Top 10 Custom Jewelry Manufacturers in the USA in 2024

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If you are on the hunt for the best engagement or wedding ring, or you need to sell custom pieces of jewelry, you may need to work with some of the best jewelry manufacturers that deal with custom jewelry designs, preferably a manufacturer that offers the best services and also one that allows you to express yourself in the best way possible through the jewelry. Also, the manufacturer should be in the US.

While some people argue that there are numerous jewelry stores and designers that offer excellent and unique pieces of jewelry, the truth is that we don’t like the same things, and most often, someone will be on the search for something a little different, a unique piece that best describes them or expresses their individuality. In other cases, you may have a unique jewelry design that you’ve not seen around, and therefore looking for help to materialize the design. Whatever the case, starting a manufacturing business in your garage is not the most viable option, and you can save a lot of money, time, and other resources working with other manufacturers. You only need to find the best manufacturers of custom jewelry in the USA.

But how do you do this when you have so many potentially excellent manufacturers across the country but you don’t know who to settle for? Well, we understand how this can be a confusing and comprehensive process that may not work out, which is why we’ve taken time to research. And in this article, we offer a list of 10 of the best custom jewelry manufacturers in the USA. So, let’s dive right in!

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10 Custom Jewelry Manufacturers USA

1. Lee’s Manufacturing

Lee’s Manufacturing is the other leading custom jewelry manufacturer in the US. The company prides itself in the design, development, and manufacture of precious metal components, as well as finished jewelry, all with the use of good quality and custom precious metal alloys.

This company also produces semi-finished jewelry, along with the finished pieces and jewelry findings. Most of the gold jewelry made by Lee’s Manufacturing is 14k gold-filled jewelry. They also work with and create the best of contemporary pearls.

And thanks to the company’s highly experienced staff that’s dedicated to meeting the clients’ needs, you wouldn’t have to worry about quality issues.


2. Stuller

First on our list Stuller, the leading custom jewelry manufacturer in the USA. This company already offers a vast range of high-end fashion and fine jewelry, meaning there are endless options you could choose from. However, if you need help bringing to life your unique jewelry design, then you can easily work with Stuller to realize your dreams.

Stuller’s customization services are extensive, and they serve all their customers equally, following an intricate process that starts with your sharing your design ideas with the company. Your ideas will be brought to life with a great level of efficacy thanks to the elaborate CAD and CAM systems run by dedicated creative and design teams. The CAD and CAM guys will bring to life your custom designs, all starting from your images and sketches that you only need to upload to the website, then log into the customization page/ your account for pricing information. The images and renders will be sent back to you in 2-5 business days. You could also upload the CAD file for rendering and quotation.

The next steps involve imprinting your designs into the wax or resin models, and finally, 3C design before production takes place. To get you started, Stuller charges a fixed amount for their standard CAM pricing in single custom designs for all the one-of-a-kind customized projects, and if you reorder a custom design but have changes made to the size, gemstone, or metal type, you’ll pay 50% less.

They also boast the best of flexible jewelry collections for men’s jewelry, engagement rings, and gemstones, bridal jewelry, mountings, and findings.

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3. American Gemstone Group

Founded in 2006 along with the American Gemstone Authority, the American Gemstone Group offers the best custom jewelry manufacturing services. The company offers great jewelry production services for brands, and they promise fast turnover rates of about 3 weeks.

Once you give them your sample or design ideas, the company’s in-house team of designers will work their magic through CAD modeling and 3D printing, hence the fastest prototyping results on the market. You will also receive an intellectual property agreement that binds you to the designs, meaning you don’t have to worry about anyone else using your designs. But before you get started, you’d have to settle on the measurements of the jewelry, the views, settings, metals to be used, gemstones, and the preferred weight of each of the pieces of jewelry. Working with the company’s design team, you will be able to narrow down your list and come up with perfect pieces.


4. Au Enterprises

Having been in the jewelry design and manufacturing industry for over 25 years, AU Enterprises is one of the top-recommended custom jewelry manufacturers in the US. This company prides itself in the provision of the best a la carte services, from start to finish, along with the provision of the widest jewelry design arrays with the use of the best metal alloys and precious metals. The company’s jewelry production process is a combination of top-notch and impeccable craftsmanship as well as the best-advanced technology in jewelry design, leading to the production of artisan-quality results and products.

This company focuses on the needs of individual customers at a time, meaning that they listen and come up with the final designs based on your ideas and recommendations. They also guide their customers through the entire process. And whether you need help customizing one piece of jewelry or thousands of pieces, the production process is done meticulously, from the simple injection molding process to the finishing touches.

The other services offered by this company include direct precious metal custom machining services, jewelry photography to showcase your custom pieces of jewelry, casting, which is

done in the non-precious metals, as well as the creation of ring blanks, as well as palladium chains.

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5. 3DM Jewelry Design Studio

If you are looking for a creative space and resources that allow you to create and enjoy the creative process, 3DM Jewelry Design Studio would be a great place for you to get started.

This is one of the best custom jewelry manufacturing spaces that allow new designers and amateurs to express themselves creatively. The studio features an elite team of creative designers and jewelers that help you turn your ideas into designs, 3Ds, wax imprints, and actual jewelry prototypes in the final step. You get to choose the metal of choice for the jewelry in question. This studio is also big on 3D CAD design, wax printing, as well as Development and prototyping.

They also provide comprehensive services for the private jewelry designers thanks to their one-on-one guided approach, which guides all these designers throughout the jewelry production process from the start to the creation of the first prototype. You will also receive guidance on design sketching and concept sketching, wax printing, CAD, mold making, and prototyping.

One-on-one coaching is also provided, as well as video courses for additional information and for an easier learning process.


6. Casting House

To get started with your custom jewelry designs, as well as the finished products, you might want to work with Casting House. This is a reputable custom jewelry manufacturer in the US, and it’s trusted by at least 500 jewelers across the country. Among other reasons, they offer the easiest jewelry customization and manufacturing process, and you won’t have to do any of the heavy liftings. The design and production costs are also low, and you have everything done from one place.

In addition to the design, manufacturing, and finishing services that also include A la carte options, Casting House also offers the best custom jewelry production services for clients looking for Private Label Collections. They also offer the best casting services while also working as a leading CAM or CAD service bureau.

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7. Custom Fashion Jewels

This company boasts the best development and manufacturing systems and resources that allow you to turn your designs and thoughts into actual jewelry. So, whether you need to come up with custom pieces for sale or for a special occasion, this company would be a great partner for you to work with.

As a custom jewelry manufacturer, Custom Fashion Jewels allows you to create unique jewelry designs with ease and very affordably. Once the design and the jewelry specifications are agreed upon, the jeweler will create each of the custom pieces with the highest level of understanding for design, ensuring that your dreams come to life. They are the best manufacturer of custom fashion jewelry.


8. Digital Jewelry

Last on our list is Digital Jewelry, a custom jewelry manufacturer that blends many years of experience by the founder along with the expertise of a creative team that works to bring your dreams to life.

This brand brings you the best of beauty and creativity, and you get to design the best of your customized pieces of jewelry with the full support of Digital Jewelry behind you. The company prides itself in the provision of the best kind of Italian Craftsmanship dating back to the 19th Century to the US. It is a family-based business that has been around since 1955, meaning that working with them means engaging with creatives and jewelers with more than 100 years of industry experience.

The company is based in South Carolina in the city of Columbia. They use the best quality materials, hence the development of the finest quality jewelry products. Just talk to their sales teams for guidance on how to create your custom jewelry.


9. RB Jeweler Services

RB Jeweler Services is one of the divisions of Robert Bartholomew, the leading fine jewelry manufacturer that also offers jewelry repair services affordably. The company has been around for more than 170 years, and you will be happy to know that in addition to the exceptional quality of services provided, none of their services is outsourced.

They offer custom jewelry designing, as well as private label jewelry customization services. To make all these possible, this company prides itself in the provision of the best jewelry casting services, elegant finishing, pearl stringing, as well as jewelry repair services.

Most of their casting is done on rubber molds, which are cast on 14k and 18k rose, yellow, green, or white gold. They also offer casting services for platinum jewelry.


10. MKM Jewelry

If you are looking for a reputable custom jewelry manufacturer based in Los Angeles, MKM Jewelry might be an excellent manufacturer to partner with for all your custom jewelry designs.

Thanks to the use of advanced technologies, the work of highly skilled designers and jewelers, and the need to bring to life unique jewelry designs, MKM Jewelry stands out as a custom jewelry manufacturer in LA. They work with orders of up to 1000 pieces and still boast impressive turnaround speeds, the intricacy of the project notwithstanding. And having been on the market for over 15 years, you can trust that they will deliver what’s promised.

Their production processes for custom jewelry are based on three main service areas – Precious/ Non-Precious Metal casting, CAD Design, and 3D Wax Printing, as well as mold-making in rubber, silicone, or metal. They also created plated fashion jewelry which are made with metal bases from non-precious metals such as copper, brass, and bronze (sterling silver is used occasionally as the base metal).



If you need help turning your dreams into reality in the most creative way that ensures the creation of unique jewelry that stays around for long, you’d have to find the best custom jewelry manufacturers across the USA.

This is because it’s cheap and wise – why spend money on design and manufacturing tools when someone else can do the production and charge you less money?

Well, to make that possible, the list above features 10 of the best custom jewelry manufacturers you could work with.

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