Top 10 Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers in Italy You Can Try

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Even though we need to be economical and enjoy the simple pleasures of life most of the time, there are certain special occasions that call for an extravagant gesture.

They include birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduations, and many other significant milestones that we need to celebrate.

When it comes to gifting your loved ones, you must find a present that is sentimental, elegant, and unique.

These private jewelry manufacturers in Italy will help you mark a special occasion with an equally special piece of jewelry.

Keep reading as I share their featured products and contact information with you.


1. Nanis Italian Jewels

Nanis is an Italian jewelry manufacturer founded in 1990 by its renowned designer, Laura Bicego. It is a remarkable source of aesthetic and quality jewelry, which was inspired by a little girl named “Nanishka.” Laura Bicego believes that every piece of jewelry has a tale and every ornament tells a story. Nanis reflects the outstanding beauty and entrancing demeanor that Nanishka possessed when Bicego and her husband met her during a trip in 1986.

Product line and featured products

Nanis produces gold rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for women;

  • Gold necklaces come in different styles, such as Chanel, Y-shaped, collar, choker, statement, dainty, and chain. They are all handmade with gold, diamonds, and natural stones.
  • Gold rings are available in designs like statement, crisscross, convertible, band, and stackable. They are made with natural stones and diamonds.
  • Gold bracelets are available in iconic models like versatile and changeable, and they’re all adorned with gold, diamonds, and natural stones.
  • Designs for gold earrings include hoops, studs, ball drops, ear cuffs, pendants, and stackables.

Contact Information


Nanis Italian Jewels

Via Del Lavoro, 33

36070 Trissino, VI – ITALY

Phone: +39 0445 49044


Nanis U.S


Miami, FL 33132

Phone: +1-305-534-7669


Nanis Japan

FBR Mita Bldg. 9F

4-1-27 Mita Minato-ku

108-0073 Tokyo


Private label jewelry manufacturers in Italy

2. Bassi Italian Jewels

Bassi Italian Jewels is a family-owned jewelry manufacturer with over 60 years of experience in the gold industry. It manufactures high-end jewelry in the district of Vicenza, Italy, by handcrafting each piece with deliberate care. It is currently being run by the second Bassi generation, with Christian and Massimiliano Bassi taking the lead. These two apply the Bassi secrets of trade, knowledge, and passion for jewelry that have been passed down through generations to successfully run their company. As a result, their craftsmanship involves combining traditional values with contemporary technology to produce high-quality and relevant jewelry for their clientele.


Product line and featured products

Bassi Italian Jewels is dedicated to expressing luxurious style and goldsmith expertise through bracelets, gold chains, earrings, bangles, and religious items. You can obtain a piece of jewelry from their open-line collections, or you can request a customized design specifically for you.

Some of their featured products are categorized as follows:

  • Aurea Collection – bangles designed in different shapes and patterns using high-quality gold.
  • Ciottoli Collection – necklaces designed with smooth rounded gold.
  • Biffi Bracelets
  • Pador Collection – handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, each worth 18 karats of gold.
  • Bisantium Collection – chic necklaces and earrings embellished with diamond beads.
  • Evolution Collection – timeless necklaces meant to meet the evolving needs of their customers.
  • Sussurri Collection – earrings and necklaces inlaid with precious pearls.
  • Vintage Collection – handmade bracelets with a classic touch.


Contact Information

Factory and office

Via Vecchia Ferriera, 50

36100 Vicenza – Italy


Office tel: +39 0444 1429 788

Fax: +39 0444 1429 789

Factory tel: +39 0444 1429 724

Fax: +39 0444 1429 725

Private label jewelry manufacturers in Italy

3. ElleBi Catene Silver Chains and Jewelry Factory

This is a traditional, yet elegant, jewelry manufacturer that specializes in producing and processing silver chains and silver jewelry. This company combines research and innovation with passion, creativity, and experience to create uniquely designed pieces of jewelry that are relevant to new market trends. Its craftsmanship follows a careful three-step process, whereby the company comes up with a concept and design, employs research and technology to process and realize this concept, and finally finishes and delivers a unique and high-end product to its customers.


Product line and featured products

ElleBi Catene Silver Chains and Jewelry Factory produces and processes a wide selection of 925% silver items. Its featured products include:

  • Fashion Line Collection – heart-shaped silver earrings with enameled star, necklaces with heart pendant and enameled star, silver bracelets with heart and enameled star, silver drop bracelets with colored crystals, silver necklace and bracelet set with enameled horns and lucky charms, and more.
  • Rosaries – rosary necklaces, rosary necklace and bracelet set with crystal beads, rosary necklace with colored crystal stones, rosary bracelet, rosary ring with cross and zircons, and more.
  • Finished chains – they are silver, yellow gold plated, ruthenium plated, rhodium plated, or rose gold plated.
  • Chains by the meter – these are silver finished chains by the meter that the company uses to meet its customers’ personalized needs.


Contact Information

Address: Via Adolfo Ficai, 24

52048 Monte San Savino (Arezzo) – Italy

Phone/Fax: +39 0575 849696

VAT number: IT 01999790510


Private label jewelry manufacturers in Italy

4. Picchiotti

Picchiotti is a prestigious jewelry manufacturer founded about half a century ago by the world’s best-known jeweler, Giuseppe Picchiotti. Picchiotti has grown to be a melting pot of classical and traditional jewelry welded by modern-day craftsmen to produce fine and sophisticated artwork of jewelry.


Product line and featured products

Picchiotti produces an exceptional collection of fine jewelry, ranging from rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and earrings.

Its featured products include:

  • Chandelier – chandelier-themed earrings, rings, and necklaces
  • Essentially Color – rings, necklaces, earrings made from precious minerals like sea pearls, corals, round diamonds, baguette cut emeralds, onyx, tourmaline, carré diamonds, tanzanite, and agate.
  • Rose Garden – rose-shaped necklaces, earrings, rings, and brooches made with gold, diamonds, tsavorites, rubies, sapphires,
  • Fiocco – earrings, necklaces, rings, and brooches inspired by bows and ribbons. They are made with gold, diamonds, sapphires, tanzanites, tsavorites, rubies, and emeralds.
  • Easy wear – gold and diamond earrings, bracelets, and necklaces made for the contemporary, elegant woman.
  • Hoops – modern earrings and necklaces made from diamonds, sapphires and rubies.
  • Bridal – wedding rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets made with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and gold.


Contact information

Picchiotti SRL

Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 137

15048 Valenza (AL) – ITALY

Phone: +39 0131 953081


United Kingdom

Phone: +44-1442-200 030


Phone: +0081-3-5208-8350


Phone: 1 855 570 9900


Phone: +886-939-966-053

Private label jewelry manufacturers in Italy

5. MonnaLuna

MonnaLuna is an exquisite accessory store located in Florence, Italy. It was established in 2009 by designer Giovanna Flavia Bruno as a way to celebrate Italian culture and prestige.

Product line and featured products

MonnaLuna is the epitome of luxury and uniqueness in making earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and brooches, all of which are handcrafted by skilled Florentine craftsmen. Its jewelry is characterized by feminine elegance and vibrance.


  • Bracelets – crystal cascade, flower bouquet, dew drop emerald cut octagonal, maille, circle delight, and more.
  • Brooches – grand splash, dew drop pin, large snowflake collection and snowflake collection. They all come in vibrant colours.
  • Earrings – assisi cross, small roma cross, small pompeii cross, dew drop emerald cut dangle, small crystal dome, royal ovation, and more.
  • Necklaces – crystal cascade, large crown medici sphere, small pompeii cross pendant, two tier spiga ring pendant, spiga ring choker, roman coin necklace, and more.
  • Rings – pointed cusp crown contrarie, dew drop emerald cut contrarie, semi helix round ring, oval ovation octagonal and dew drop marquis.


Contact Information

Sdrucciolo de Piti 22/r – 50125

Firenze, Italia

Phone: +39-055-215829


Private label jewelry manufacturers in Italy

6. CapoNoe Jewelry

The CapoNoe jewelry shop in Milan was established in 1998 as a product of real love aspirations and dreams between the founders, Mariella and Mauro. This fairy-tale foundation gives the exclusive and captivating CapoNoe jewelry sentimental value. The designer, Mariella Capolingua, is driven by professionalism, research, and passion for create unique, handcrafted pieces of jewelry.


Product line and featured products

CapoNoe produces elegant and refined rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

The rings are designed to tell a story about who we are, and they come in exciting color combinations and designs. The bracelets have exclusive designs that remind us of special memories.

The necklaces are embellished with exquisite natural stones that have bright and bold colors. The earrings come in different sizes, shapes, and colors to highlight your beauty on every special occasion.

CapoNoe has no fixed designs. It allows you to customize your own jewelry design according to your preferences.


Contact information

Viale Piave, 33

20129 Milan

Phone: +39 351 7372551

02 76021971


Private label jewelry manufacturers in Italy

7. Domus Aurea

This is a jewelry manufacturer that capitalizes on experience, professionalism, and passion to produce long-lasting and custom-made jewelry.

It has an in-house goldsmith lab, which applies the best research practices to produce the best quality results.


Product line and featured products

Domus Aurea produces wedding rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, watches, and love letters. Its featured products are summarized below:

  • Faithfully Collection – unique wedding rings in white, yellow, or rose gold. They have rhodium plating, personalized engraving, and internal/external polishing.
  • Cor Meum Collection – small rose gold pendant, small white gold pendant, white gold bracelet with cord, rose gold earrings, yellow gold rings, small white gold ring, and more.
  • Profiles Collection – white gold girl pendant with chain, rose gold girl pendant with cord, baby pendant in rose gold with cord, and more.
  • Custom engravings – on watches, bracelets, and pendants.
  • Custom creations
  • Love letters – personalized and jeweled letters in white, yellow, or rose gold.


Working Hours

Tuesday to Friday:

9:30 – 12:30

15:30 – 19:30


9:30 – 12:30

15:00 – 19:00


Contact Information

Domus Aurea Goldsmith and Jewelery Workshop Piazzetta della Chiesa, 3

24041 – Brembate (BG)

Tel. 035 4826048

Mob. 347 9377350



8. MV Luxury Group

MV Luxury Service is part of the MV Luxury Group, which is highly skilled in diamond evaluation and the purchase of vintage and contemporary jewelry.

Its birth dates back to the idea of Marco Valente, and it’s been operating since 1953.

It has acquired the best and skilled expertise over the years, not to mention the state-of-the-art machinery that is relevant in quality and approved diamond evaluation.

It also offers an opportunity for customers to sell diamonds at market prices after careful evaluation and accurate value determination.


Product line and featured products

MV Luxury Service specializes in diamond evaluation, gold and jewelry evaluation, and investment advice.

During the diamond evaluation, MV Luxury Service can also provide a free diamond quotation while paying close attention to the maximum value that your diamond holds. They will offer a favorable market price and assure you instant bank payments or a cashier’s check.

Gold and jewelry evaluation can determine the value of your antique, fine, or contemporary jewelry based on the brand, age, and raw materials involved in making the jewelry. This company carries out a gemological evaluation through which you are able to sell gold bars and pure gold items such as coins and jewelry.

MV Luxury Service also provides consulting services for the purchase of diamonds since they are rightly considered an investment. Apart from that, it offers you a rare chance to design and mold a unique jewel or gem with your diamond, made entirely by hand and created to satisfy your preference.


Contact information

Via Della Posta, 8

20123 Milan

Phone: +39 02 84342275



9. Zanotto Jewellery Factory

Zanotto is a jewelry company that specializes in creating exemplary earring masterpieces. Veronica Zanotto, founder and designer, does not lean on luxury and pomposity because she believes they will fade away with time. She instead focuses more on style and personality, which she always aspires to imprint on her jewelry. She works towards crafting her jewelry with emotions and not just beauty.


Product line and featured products

Zanotto specializes in making the best quality earrings that will go a long way in bringing out your personality.

It currently has four major collections of fashionable and aesthetic earrings:

  • The Essential collection is designed to highlight simplicity and minimalism while retaining its elegance and vibrance. Some of its designs include martini cup, hypnotic spiral, domed hoop, crisscross, and heart earrings.
  • The Eden collection stands out to represent all the earthly desires and the passionate feelings accompanied by them. The impeccable pieces of this collection include the apple earrings and the hoop snake earrings.
  • The Nuage collection is magnificently wielded to outline the fluidity of the clouds and their habit of changing their shape. The designs of this collection are mainly crafted as rings with additional gold chains, diamond chains, and onyx or black pendants.


Contact information

Via del Vallone, 2/b

15048 Valenza ( AL) – ITALY

Phone: +39 338 256 0316



10. Intersilver 925 Design Factory

Intersilver is a jewelry manufacturer based in Milan, Italy, in the district of Via Tortona.

This company is devoted to meeting the constantly evolving cultural demands of its customers by updating and expanding its current products.

It also collaborates with top designers to help grow and expand its two major brands: Red Bronze and NineTwoFive.


Product line and featured products.

Intersilver produces photo frames, baby gifts, vases, candlesticks, and masterpieces.

You can decorate your shelf surface with their aesthetic photo frames and vases or find the indulgent baby gift you’ve been looking for from their high-end selections.


Contact Information

Head Office

Via Gaspare Bugatti 12

20144 Milan, Italy

Tel: (+39) 0289420311

Fax: (+39) 0289428736



  1. Does Italy make good jewelry?

Absolutely. Italy has some of the best jewelry manufacturing companies in the world.

  1. Which country is best for jewelry making?

Italy is best known for jewelry making, and its jewelry manufacturers seek to reflect this Italian culture in their jewelry.

  1. What city in Italy is known for jewelry?

Vicenza, otherwise known as the “capital of gold,” is known for jewelry in Italy.




You can now mark the upcoming special occasion in your life with a little Italian treat from any of these companies.

You can choose from the exotic and prestigious collections that they already have, or you can request an even more unique piece by customizing it yourself.

Either way, you’re in for a memorable, unique, and luxurious experience.


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