How to Package Hair Bows to Sell in 2024 (9 Practical Ways)

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Packaging your hair bow to sell is always a pain in the neck. So here we will tell you 9 ways to make your hair to more attractive to your target customers

You might have a fantastic product, but if the packaging is problematic, either people won’t make a purchase, or they will rate you lower.

That is why packaging is essential. It is all about first impressions. You want when you see a product in the store or when you’re receiving it that it is up to par with your expectations and the product that is inside it.

In this article, we look at how to package hair bow to sell and also the reasons why you ought to package hair your bows for sale. It also looks at what it means to have a packaged bow and why it matters so much to your brand.

3 Reasons to package hair bows

There are varying reasons why to package hair bows. Let’s explore.

1. Make hair bow more attractive

When you package something, it gives it an added appeal that it did not have before. It is an invitation to someone to look into what’s inside because it is an indication of what has been packaged is precious. That is the allure that a bow can have when placed in the right kind of packaging.

2. Increases value of the bow

The other aspect of having good packaging is that it increases the value of whatever is inside it. If you have beautiful packaging, then you can even charge a premium price for the bows and thus making more profit from the initial cost of making the bow in the first place.

3. It protects the bows

When bows are in packages, they are protected from the elements. That means they are unable to get damaged when on display from perhaps dust and when it is getting shipped. People in a store are also likely to gravitate toward a packaged bow in a store because it is an indication that no other customer has touched the bow.


9 Ways to package your hair bows to sell

Here we explore the various kinds of packages that you can use for hair accessories. There is internal packaging for hair accessories and external packaging. We’ll look at both with images so that you can get inspiration to make unique packaging.


Internal packaging

1. First on the list is custom packaging for hair clips. It is where you can initially clip the hair clips before preparing them for shipping.

Otherwise, this is the ideal set up for when you have a store. You can punch holes at the top of this hard material so that you can hang them on racks. Alternatively, you can use branded cards; cut the required lines with scissors, and you’re good to go.

2. This next one is a similar concept to the previous one, but this display card for hair accessories is made of cardboard paper. It is less flimsy, especially if you’re placing them in a tight space. You can get one with another neutral color that will allow the colors in the bow to pop out.

3. For headbands, you need something different. It is also a thick cardboard paper where you but your headbands around. Once you are done, you can put it in transparent plastic packing so that people can see the product. The added layer of protection is vital, especially when shipping. You don’t want to get it dirty either when displayed in a shop.

External packaging  

4. Looking at external packages, here is a custom extension box that you can put hair accessories for children or adults. It is a luxury bag, something your customers will appreciate having. You want to have something classy that your customers can enjoy having.

5. Next on the list is a black coated paper gift box for hair accessories. It doesn’t have to be the same color, but again you need something neutral that makes the bows pop. When they repackaged like this, they don’t get squeezed during shipping, and they look the same way you created them. It also gives the buyer storage for their hair accessory.

6. Here we have a display box where the hair accessory is visible because of the mostly clear cover. It is an idea if you have displays in a shop or a stand and you want the boys protected, but the potential buyer still sees what is inside.

7. This paper box packaging is also another way you can store hair accessories. It is similar to what ties use, but you can also use it for hair extensions. You can also use it for one large bow or head ties.

8. It is a custom bundle hair packaging meant for hair accessories and hair extension. It is to keep the roundedness of hair accessories intact. What makes it ideal is that you can also use it to hold other products once it has been emptied, something customers appreciate.

9. Lastly, once you have packed the above packaging, finish it up with a carefully packaged box with a bow. It pays homage to the type of hair accessory that you are selling.

Wrap up

Packaging hair bow to sell is all about getting something that complements your product. Its purpose, apart from protecting, is to increase the value of whatever is already inside.

As you decide what type of packaging you will put, remember that it has to match your brand. That involves adding a logo and brand colors where needed.

Consider sitting down with a designer as they’re able to aid you in creating a packaging concept that will serve you for years to come.

It is in the small details that people are impressed by what you’re offering and are willing to pay money for. Remember to be authentic to your brand.

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