Top 9 Shopify Jewelry Stores You can Learn From in 2024

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Are you planning to create an elegant Shopify for your jewelry business? Well, whether you are new to the ecommerce scene or have had some experience, it’s important to remember that the best jewelry store on Shopify is one that is easy for you to use but easier for your online shoppers to visit. It should be easily customizable yet professional-looking to bring in more customers who trust you. And for high conversion rates from the page and higher sales, you need to ensure that the page is responsive through mobile optimization and site speed optimization for all the technical bits of your online store. It should be responsive too, and the content optimized for fast searches allowing your page to show up on top of search engine result pages.

Seems like a lot? Well, it doesn’t have to be much of an uphill task, especially with Shopify.

Shopify is the leading ecommerce platform thanks to the advanced functionalities offered that also you to download and install different online store themes. This is made possible by the plugin or the application-style setup of Shopify. For anyone interested in setting up your jewelry stores with Shopify, you will be happy to know that in addition to the sales and the social media platform, Shopify also boasts integrations for accounting, inventory management, as well as business reporting. There is also an email autoresponder function integration that allows for the integration of your email marketing efforts.

Shopify promises great speeds and online security systems, not to mention the most commendable technical support systems, as well as error reduction and data protection policies that will save you and your customers from the common duplicity issues people suffer in the online space today. Then you have the cherry on the top – a payment gateway that ensures ease in payment processing.

So, with all these features and functions, it makes sense that you would want to set up your jewelry store with Shopify.

In this article, we’ll share some of the best Shopify Jewelry stores that will inspire you. We understand that it’s not enough knowing what Shopify offers and what’s in store for you when you work with Shopify and that learning from jewelry stores that are running successfully on Shopify would be the nudge you needed.

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Let’s get started then!

1.The Fainthearted Jewelry

On top of our list is The Fainthearted Jewelry, a California-based jewelry store. The jewelry sold on this site is inspired by the lifestyles and cultures in and around California, which is why the jewelry sold on the site is often described/ regarded as modern, and a little laid back.

The stores offer a vast range of machine-designed and carefully curated pieces of jewelry, and you not only get your money’s worth from purchasing the jewelry, but you will also be the next owner of the most stylish jewelry.

On the Shopify website, the Fainthearted Jewelry features 3 product categories – personalized, Shop, and the Jewelry Restoration options, meaning that you will be able to easily access the services or products you need. Also included are materials for running marketing campaigns, including the professional photos of models wearing the jewelry being sold by the brand. This Shopify store will also be a great source of inspiration for you if you are looking for an online platform that boasts clean and bright features that are very well laid out.


2. Vivien Frank

Looking for inspiration for your Shopify Jewelry store? Look no further than the Vivien Frank website. This website features clean lines and an overall minimalist but professional design. It wins on the aesthetics front, which is something that could be attributed to the founder’s previous career – Simona, the founder, previously worked as a production manager where she produced feature films – this can be seen in the design of the website. Notably, Vivien Frank was born after Simone gave birth to her son, Frank, choosing to stay home and raise her son. Her first pieces of jewelry were handcrafted but quite impressive that her friends pressed her to make more pieces, and soon after, she was selling to multiple customers, which led to the launch of her now successful online jewelry store that’s a Shopify Store. As a brand that’s sold its finest jewelry all over the world, there is no denying the fact the website design of Vivien Frank played a huge role in the brand’s success.

The product categorization on Vivien Frank’s site is also another big reason for the success of the brand – all necklaces, bracelets, and rings are grouped together, which means that you can navigate through the site with great ease.


3.Pura Vida Bracelets

This is the other successful website created by Shopify. Pura Vida Bracelets is a California-based jewelry company that sells some of the best hand-crafted bracelets and other kinds of jewelry. Their website is powered by Shopify, and it boasts the most flawless navigation systems. Note that Pura Vida is Spanish for Pure Life, and the inspiration behind this jewelry business was the artisans that the company’s founders, Paul Goodman and Griffin Thall, met during their trip to Costa Rica, where they were celebrating their graduation. Impressed by how unique bracelets by the Costa Rican artisans captured the essence and the beauty of the country, they teamed with these artisans and started selling this Costa Rican jewelry back home.

The brand has grown significantly over the years, and they now sell bracelets from the website and also the physical store, helping at least 800 artisans from Costa Rica. Thanks to the success of the brand, Pura Vida Bracelets is regarded as the 40th biggest Shopify store worldwide.


4. Oak Gem Jewelry

This is the other impressive Shopify online jewelry store. The first thing that stands out from this brand is its specialization in elegant fine designer jewelry, as well as estate jewelry. Oak Gem Jewelry has at least 30 years of experience in the purchase and sale of the finest designer jewelry, a process that happens through the Oak Gem trade, which is based in Pennsylvania’s Bucks County, and in Florida’s Boca Raton.

Oak Gem Jewelry is also regarded as one of the best designer jewelry trading company and is. As a result, A-rated with Better Business Bureau, the Jewelers Board of Trade, and the Jewelers Vigilance Committee.

Besides the large world of experience, Oak Gem Jewelry also credits its success to the simple yet effective design of the website. The colors/ theme for the website is a reflection of the company’s heritage, and it’s also an excellent feature that works great. The website’s main menu features 6 categories – New Jewelry, Designer Deals, Estate Jewelry, Time Pieces, Sale Items, and Accessories (not on this order). Then, on the left sidebar, you have filters that ensure easy searches for vintage pieces and other traditional jewelry designs.


5.Ana Luisa

This is the other successful jewelry brand that runs its website from Shopify. Ana Luisa prides itself on a very simple and relatable backstory. This beautiful story and the design of the website both share the same message – that of a sustainable, responsible, and transparent system. The website boasts transparent trading that is done responsibly, and like most other Shopify jewelry stores, Ana Luisa features a minimalist design, with the use of a drop-down menu for easy access to products and for quick navigation. So, there isn’t a lot of drilling down to find what you are looking for. And thanks to the large product selection, the site is generally easy to navigate. The only catch is that it lacks a filtering function on its collection pages. This is, however, countered by the large product detailing that’s great for jewelry, especially where you have comprehensive or just long product descriptions.


6. Vincero Collective

If you are planning to create an online store to sell watches from, but you don’t know where to start, this is one Shopify store you can get a lot of inspiration from.

Vincero Collective is more than a website for watches; it is the story of the company’s three co-founders who made the move to China to start product design and manufacturing in 2010. The products on their website are, therefore, the brand’s unique designs. What pushed and led to the development of the website on Shopify was the need for unique, high-quality watches in a market that is full of an abundance of mass-produced watches. To keep down the costs while ensuring quality and to ensure involvement and transparency in every step of the manufacturing, Vincero was born. Today, Vincero prides itself on being a large community of elegant and superior quality watches that they have built from the ground up, with no shortcuts taken in the production of the watches.

Over the years, the brand has diversified, and they sell more than watches today. You can go to Vincero for the best of bracelets, wallets, and sunglasses.


7. Crown Jewelry

This website boasts a simple, clean design, it’s easy to navigate, loads fast, and customers go through the purchase journey with ease.

Crown Jewelry was created with the vision to come up with the best quality online store to ensure that all its customers access the simple jewelry sold on the website with ease. Thanks to the Shopify setup of this store, it’s evident that the goals for the store have been surpassed. This brand prides itself in selling high-quality products at low prices, and best of all, free shipping – which is the first thing you will see when you visit the simple but elegant website.

The store also offers a wide range of vintage-style jewelry reminiscent of Hollywood’s golden age. They also offer newer, modern jewelry designs that are befitting for the younger generations. So, if you don’t know where or how to get started with your jewelry business’ website, this Shopify store should give you all the inspiration you need.


8. Vitaly

Founded in 2011 in Toronto, Vitaly takes pride in being a one-of-a-kind genderless jewelry brand. Its basis is that of the experimental design movement made possible by their focus on the production of a wide range of genderless pieces of jewelry; all build upon a framework of encompassing global cultural dimensions (directions).

A big chunk of the jewelry showcased and sold on Vitaly’s website is made of stainless steel, a decision that was reached upon by the company because stainless steel is tarnish and rust-resistant. On top of that, stainless steel is highly recyclable, which is an important thing to Vitaly.

The best part about this brand is that despite the limited use of just one material, they offer a very wide range of jewelry, including the best of chains, rings, bracelets, and pendants.


9. Missoman

Last on our list of inspirational Shopify jewelry stores is Missoma. Missoma is a big brand powered by Shopify, and what stands out the most from this brand has to be the fact that Missoma is ranked as the top-visited Jewelry-based Shopify store worldwide.

One of the reasons for the brand’s popularity is the fact that this brand is generally bigger than most other jewelry Shopify brands. That said, the success of the brand can easily be attributed to Shopify, and you will like it and its products because of the great variety and the fact that this company hasn’t strayed from its mission.

Marisa Hordern is the name behind Missoma, and the inspiration behind the brand was, from the beginning, a space to inspire confidence, fuel collaborations, and spark creativity. These remain the guiding principles for Missoma and also their mission, which is why the brand has a huge online presence.

Thanks to the size of the brand, Missoma offers one of the most extensive jewelry collections, and they also provide great product reviews.


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If you are looking for inspiration to set up your online jewelry store, you will be happy to know that Shopify offers the best online platforms for ecommerce. The plugins and other support plus technical features on the platform ensure that you are able to run your online business smoothly.

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