The Welman Group Reviews in 2024- Should You Do usiness With Them?

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Being a jewelry retailer means having to find suitable suppliers, and that’s not always easy. There is an abundance of them in the market, but here we will look at the Welman Group and help you determine if they make the right partners. The company has been in existence for decades and has made a name for itself.

Let’s get into an in-depth understanding of who the Welman Group is, the products they are selling, and the features as well. In the end, you ought to independently determine if they are the right people to do business with.

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The brief introduction of Welman Group

The Welman Group is one of the wholesale jewelry distributors in the US, with its operations based in Bethesda, Maryland. They have been in operations for more than 35 years and specialize in two jewelry lines: sterling jewelry and stainless steel jewelry. The brand does offer quite a variety of designs at competitive prices.

The business is highly professional, based on some of the requirements they have in place if you wish to purchase. For example, you need a tax number to do business with them. Equally, they have no showroom, and thus everything is done online, with products getting shipped directly to customers within a day.

It’s worth noting that, as per the Welman Group, their minimum order for retailers is $100, meaning they mainly cater to other businesses looking to purchase wholesale. Therefore, if you’re an individual looking to purchase from the brand, then you may be out of luck. Those hoping to start or expand their businesses are better placed to interact with the company, with the requirement of a tax number being a telling sign of who Welman Group deals with.

The requirements are not problematic in that it means that you are indeed working with a legitimate company. They want to ensure that they are doing the same with you; you have to be a legitimately registered company to purchase from Welman Group. It is worth making sure that your business is in order before reaching out.


Its official website

The Welman homepage can be found here, where you’re taken through the products they do have. They have many lines, which is a plus for the wholesaler since there’s a wide range of products to select from.

The brand does offer discounts based on how much you spend. If you spend between $500 and $999, you get a three percent discount on the total purchase. Those spending $1,000 to $1,999 get a nine percent discount, and those paying anywhere over $2,000 receive a seven percent discount.


What products are they selling?

Welman Group has ten product lines made from stainless steel. These are rings, chains, anklets, bracelets, earrings, hoops, pendants, neck cords, necklaces, and gift items that include crucial chains and cufflinks. There are certain product lines with more things than others, an indication the company has chosen to focus on certain jewelry over others.


The features of their products

Stainless steel, an alloy of steel and chromium, is the primary material used, and you’ll find that each product has an exquisite luster and a timeless design. What makes stainless steel the preferred material of choice is its durability since it’s much harder and long-wearing than sterling silver. What’s more, it’s cheaper and better for everyday wear.

Let’s go through the individual product lines and highlight what’s available.

Toe rings: The brand has over 120 different toe rings to choose from. They are made from various materials and have unique designs that are guaranteed to stand out. Some of the accents you’ll find on the rings include cubic zirconia and a carbon fiber finish.

You’ll notice from the collection that many of the rings pay homage to Celtic symbols, making it an ideal place to shop for those who love the unique designs the culture has brought forth. Some of the signs include Dueling Triquetras, Celtic knot, Celtic Claddagh, Tree of Life, among others.

Chains: Under this collection, you’ll find 40 different kinds of chains with no pendants. Some of the chain types available include snake chain, Spiga chain, rope chain, curb chain, box chain, round cable, trace chain, and many more. They come in varying lengths, typically between 18 and 30 inches. The thickness ranges between 0.8mm and 9mm.

Anklets: There are 12 anklets that Welman Group offers. They include the corn chain, scroll chain, round cable chain, trance chain, and accents such as balls, hearts, stars, and crosses. The thickness is typically 2mm, with the length being between 7 and 9.5 inches, all with a two-inch extension.

Bracelets: You’ll find 16 bracelets under this collection, all of them in chain form with two exceptions. The chains’ thickness is between 2 and 12 mm, with the average length being eight inches. There are rope chains that can be wrapped around your wrist severally, some being as long as 30 inches.

Earrings and Hoops: There are over 40 pairs of earrings available in this jewelry line. The majority are stud earrings, with only about five or more dangling earrings. They are made from stainless steel, but a couple does have gold ion plating—equally, there only three hoop designs on offer. Overall, compared to other jewelry brands, variety is lacking under this product line.

Pendants: Welman Group understands that when you’re selling chains, pendants are the go-to thing as well. For the most part, you will find that the pendants do have Celtic symbols, though there are other basic examples such as a cross, wrench, dragonfly, and Yin and Yang. The company has also accommodated some notable examples, such as bottle openers, a flip flop pendant, and a cylinder version.

Gift items: Those looking to purchase a gift for the man in their life have an option of two key holders and three cufflinks they can buy. What’s impressive about the cufflinks is you the designs are indeed remarkable and worth considering.

Neck cords: There are those comfortable with chains, but cords are pretty in fashion as well. The preferred material for some is rubber and leather, which Welman offers since they are more child-friendly if anything happens. The length available for the rubber is 16 inches, and for the leather, you can get necklace cords between 16 inches and 30 inches.



Should you get defective jewelry, the company states that you should email or call them within seven days. After, they are going to give you a Return Authorization Number (RAN). Once you have that, ensure that you send back the jewelry within seven days. You must return the item within this time; after the time lapses, you’ll not exchange the same thing. Do note that the RAN will not get reissued after seven days.

Welman Group states that you have to return the jewelry in the original condition and the original bag. Failure to meet these requirements means that you’ll get the jewelry shipped back as is. However, if you meet all the requirements, you’re assured that you’ll get a replacement for the faulty jewelry promptly.


Pros and cons of the Welman Group

There is plenty to like about the Welman Group, mainly regarding the type of jewelry you want. Let’s consider the things that you’d best like about the brand should you consider doing business with them, as well as the drawbacks that might make you reconsider.


Established brand: Having been in existence for 35 years, Welman Group has proven to be a valuable contributor in the jewelry industry. There’s equally the aspect that the company has worked to diversify some of their lines, especially when it comes to toe rings. It is commonplace to find a company that has indeed worked to create such a collection.

Durable material: Stainless steel is a proven metal that can outlast everyday wear and tear. The products that Welman Group provides assure you that you’ll get to enjoy the jewelry they have for years to come. The material used means you don’t have to worry about scratches and the like, but you can maintain the jewelry with a bit of polishing.

The expansive selection of toe rings: Based on all the collections that Welman Group offers, toe rings are by far the more expansive variety available. Having more than 120 kinds of toe rings is impressive, and there aren’t many brands that dedicate their resources to the same. If you’re looking for a place to purchase toe rings wholesale or otherwise, you will indeed be spoilt for choice.

A large number of chains: Another impressive aspect of this brand is the number of chains available. Almost every kind of chain is available to select from, making any wholesaler or retailer spoilt for choice. The 40 varieties available means that you’re more than likely to get what you need, and when paired with your favorite pendant, a lovely ensemble.



Lack of earring variety: For a brand that states the primary material used is stainless steel, they have a disappointingly small range of earrings. One can say that it’s not their strong suit and therefore opt for another brand.


Should You Do business with them?

There is quite a lot to love about the Welman Group. When it comes to all things jewelry, you expect the brand to have all that you need would be a stretch. That is with good reason since the brand has made it clear that they primarily work with stainless steel jewelry. In the grander scheme of things, that is not problematic since the material is indeed durable.

The strong suit for the brand is they do have a collection of chains and toe rings compared to their competitors. They have paid particular attention to these two lines, particularly the toe rings. For those who love Celtic symbols, Welman Group serves as a one-stop-shop for toe rings, mainly because they have a wide range. It’s not common to find such a selection of toe rings with Celtic symbols in the market.

Welman Group is US-based, which adds more confidence as national and international laws have to adhere to when making their jewelry. Equally, online reviews are few, but they do show the company has high customer ratings. It is not uncommon to find companies dealing with retailers (the $100 minimum order) with few or no reviews based on their products.

That said, if you’re looking to do business with Welman Group, then you have to decide what product line you wish to purchase wholesale. If you’re looking at the lines with over 100 options, then thankfully, you are spoilt for choice. However, those looking for stainless steel earrings or gifts will have to look elsewhere unless you’re very specific about what you’re looking for.



Overall, the Welman Group is a great company to do business with. Their prices are indeed fair, and with a minimum order of $100, you’ll likely get many products for that amount. What’s impressive about them is their selection of Celtic symbol toe rings and chains of all kinds. If that’s your target market, you are in luck with what you can get.

Knowing if you should do business with this company is based on what you’re looking for. Not everyone is looking for the same thing; one person would agree that Welman is a good partner while another would want to look elsewhere. That said, we do hope that we’ve given you ample information to make the right kind of decision for you.

One thing that ought to sway you is the years of experience that they do have in the market and their use of stainless steel. It is a durable material that clients will more than love since, with reasonable care, the material can even last a lifetime. It is not a precious metal but fantastic for those wanting to do everyday work without worrying about the state of their jewelry.

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