8 Famous Stainless Steel Jewelry Wholesale Company in Miami in 2023

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When it comes to jewelry shopping, the question of quality, durability and legitimacy always comes up.

Without enough information, you could find yourself tricked into buying a really good-looking piece that later disappoints you before you get the chance to wear it out. Now, if you’re in Los Angeles and wondering about a great jewelry store, give these ones a look.

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Why would you choose stainless steel jewelry wholesale in Los Angeles?

We all agree that stainless steel is among other things, low maintenance, skin-friendly, economical and sustainable. Los Angeles has been the hub of the jewelry industry for years now. All year round there are endless conferences and expos like the Miami Jewelry Show that happens every January and follows up with more local shows over the year. This show has been on for the past 19 years and has continued to showcase the many talents within and without the city of Los Angeles.

New designs

Jewelers such as AABSTYLE are really pushing the boundaries of what is possible with stainless-steel metal. They have intricated and unbelievable designs such as the mesh bracelet, the heavy skull rings and bracelets, the leather wit stainless steel bracelet. Whether in gold plated or coated colors, the options are endless.

High quality

Just like Sunshine jewelers that have over 40 years of experience in the jewelry business, most of the los Angeles wholesalers have perfected the art of recreating gold, silver and platinum pieces in affordable and more durable stainless-steel designs. The resemblance is undeniable and there is almost no telling it apart from the original. Also, these steel manufacturing companies use only the best grade of stainless steel which is the R-16.

Great Policy

For those who live in the United States, shipping is free with some wholesalers with no extra charge at customs, you simply receive your products at your doorstep straight from the factory.

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8 Stainless Steel Jewelry Wholesale in Miami

1.Lord of Jewelry

Self-dubbed The Lord of Jewelry, they operate from Miami, Florida, U.S.A. they offer great quality pieces at varied and pocket-friendly prices. Largely, productions are done in their factory in China and sales are mostly via their online store.  You can get everything in their catalogue from earrings, bracelets, chains, necklaces and wedding bands. They are a large manufacturer of stainless-steel quality accessories though they do create gold, silver and platinum pieces too.

They are flexible in who their target market is as they do both wholesale and retail transactions each with a dedicated website to cater to their customers. Interesting to note is that they have a minimum charge requirement of 200 dollars in order to buy from their greatly reduced-price catalogue in the wholesalers’ website. This same website guaranteeing free shipping within the U.S with no extra charge at customs and even discounts that match the cost of your product.

Stainless Steel Set for Men

This 18K (Karat) gold-coated set comes with nicely weighted thick curb chains and a matching bracelet of the same design. It’s also quick to snap on and off.

Stainless Steel Set for Women

Lord of Jewelry definitely had the women in mind when they packaged up this classic women’s product. This is a set of 12 earrings, 12 pendants and 12 necklaces in 6 varying colors and designs but all with the strong base of stainless-steel.


  • Affordable jewelry
  • Retail and wholesale pricing
  • Live support
  • Free shipping with a minimum


  • No cash refunds


2.Fantasy World Jewelry

Working to provide any piece of jewelry of pure, gold laminated, overlaid and gold-filled stainless-steel material. With a largely Christian theme which reflects on their pendants and branded accessories, they are really direct about who they are targeting. Whether a retailer or a wholesaler, you can shop at their online store with a minimum of 100 dollars. They have a physical branch in Miami, Florida and they run an online sales platform as well. These are fashion accessories ideal for the everyday young woman and man.

Orula Ide Bracelet for Santeros

Featuring an alternate mix of yellow and green beads from the West African, Yoruba culture, this unisex bracelet has a shield of indestructible stainless steel which has been layered with gold for a great look and added shine. It is important to note that the coating will wear off with time and water should be avoided to increase durability.


Pearl Set

Featuring gold plated necklace and bracelet, this jewelry goes to show just how much is possible with stainless steel. The chain is created in the Milano chain style which makes it flexible for any hand size to fit in. The pearls on this piece are dazzling and further accessorized with stainless steel studded rings in between and two gold-plated pearls on each side.


  • Incorporates other cultures


  • Marketed to specific clientele
  • Scarce information on products

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11 famous Stainless Steel Jewelry Wholesale In Los Angeles 



This wholesaler, established in 1998, manufactures and markets unique and millennial type stainless steel products. From bracelets, wrapped in leather, double layered necklaces to bedazzled and themed rings, these guys do it all. Their online store is interactive and descriptive and they have a physical store as well in Miami. They tried to update quality images with a short detail into their size and design. These pieces are cut out for the millennial young population.

Ribbed Ceramic Ring

One of their quality products is this ring which combines a clear white ceramic piece that is covered by stainless-steel which is either in its pure, black or rose gold color. A classic example of simple sophistication that is a great fit for both male and female customers.

Floral Cuff Bracelet

There is almost no limit to the possibilities available when working with stainless-steel material. This cuff bracelet, for example, is beautifully painted on with pearly enamel that is multicolored to give off the wonderful green, blue, purple and pick flower petals.  


  • Easy to shop online with cart
  • New innovative designs
  • Larger target market


  • No cash refunds


4. Miami Steel Jewelry

They focus on creating stainless-steel, sterling silver and gold-plated jewelry. They are based in Miami, Florida and are majorly a Latin America targeted brand. Choosing to work with the high quality 316L grade of steel, their jewelry is set to remain effectively in your possession for as along as you can keep it. They may attract clients with religious lifestyles for their models on the holy cross.

Gold Plated Ring

Coming in diverse designs in terms of patterns and the difference in rock type that is attached to these pieces, the gold-plated ring is one of their most popular items on display. The stainless-steel gold-plated ring is crowned with a gemstone of your choice and this could be a ruby, moonstone, emerald or jade.


Another classic accessory that they are good at is the pendant. They have incorporated a myriad of designs from the scorpion, a dagger, a bike and the ever-present Jesus’ cross that is very popular and shows up in many different designs. These pendants could be either pure stainless-steel or gold-coated.


  • Rings, bangles and pendant niche


  • Website not detailed
  • Limited catalogue
  • No cash refunds


5. Milanus Gold Layered

A family owned jewelry store that specializes in gold plating stainless-steel with an 18Kt gold finishing that is up to eight times layered. Established in 1992 in Miami Florida and ships to all continents including Africa. All operations of distribution are done from their physical office in Miami which helps to consolidate orders and manage customer service. They carry out random checks to maintain the quality of products. Their products are great selection for all age ranges. There is something for everyone.

Gold Layered Set

This set is featured in their Animal Theme catalogue and could be a set combining earrings, bangles, and necklaces. All tiny pendants would reflect an animal which could be anything from an elephant to a turtle. They are bedazzled with crystal stones and have an enamel finish to make available various colors like pink, red and blue.


Huggies Bundle Set

A set of 30-50 earrings depending on the bundle price and type of design; whether it’s a loop, hoop or stud earring. These are available in their Black Friday seasonal theme catalogue and would be best for new businesses or for individuals who love variety in a pack.


  • Catalogue is themed
  • Easy to shop with a cart
  • Varied designs available


  • Website partly in Spanish


6. Sunshine Jewelry

These jewelers have been in business now for over 40 years and have a track-record that proves their prowess. they boast to be the best and most affordable fabricator and manipulator of gold and silver form accessory pieces. Sunshine loves to grow with their customers and they have a platform encouraging regular people to earn money from home working as a distributor of their jewels. They have a collection of all types of coated stainless-steel jewelry best for any occasion and almost in every thinkable design. However though unfortunate, they have only 2 rings made of pure stainless steel. Definitely marketed to the older generation of moms and over to grandparents who love a good bargain on their gold-plated accessories.

Serenity Ring

Based on the Bible version of the serenity prayer, this ring keeps its original color and carries some interesting designs on its circular form. The message behind it is really endearing and almost always get bought together with the inspiration ring, which is the only other pure stainless-steel jewelry in Sunshine’s catalogue.

Bangles and Necklaces

They have created exciting designs for their bangles and necklaces using a Byzantine chain to hold firm pendants and to keep the brace secure. Like the “I Love You” set that features a necklace with a heart shaped pendant on it and a matching bracelet all lightly coated with a gold hue.


  • Many years of experience
  • Nice targeted items
  • Wide range of category


  • Almost no pure stainless-steel items


7. Jewenior Jewelry

This is a manufacturer and distributor of fashion piece accessories based in Guanzhou China. Their specialty is bracelets, rings, necklaces and others. They do export internationally and have a quality control department that ensures consistency in quality production. This jewelers’ market is the older children, teenagers and young adult whose lifestyle will be a perfect fit with these dainty pieces.

Red stone gold bracelet

In a Prince of Wales styled stainless steel chain link, this bracelet features an alternate mix of decadent red stones and white shiny pearls.

Zirconi stone bracelet

Embedded in a double-figarucci type of chain, this bracelet has the green emerald, the blue sapphire and the red ruby stones delicately fit into the links making for a beautiful hand accessory.

Statement Necklace sets

The collection under this category is mind-blowing and will definitely have heads turning. Appropriately named the fashion statement set, they feature necklaces, rings, earrings in all types of designs and colors.


  • New and unique designs
  • Affordable quality accessories


  • No information on product
  • Poorly communicated website


8. Viva Import Corp

Majoring in stainless steel items of accessory like rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, chains and pendants, this jeweler operates from Miami. Their products are more to the taste of mature crowds with a biking hobby or with a deep appreciation for sculpted accessories.

SLS Earings

Their earring studs are uniquely carved out with interesting patterns that are then used to clamp down on a birthstone of any color of choice that will be added to the final piece. You can get any type and color from hoops to dangles and for any event from a picnic to a Presidential debate.

SLS Chains

Anything from snake chains to box, rope, curb, byzantine, figarro and any other chain design known can be found within Viva’s catalogue. They have great colors too from gold plated to black plated.


  • Great niche and variety
  • Online store
  • Some product description


  • Limited product line



Whether you’re buying them for a friend, yourself or to add to the stock in your jewelry business, fashion accessories are always in trend and are a worthwhile buy. Due to its sustainability and versatility, stainless- steel is definitely in the future of jewelry.

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