8 Famous Custom Jewelry Manufacturers in China in 2024

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The first thing that anyone notices when they are looking for jewelry of any kind from China is just how generic the products from China. The jewelry design that seemed unique and the perfect match for you (or your business) two stores back now seems to have migrated into all the other stores you walk into, and the hopes of finding something unique dwindle almost immediately. But does this mean that you should settle for generic pieces of jewelry? We don’t think so.

Despite the fast proliferation of generic jewelry across China, you could still find unique pieces by getting a manufacturer based in China to help you make the best of custom jewelry. So, all you’d have to do is to take a bit of time to find the best manufacturers of custom jewelry in China. To save you time and resources, we’ve narrowed down the list of the best jewelry manufacturers for custom jewelry to a list of 8 top-rated and famous jewelry manufacturers that promise the best of custom fine jewelry. So, keep reading to find the best jewelry manufacturer for you.

 Custom Jewelry Manufacturers

8 Famous Custom Jewelry Manufacturers in China

1. SOQ jewelry

First on our list is SOQ  jewelry, the leading online-based wholesaler that deals in wholesale fashion manufacture. This manufacturer kicked off its operations upon its establishment in 2012 and has since stayed on top of its game, coming up with the best quality designs of jewelry and other fashion items, all sold at very competitive prices. SOQ  might be the best custom jewelry manufacturer for you also because of their carefully selected range of product designs for fine and fashion jewelry.

As a result of the expansiveness and the reliability of their operations, as well as the creation of the best custom jewelry designs, SOQ has received factory audits by some of the leading brands across the US, such as JC Penney and Walmart, who they’ve partnered with. The other companies they’ve partnered with include Forever 21 and Charming Charlie. You may also want to work with them for the best of custom jewelry thanks to their product development efforts that are based in American and European Markets.

To get custom pieces created, you need to give them order with your custom packaging and designs. The team at SOQ will find the best design matches for your jewelry orders and also guide you through the selection of the materials and the styles that would work best for the kind of custom jewelry you are trying to come up with.

Independent designers also get to partner with this manufacturer, and these collaborations ensure that the best jewelry designs are brought to life. You will be happy to know that this manufacturer offers the most competitive pricing for custom jewelry designs, and you’ll also enjoy the most flexible options when it comes to shipping.

 Custom Jewelry Manufacturers

Regarding the minimum number of pieces you could order with them, SOQ offers rather competitive quantity ordering rates for the customized pieces, and you’d be able to order a minimum of 100 pieces of the custom pieces or an equivalent minimum order of $300.

Note that for you to custom-order your own personalized design for the jewelry, you’d have to send them an email or an inquiry directly. The SOQ team that handles OEM and ODM services will get in touch with you in about 24 hours between Monday and Friday, or 36 hours for inquiries made during the weekend.

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 Custom Jewelry Manufacturers

2. Caboli

This is the other company that offers great custom jewelry manufacturing and delivery. The company prides itself on the creation of high-quality jewelry that is made of high-quality and safe materials free of lead and nickel. Their delivery time is also quite fast since it’s done by air, and you will be happy to know that they accept small jewelry orders for their clients across Europe and in the US.

The Caboli Jewelry Factory was established in 2007, and it specializes in the production of custom jewelry made of the finest materials. The common materials used in jewelry manufacturing include stainless steel, which is made with Plating Vacuum Disposition, and rhodium/gold/sterling silver plated jewelry. These may be coated in semi-precious stones, resin, enamel, or zirconias in rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc.

 Custom Jewelry Manufacturers


JewFactory Jewelry Co. Ltd is the other China-based jewelry manufacturer that you could work with if you need help creating custom jewelry pieces. This company deals in jewelry manufacturing and supplies, and they offer the best OEM and ODM services to their customers across the world.

To ensure the creation of the best quality custom jewelry designs, JewJewelry has a design team that you will work with to come up with unique jewelry designs, which will then be processed by the design and the manufacturing teams. The design work takes the biggest bulk of the work, and the processes involved include CAD design, Reverse Mold, Wax Carving, Sprue Removal, Welding, Polishing, Stone Setting, Electroplating, etc.

Some of the product categories handled by this manufacturer include fashion rings, fashion necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and the best custom jewelry designs. As a professional OEM jewelry manufacturer, the company allows you access to pretty much all kinds of jewelry you’d like to create.

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 Custom Jewelry Manufacturers


Next on the list is Beyaly, a China-based jewelry manufacturer that takes pride in the fact that they have been in the industry for the past 13 years. In addition to their personalized jewelry designs allowing you to enjoy access to a vast array of resources/ jewelry that have been designed by the company, Belaly has, for the past 10 years, been offering specialized jewelry options meaning they will customize different jewelry designs based on your requirements and needs.

With a notable increase in demand for more individuality in the kinds of jewelry customers need, this manufacturers has, in the past 5 years, increased its commitment to the provision of the most differentiated and meticulous jewelry designs through their customization services. The company boasts a highly experienced team of in-house creatives and designers that use the most advanced design and waxing techniques and machines, hence the manufacture of the best product designs, all boasting quality excellence, at high turnover rates. They also use the best laser-automatic molding technology for the best quality and more consistent designs and styles.

Their custom process is also quite fluid, and it all starts after you contact their sales team to communicate your needs – you can send them videos, photos, or manuscripts. Once the design is confirmed, you’ll pay the deposit agreed on, then the designers will work on the final designs before sending the 3D designs your way for confirmation/ Changes. The Production process only starts after the confirmation of the designs.

The production process starts with the designers creating the hand-painted designs, and this is followed by the 2D/3D drawings, then Spray waxing before the mold is made. Once the molds are ready, the production follows the following steps – infusion, insertion, drying, cutting, inlaying (CZ/gemstones), polishing, and packaging is the last step.

 Custom Jewelry Manufacturers

5. FanJewFactory (Fanny Jewelry)

This is the other China-based manufacturer you would go to for the best of high-quality customized jewelry. This manufacturer offers the best ODM and EOM jewelry services that cover the production of a wide range of products, including the best surgical stainless steel jewelry, high-tech ceramic jewelry, titanium jewelry, brass, and tungsten jewelry.

The reliability of this custom jewelry manufacturer comes from their vast experience that spans over 10 years, along with the fact that the company adheres to the strictest quality and management control systems, ensuring the best quality of products. They also have a reliable and consistent R&D department that ensures the production of high-quality jewelry at all times – you can also work with this team along with the sales teams to ensure the best of customized products at the best prices. In addition to the unique custom jewelry designs by the company, you could also share with these teams your drawings, and they will be brought to life with an impressive level of efficacy.

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 Custom Jewelry Manufacturers

6. Ourania Jewelry

If you need help transforming your jewelry dreams, designs, and thoughts into reality, you will be happy to know that Ourania jewelry is a great place for you to start your journey into the production of the best custom jewelry.

This custom jewelry manufacturer offers a full range of solutions and services to clients across the world, and you can trust them not just because of their design and product development teams but also because of their expertise proven by their experience and reputation.

They have worked with at least 120 brands worldwide, they offer guarantees for product quality, and you could also work with them thanks to their jewelry development teams.

Also, they boast one of the lowest MOQs for manufacturing companies, meaning that this is an excellent manufacturer for small businesses in need of small orders and fast product deliveries.

If you wish to work with this company, you need to follow 4 simple steps – Communication, Design, Comments, and Production. During the communication phase, you will talk with the manufacturer’s team about the jewelry designs you need or even the jewelry styles or taste needed.

Your specifications will then be sent to the design team, who use high-tech computer modeling software to recreate your designs and to ensure precision in the design features.

This is necessary before molding is done. Samples are then made and sent to you for approval, comments, and revision.

Once you’ve confirmed the jewelry designs, the production will kick off – this takes anywhere between 15 and 25 days.

 Custom Jewelry Manufacturers

7. Joacii

Founded in 1998, Joacii prides itself in being one of the best manufacturers of custom jewelry in China. With over 20 years of experience in the production of the best gold and sterling silver jewelry, Joacii might be the best manufacturer option for you if you need help curating unique/ custom pieces of sterling silver and gold jewelry.

They have scaled their production over the years, and they now handle 10,000 pieces each month. In addition to the great product manufacturing capacity, you will enjoy direct factory prices for your products.

This company makes excellent rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, pearl jewelry, and earrings. So, if you need a manufacturer of high-end gold jewelry, gemstone, diamond, sterling silver, or other types of fine jewelry, Joacii would be a great place for you to start.

 Custom Jewelry Manufacturers

8. SilverBene

As the name suggests, this manufacturer based in China deals in the best of silver jewelry. Besides offering great designs of sterling silver jewelry, Silverbene allows you to curate unique jewelry designs with the help of their design and production teams. Their processes are quite streamlined, starting from the Pre-design process, which is followed by the creation of 3D CAD and then the manufacture and the confirmation of the samples.

Only after the samples have been approved does the company kick-off the bulk manufacture of the custom sterling silver jewelry. Note that before the final pieces are made (even the samples), all the specifications of the jewelry must be approved. These include the name of the pieces, materials to be used, plating needed (if any), size of the jewelry, weight estimates, cost estimates, and the kind of special treatment needed for the custom pieces.

The company prides itself in the provision of fast and highly professional services, onsite consultation, and good quality products. Their production processes and resultant jewelry all meet the US and EU regulations, and they also offer the best of tarnish-free 10-micron EP silver plated jewelry.

Regarding the timelines, the company’s policy allows for a 20-day manufacturing period for a minimum OEM of 3000 pieces.

 Custom Jewelry Manufacturers


Working with the best custom jewelry manufacturers, you are able to create and sell/ wear custom jewelry designs, whether fashion or fine jewelry. All you need is the best manufacturer of custom jewelry, and the 8 manufacturers above are among your best.

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