10 Famous Custom Jewellery Manufacturers in The UK in 2024

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If you are looking for the best of custom jewellery manufacturers in the UK, you need to look at the brands or the manufacturers that are reputable and known for the provision of the best quality services, an efficient and professional system for product customization, along with the best quality for the end products. But these shouldn’t be the only things you take into account – while accessing the best-customized services for jewellery, you also need to make sure that their prices and service make sense financially. What this means is that you should be able to access the best rates and prices for the custom-manufactured pieces, allowing you to strike good deals and to make good profit margins from the jewellery.

Fortunately, the UK jewellery scene boasts an industry with numerous jewellery manufacturers that offer the best of custom jewellery manufacturing options at affordable rates and within your budget. All you need to do is to ensure that you select a manufacturer that will match and meet your needs adequately. This is an important determination because when you are after a unique piece of jewellery or sets of jewellery for sale, you need to get the best partner to work with.

So, to ensure that you work with the best manufacturer, we’ve curated a list of 10 famous manufacturers of custom jewellery, and you could work with any of them, depending on your needs.

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10 Famous Custom Jewellery Manufacturers in the UK


First on our list is JewelCast, UK’s leading custom jewellery manufacturer specializing in precious metal castings. Whether you are out in search of the best custom jewellery in large volumes or you seek a jewellery manufacturer that will help you create an intricately designed and one-off bespoke piece of jewellery, this is the best company you may want to work with. JewelCast offers consistent and high-quality casting services for jewellery, and they promise to deliver cast jewellery that meets the highest possible standards.

The company offers a wide range of fine jewellery casting services thanks to the use of the most advanced design and manufacturing processes. Their production processes include Computer-Aided Design (CAD), 3D Printing, Wax Carving, Spring and moulding, and casting. You will also love the fact that this company offers same-day jewellery casting services as well.

The efficiency of their services and the great quality products from this company result from their systems that involve working with other great manufacturers, designers, retail jewellers, and workbench jewellers’ among others.

Their pricing is favourable, but also variable depending on the materials used – different karat gold, platinum, silver, and/or platinum. For silver (sterling silver) jewellery, however, the pricing changes depending on the weight of the jewellery. The type of casting or moulding used affects the prices, but you will be happy to know that they provide for small, medium, large, and extra larger packages.


2. Design-Build Cast (DBC)

For anyone looking for the fastest and the most professional way to access the best custom jewellery services, Design-Build Cast or DBC might be the best place for you to go. DBC London prides itself in the provision of the most exceptional jewellery-related services across the retail, manufacturing, and all other specialist industries, all in a bid to meet all the needs of their customers. DBC features a collective group of highly skilled, considerate, passionate, and experienced craftsmen who employ cutting-edge technologies, creating some of the most exceptional jewellery products. These professionals create jewellery using all kinds of precious metals that are carefully handled during the casting process, leaving you with the best of fine jewellery.

To get started with the DBC team, you’ll need to first upload a 3D file with the desired jewellery design. You could also upload the file as an image to get started. The company follows a detailed design and production process to turn your ideas into reality, and the best part is that the initial design of the custom jewellery could be a simple drawing which the company will turn into a more precise design thanks to the use of the best CAD tools including 3D design, a 3D Modeller, and the matrix. They also offer excellent casting services. And you always get a quote instantly.

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3. Form Jewellery

If you need help designing custom jewellery, for example, engagement or wedding rings, Form Jewellery would be an excellent manufacturer for you to work with. This company prides itself in the provision and design of bespoke custom jewellery pieces that are handled b the bests of Yorkshire Jewellers. Their custom pieces are designed for different styles and budget needs, and they also help you realize your design dream from scratch (that small drawing). To get started, the first thing you should do is to talk to an expert from the company who will guide you through the rest of the jewellery creation steps. The creative process starts with the design-build where the features and the materials to be used are determined, model making that involves the use of Pewter models and CAD, Preparation, Setting & Finishing, and lastly, Presentation.

You will be happy to know that this custom jewellery manufacturer will help you create an eternity ring while also creating the best of diamond engagement/ wedding rings. They work with all other precious stones as well, which is why they are regarded as the best custom/ bespoke jeweller in Leeds.

They use Fairtrade gold and diamonds that are ethically sourced. You may also like their handcrafted jewellery, the aftercare services, and the fact that they offer jewellery insurance.


4. W J Sutton Ltd

Established over 130 years ago, WJ Sutton Ltd is one of the oldest jewellery manufacturing companies in the UK. They offer the best wholesale jewellery services, along with excellent custom jewellery manufacturing services and options. This jewellery is based in Birmingham, in the historic Jewellery Quarter.

They deal in the best of sterling silver and also 9Kt and also 18kt gold jewellery while boasting a large product variety of more than 6,000 pieces. They offer everything from earrings and chains (handmade and machine-made) to pendants, findings, and findings.

For customization, get in touch with the sales team, and they will get you started.

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5. Nexgen Precision Casting

Most of the customized jewellery on the market results from precise and advanced casting processes handled by leading, highly experienced jewellers. NexGen Precision Casting is one such manufacturer that provides some of the best custom jewellery options on the market. It’s based in the famous Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, where it’s been for at least 30 years.

This jewellery manufacturer offers the best full-range jewellery manufacturing processes and services, from design development all the way to large-scale production processes.

Thanks to an advanced design and development department, you will receive the best professional advice regarding your jewellery designs, and after a design is settled on, the design team will kick of the modelling and the master pattern creations in CAD. CAD and Model Making are the key processes in the custom jewellery production process.  This software application ensures high-precision designs, which are then sent to the mould production stage, where the moulds are cast in wax. Mass/ final product is only done after you give the go-ahead. The cast pieces are then finished and polished before assembly.



Selini Jewellery is an award-winning jewellery manufacturer that specializes in the production of the best custom jewellery pieces. Selini prides itself in what they refer to as Bespoke Excellence, which means that this jewellery manufacturer is easily the go-to company for anyone looking for the most intricate and unique jewellery designs. Selini offers exceptional pieces of jewellery and pretty much the finest of fine jewellery in and around the UK.

Thanks to their microscopic settings, they are the go-to company for anyone looking for jewellery to be customized with the highest quality types and options for settings. You could also get their custom jewellery pieces.

What makes Selini a unique company to work with for custom jewellery production has to do with the fact that the success of the brand is the work of one person, Robin Girling, the designer and also the craftsman for Selini’s finest jewellery. The company also prides itself in unique creations, settings, remounts, as well as handcrafted and personalised jewellery designs. Thanks to the latter, you get to work with Selini to come up with elegant pieces of jewellery.

Selini deal in the best of modern classic jewellery and also nature-inspired jewellery, even as Robin and the rest of the company continues to push boundaries, creating the best custom jewellery on the market today. Get in touch with Selini for a custom jewellery design.

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7. Element Bespoke Jewellery

The other UK-based manufacturer of custom jewellery pieces is Element Bespoke Jewellery, a manufacturer that promises to bring to life all your design ideas in the jewellery realm. With more than 20 years of experience, this company based in Birmingham works with the finest of British Goldsmiths to bring you the finest custom jewellery designs that are set in 18k gold and platinum. The company offers remodelling services for the jewellery, as well as repairs, but the best part is that you get to turn your inspired jewellery designs into actual wearable jewellery.

They boast an extensive creative process that involves the best minds and cutting-edge software and design technologies and techniques that ensure the realization of your design dreams.

The process starts when you get in touch with the company then walk them through your ideas. This is an elaborate process that involves settling on the design, the materials and gemstones to be used, and even the weight details of the jewellery. It is followed by the design process made possible by CAD and a 3D image sent back to you for approval. Once you approve the jewellery design, it is cast in the metal you will have settled on, then assembled, the stone set, then it’s polished and hallmarked. Hallmarking of the piece (s) takes place in the Birmingham Assay Office. You can collect the piece(s) once these processes are complete. The good news is that the company keeps you apprised in all the stages. You also get to fit the piece and return it for repairs, if necessary.


8.Silver Fire UK

For the processing of your customized jewellery orders, Silver Fire UK might be the best company to work with. It is a leading jewellery design company that’s based in Sussex. You can contact them for the design and production of jewellry in pretty much any design. As the name suggests, this company deals with silver and sterling silver jewellry. Specifically, necklaces, lockets, bracelets, bangles, rings, earrings, Celtic jewellery, alternative jewellery, and animal jewellery.

After the initial inquiry and the exchange of ideas for the jewellery design (s), the design and production processes will be initiated and kicked off. You will receive design estimates, and as soon as you make the initial process, the design process will kick off. The design process is elaborate but also very detailed, with you involved all through. Jewellery making will start after the jewellery design. The company also allows for the showcasing of your custom designs on their website.


9. Christopher Milton Stevens (CMS)

For bespoke jewellery designs, this custom jewellery designer and diamond specialist could be who you have been looking for. CMS stands out from other companies in that they offer personalized jewellery customization services for their customers. They offer numerous designs, but you could also work with CMS to bring to life your unique designs; just talk to them.


10. James Newman Jewellery

Last on our list is James Newman Jewellery, a place you can go to for help designing and bringing to life your unique jewellery designs. Run by James Newman, who was born at the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, this company offers professional jewellery design services for the manufacture of bespoke jewellery. In addition to the uniquely designed jewellery collections showcased by the company, you also get to work with this company to create your own unique designs.

You will, however, be impressed by their unique range of products, including the Atelier range that gives you access to the kind of jewellery you will not find elsewhere. James makes use of precious stones and metals, hence the best of custom jewellery.



Looking for a committed jewellery manufacturer that deals in custom jewellery designs in the UK, the 10 manufacturers above are among the best-recommended manufacturers you could work with.

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