16 Famous Jewelry Making Supplier for Wholesale Business(2024 Updated)

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Are you looking for Jewelry Making Supplies Wholesale Catalog? Or you are searching for wholesale jewelry-making supplies in bulk?  Or you want to find great jewelry-making supplier. You come to the place. Here is a short list of high-quality Jewelry making suppliers for wholesale.

Let me give you a quick answer first. Then We go through them one by one

1 PandaHall

2 Beadsnice

3 SOQ Jewelry

4 DHgate

5 Vintage Jewelry Supplies

6 Halstead Beads

7 Rio Grande

8 House of Gems, Inc.

9 Nbead

10 China Brands

11 Fire Mountain Gems

12 Alibaba

13 Jesse James Beads

14 Made-in-China

15 International Craft

16 Dollar Beads

In the jewelry business, your ability to make the highest quality and unique pieces depends on the materials you use. And if you’re new in jewelry making, you have to find a supplier of high-quality supplies for those ideas to come to life. Also, it’s important to understand that the materials on the market often differ in quality and some suppliers don’t offer the best quality pieces, despite the promises they make. So when it comes to the wires, solders, sheets, chains, beads, pearls charms, settings, findings, as well as the right metals for the jewelry, finding the right supplier is crucial.

To simplify your search for the supplier of high-quality jewelry making supplies, here are 16 wholesale suppliers you could choose from.

1. PandaHall

PandaHall is a renowned Chinese merchandise online market which is known for its wide variety of jewelry-making essentials, sold in wholesale. The website gives you access to jewelry-making materials like jade, pearl, silver, lampwork glass, gemstone, as well as crystals, among others.

Besides the variety, you might also want to work with PandaHall thanks to the fact that this wholesale supplier is one of the Square Trade Verified sellers of high-quality jewelry products/ supplies. So whether you’re looking for the best of beads, findings, materials for stringing, or even knitting or sewing materials, PandaHall’s got you.

To encourage jewelry makers from across the world, PandaHall offers discounts, and you might also enjoy their shipping deals. The acceptable modes of payment include Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, WebMoney, and WireTransfers. And for shipping, you don’t have to worry about inefficiencies or lack of professionalism thanks to their engagement with shipping companies like DHL, UPS, EMS, and FedEx.


2. Beadsnice

A Guangzhou-based company, Beadsnice is one of the top wholesale suppliers of jewelry making supplies. Its real name is Guangzhou Yabead Jewelry Co. Ltd., and it’s a China-based company that gives you access to some of the best supplies for making jewelry. Its website, Beadsnice.com is designed intuitively, and it allows you to make your orders online with ease.

The website also gives you access to the full portfolio of products sold by the company which includes jewelry accessories, tools and any other jewelry product sold in wholesale. This website sells the widest variety of jewelry materials and findings.

Thanks to the company’s strategic relationship with shipping companies like DHL, UPS, FedEx, and EMS, you don’t have to worry about inconveniences around shipping. These shipping companies are known for their efficiency in local and worldwide deliveries.

You might also like Beadsnice for the discounts given, especially if you buy products in large quantities.

It also offers flexible payment options through methods like PayPal, Western Union, as well as the use of Bank of China which increases the efficiency of payments.


3. SOQ Jewelry

Before you know more about SOQ factory, you  can read this case study: How SOQ jewelry help Poundland make 40000 rings and sold out 20000 in 7 Days

 SOQ jewelry is jewelry manufacturer Located in Yiwu Zhejiang-The biggest wholesale market in the world. Features of SOQ:

1 Rich experience.

2 Audits passed-have passed are theSedex, APM jewelry,BSCI(ID:384601), Walmart(Factory ID 36211854 ), Target, Kohl and such other audits.

3  Fast Mass production time

4 Best Price

5 Experience with big brands and giant retailers.SOQ has partnered with Tanya creationBay Sales in New YorkGennaro Inc., JC Penny, Target, Charming Charlie, Kohl, and Walmart.


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4. DHgate

DHGate is yet another leading wholesaler of jewelry making supplies.

It is Chinese-based, and this online market opens your world out to more possibilities in jewelry making with its wide range of supplies needed in making exquisite jewelry pieces.

This wholesale supplier of jewelry supplies offers only the highest quality varieties, and you might also go to DHgate for jewelry bags, as well as finished jewelry products.

You might also like that the company offers jewelry accessories and tools.

Their delivery services are reliable, and they ship to all parts of the world.


5. Vintage Jewelry Supplies

If you’re planning to fill the market gap in vintage jewelry by producing high-quality and unique designs for your customers, you might want to head on to Vintage Jewelry Supplies.

This wholesale jewelry supplies supplier is based in the US and is known as the main supplier of high-quality brass components which are plated in high-quality and rich antique patinas, as well as oxidized copper, brass, and sterling silver.

The site also gives you access to multiple gemstone options, Swarovski crystals, beads, stones, Bavarian glass, filigrees, stampings, as well as raw brass for the artists looking to add to their collection of patinas. You will also find bead caps, cabochons, stock chains, settings, and findings, among others.



6.  Halstead Beads

If you’re looking for a wholesale supplier of jewelry-making supplies in the US, you might want to try out Halstead.

Halstead is not only a local company, but it’s also family-run. It’s known for their high-quality designs, as well as the widest range of jewelry making supplies from findings and charms to chains, beads and strings, metals, and tools needed in the trade.

Whether you’re looking for adhesives and gauges, pliers, cutters, hammers, files, abrasives, casting supplies, polishing, riveting, packaging, setting, soldering, sawing, or metalsmithing tools, Halstead’s got you.

Metals sold include solders, tubing, casting grain, sheet, and wires. Basically, you will find everything you need for your jewelry making business here.

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7.  Rio Grande

The Rio Grande shows its deep belief and confidence in jewelers from across the world by offering them only the best quality supplies needed in the making of jewelry. RioGrande’s website is designed to meet the needs of all jewelry designers and artists thanks to its large display of wholesale jewelry making tools, accessories, and supplies. You might also like their jewelry packaging supplies.


8. House of Gems, Inc.

If you’re looking for the highest quality jewelry making supplies – pearls, beads, metal beads, findings, chains, charms and pendants, and any other jewelry making supplies/ tools, you might want to try House of Gems Inc.

This supplier boasts an extensive network of top manufacturers, direct suppliers and jewelry designers and the impressive bit is that they import their products without the involvement of intermediaries. Therefore, you might find the best products at great prices.

For example, the pearls sold are gleaned and also sources from the finest freshwater producers of pearls in the world.


9. Nbead

NBead boasts the title of the leading supplier of the highest-quality jewelry bags and beads sold in wholesale in China. This site offers the widest range of beads, and they are experts in everything beads.

This China-based company ships to the rest of the world through UPS, DHL, and EMS. The cost of shipping depends on the weight of the supplies purchased.

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10. China Brands

China Brands is one of the largest e-commerce website based in China. This site sells some of the best supplies necessary in jewelry making at the best wholesale rates. The website gives you access to the widest variety of jewelry accessories and jewelry making tools in different designs, and you could also buy finished jewelry pieces in wholesale.

Besides the wide product variety, China Brands also boasts a loyalty program for its customers who earn CB points whenever they buy jewelry or any other products from the website. The good news is that the points you earn could be converted into money to be used in your next purchase.

You might also like China Brands because they ship to every part of the world.


11 Fire Mountain Gems

From the Fire Mountain Gems’ website, you can buy almost every type of jewelry making supplies from beads to wire-wrapping wires, and stringing materials among others.

Fire Mountain Gems accepts payments through PayPal primarily. You might also like this supplier for its exciting program called the platinum partner program. This program gives customers of high-quantities of Fire Mountain Gems’ products great discounts. Note that the discount is volume-based and only accessible if you surpass a specific number of purchased items.

12. Alibaba

Alibaba is another Chinese-based online marketplace that sources good quality jewelry pieces from suppliers and manufacturers at wholesale price. The site has a wide range of jewelry making supplies, and there is no minimum order.

Products purchased from the site are shipped to different parts of the world, and you might enjoy their free shipping offer.


13. Jesse James Beads

With a free shipping offer for products worth over $100, Jesse James Beads could be the right place for you to buy high-quality jewelry pieces and accessories for beadwork. The most creative designers uniquely design the beads.


14. Made-in-China

Made-in-China is the other China-based online shopping mall that sells the best of jewelry making supplies in wholesale. Whether you’re looking for jewelry tools, accessories, parts or even fashion jewelry, this site’s got you.

The items sold on the site are sourced from several Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. And you don’t have to worry about shipping since the company ships to any part of the world.


15.  International Craft

International Craft is a UK-based, family-owned wholesale business that supplies jewelry supplies like threading materials, craft wire, beading strings, and craft wire accessories. You could also buy jewelry accessories from the site.

The minimum order requirement by the company is £25.00 and orders above £100 qualify for free shipping. Shipping services are reliable and timely.



16. Dollar Beads

As the name suggests, this wholesaler specialized in supplying beads in different designs and the ones made of different materials from stone to metal and glass beads, among others.

Besides selling supplies for making jewelry, this company exceeds expectations with their jewelry artist who will guide you on making good quality jewelry pieces for your customers.

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16 Famous Jewelry Making Supplier for Wholesale Business



While there are different suppliers for you to choose from, it’s important to note that the supplier you select is the one with what you’re looking for within your budget.

Some of the common jewelry making supplies offered by these suppliers include supplies for display and packaging, tools/ equipment, pearls, beads, cabochon and stones, bead caps, jewelry chains and wires, findings, gemstones, and diamonds, as well as charms and pendants.

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