what your customers like and try out new products. Depending on the success, you can continue receiving orders for the same, or you can remove it without having to worry about selling off old stock.

Cons of Dropshipping

Reliance on a third-party for stock

A significant drawback for dropshipping is that you’re the mercy of the wholesale drop shippers. When something goes out of stock, you’ll have to wait for the shipment to come from the manufacturer so that it’s made available. It is; therefore, best to work with a drop shipper that doubles up as a manufacturer as you’re assured that products will always be in stock. Otherwise, ensure that you work with a company that has a proven track record of ever having stock available.

Less control over the fulfillment of orders and lead times

With dropshipping, deliveries are out of your hands. You have to trust that the company can fulfill your orders and in a short time. Customers do want to be assured that their products get to them fast and in one piece. To avoid losing clients, you have to work with a reputable or leading dropshipping company as you’re assured that they’ll deliver and rightly so.

Reduced profit

Dropshipping doesn’t allow for bulk pricing. You have to make orders based on what your customers ask for, meaning you’re charged more for a singular product than you would have if you bought it at wholesale. To succeed, you have to sell several products on your platform.


What makes a company the best ‘Made in USA’ Wholesale Drop shipper?

Due to the complex supply chain when it comes to dropshipping, there ought to be some minimum requirements that need to get met. They include:-

  • The wholesale drop shipper offers a marketplace for its products
  • They should price the delivery expenses fairly
  • Provide custom charges based on the various countries products are shipped to
  • A currency calculator is available on the website that allows real-time conversion to know the rate
  • They should have excellent customer service when dealing with you as their client
  • The inventory and shipping process should be streamlined
  • The products offered in the market should meet the needs of a niche market and be of top quality, coming from authentic dealers
  • You can make significant profits thanks to their ability to deliver correctly to customers



To get your wholesale dropshipping needs met, it is essential that you work with a top US dropshipping company.

That way, you’re assured quality products and service delivery. It is for that reason we recommend China brand. It gives both dealers and buyers a fantastic marketplace that operates worldwide.

It is also linked to multiple shopping sites, offering businesses a vast range of products to choose from. The company does also have a proven track record and thus able to rank among the top best ‘Made in USA’ wholesale drop shippers.


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