Top 6 Chinese Wholesale Websites in 2024(Safe to Do Business)

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The Chinese market is well-known for its affordable, reliable, high-quality, and diverse products. Many business people prefer selling Chinese goods but lack the means to source for them personally. These six leading Chinese wholesale websites enable business people to run their businesses effectively while making the most profit in the shortest time possible.

China is the second-largest economy in the world, ranked closely behind the United States. The country is quickly becoming the envy of several states with its high rate of manufacturing and processing various goods. As such, many people import several products from China. For many, it is close to impossible to travel to China and get the goods they want. The most suitable solution is to use Chinese wholesale websites to find the products of your preference. However, there are numerous Chinese sourcing websites available on the internet that confuses many.

Despite the countless Chinese online wholesale websites, there are six main popular Chinese sourcing websites. In this article, we shall review these websites against various criteria, including:


Type of supplier

Generally, a supplier is an organization, person, or other entity that provides goods to another organization, person, or entity. There are various types of suppliers, such as:

Manufacturers and vendors– They are responsible for researching, developing, and producing various products, depending on the demand in the market. They use their raw materials to create their products, causing buyers to wait a long time before receiving their orders. However, they guarantee to supply the products to the exact specifications the buyer requires them. When dealing with the manufacturer, you do not incur any additional expenses related to storage and handling of the product.

Distributors and wholesalers- These suppliers buy goods in bulk and store them in storage houses as they sell them in smaller quantities to interested buyers. Distributors and wholesalers specialize in carrying standard sizes in bulk, providing businesses and retailers with limited options but with faster delivery time limits.

Trade show and independent representatives- Independent craftspeople are those who manufacture and sell their products independently. They may also opt to partner with representatives to help in selling and marketing their products at a commission. Independent craftspeople specialize in the handmade detailing available in their products and are ideal for low-purchasing volume.

Importers- Importers are responsible for purchasing various products from another country and sell those same goods in a different country. If you are looking for high-volume orders in standard sizes, importers are the best option. They offset the incurred costs when you ship and transport directly from other countries.

Minimum order quality

Minimum order quality, also known as MOQ, refers to the least amount of goods the supplier produces at a time. The supplier determines this quantity to cover the manufacture and production costs, ensuring they make a profit with each purchase. MOQs differ from one supplier to the next as some may have large MOQs like 100,000 units, while others have smaller ones, such as 1 unit. In some cases, MOQs are negotiable.

Platform communication method

The world of business and marketing primarily relies on communication. Effective communication platforms allow buyers and suppliers to incorporate real-time communication technology for meaningful interactions. From voice to video to live chat to email, these communication platforms connect various users via a single point of access, making online platforms reliable and attractive to customers and investors.

Payment methods

With the advent of online shopping, there have been several safe and reliable online and offline payment methods available to customers. Online payment methods, like credit or debit cards, and PayPal, directly transfer funds from your buyer’s account to your payment account, upon confirming payment.

On the other hand, offline payment methods allow sellers to track buyer payments, such as those made via postal orders or cash transfers, as they prepare the order. Offline methods do not charge the customer immediately but store his/her information for manual processing upon fulfillment of the payment. Having a quick and easy payment solution for your consumers increases overall sales and creates a trustworthy relationship with the buyer.

Shipping methods

The shipping methods of an online website often determine the customer’s purchase experience. Whether it is too costly or it is not the preferred option by their carrier or it brings them inconvenience in some way, the customer will quickly leave the goods and opt for another website with more user-friendly shipping methods.

Buyers look for transparent and clear shipping methods that take the least time possible to reach their location. Shipping add-ons that explain the process make it smoother for the customer, preventing abandoned carts and unpleasant surprises.

Platform consideration

When purchasing wholesale goods from online platforms, retailers and businesses look at whether the terms and conditions of the website cater to their needs. Factors like return policy, money-back guarantees, and discounts, determine whether they will purchase goods from that particular online platform. Often, you may find coupons, offers, or discounts for various products on online selling platforms to lure in more buyers.


6 Chinese wholesale websites You can Trust

Among the numerous Chinese wholesale websites available on the internet, here is a list of six of the most affordable and trusted ones. Beginning with the most popular, let us get started.


 Ever since 1999, Alibaba has ruled the supplier marketplace by providing top-quality wholesale products to retailers all over the world. It is the world’s largest b2b sourcing portal, especially when it comes to products from China. This online sourcing platform has grown to become China’s largest technology, with numerous e-commerce platforms.

Type of suppliers

Alibaba has a wide array of products and suppliers from China. However, if it is your first time using the website, you may get confused by the number and type of suppliers available. Your priority should be the product you are buying; if it is precisely what you want. Check the product’s production area in China to reduce the number of suppliers.

Once the product meets your needs, it is best to research the supplier before purchasing. Make sure you understand the type of supplier you are dealing with, which includes reading reviews from other previous customers and comparing with other suppliers with similar products. The means of communication and correspondence the supplier offers is also a crucial consideration when picking a type of supplier.

Many Alibaba customers prefer dealing with gold suppliers, a premium membership plan for sellers at a cost. Sellers need to pay a membership fee to Alibaba to subscribe to become a gold supplier. As such, third-parties inspectors check and verify their products, ensuring they have legally registered businesses with a physical address.

Minimum order quantity

A basic rule of online selling platforms is to have an ideal minimum order quantity (MOQ), depending on the supplier. If the buyer does not meet the MOQ, most suppliers will not enter the production. In some cases, MOQ is negotiable while in other circumstances, MOQ is not necessary when ordering large machines or some electrical products. Alibaba has several suppliers and trade companies that are looking to make fast profits from the sale of their products.

Most Chinese manufacturers on Alibaba operate on low-profit margins, requiring them to produce large quantities of their products to break even. Alternatively, some Chinese suppliers have a minimum stock of raw materials and other components, needing them to subcontract with third parties for an order to order product fulfillment. Therefore, the factory has to fulfill MOQ requirements of the subcontractor to satisfy the buyer’s request. As a result, the MOQ on Alibaba tends to vary from one item to another. Some suppliers may opt to have a minimum order quantity of 500 pieces while some may have a MOQ of 1 piece per order.

Means of communication

Alibaba offers various convenient ways of communication with suppliers. Whether it is through email, WeChat, or phone, buyers have a reliable means of communication regardless of the language used. Furthermore, the website has a Trade Manager, a feature that allows buyers to communicate with suppliers at any time, from anywhere in the world.

For effective communication with your supplier, it is best to write an email immediately after making your order. Keep the email short and precise to avoid confusion in translation. Similarly, use simple English since you do not know if English is a native language to your supplier.

Follow up the email with a phone call, a few days or weeks later, depending on the duration your order will take to reach your location. Ensure your supplier understands all your order details and minimize the number of contact persons to ensure efficient communication.

Payment methods

Alibaba uses Trade Assurance, which is a user-friendly payment platform endorsed by Alibaba itself. Many buyers trust this channel as it is flexible enough for both the supplier and buyer to initiate payment. Through this platform, you may opt to pay using credit or debit cards, e-checking, bank transfers, PayPal, Western Union, and many other similar services.

Shipping methods

With its international logistics services feature, Alibaba sends all internationally ordered goods to its co-operative warehouses, via seas, air, or road, at discounted rates. This feature allows for convenient communication between the buyers and suppliers during the shipping process. As you make an inquiry about your order, the supplier provides a shipping plan, including shipping methods, costs, and shipping time. They will also inquire which way is best for you to get the best deal from third-parties, if necessary.

Platform considerations

Alibaba provides buyers with a refund or returns policy if they receive bulk goods that do not meet their expectations as per what they ordered. However, the seller and buyer must negotiate the matter and find the best solution for both parties. If they do not resolve, Alibaba customer service will intervene. Both parties will have to provide evidence, such as a sale of contract, means of correspondence, and any other information the buyer can provide, to show the supplier’s unprofessional behavior.


Type of Suppliers Trading companies, manufacturers, vendors, and distributors
MOQ $500 – $5000
Means of communication Online instant messaging, but mainly email correspondence, WeChat, phone or Skype
Payment options Western union, Wire transfer, Credit or debit card, Money Gram
Shipping options Suppliers organize means of shipping to the buyer via air freight, sea freight, or express delivery




DHgate is an online sourcing website that provides buyers with competitive prices for various Chinese products, often at lower MOQs than other Chinese wholesale websites. Since 2004, it is one of the most affordable websites for Chinese products for both global and Chinese customers. Its headquarters are in Beijing, China.

Type of suppliers

There are several online shops on this platform from various trading companies, factories, and wholesalers selling a variety of goods. With more than 29 categories, customers have numerous options and suppliers to choose from, depending on their preference. Usually, trading companies, distributors, and vendors have specific products at particular quantities in their inventories, to avoid wastage and dormancy.

Generally, DHgate performs a field-level verification of its suppliers through independent third parties. Buyers should check if a supplier has a field certification badge to ensure the authenticity of his goods and services. Suppliers with top quality customer service and top-tier products are Premium Merchants. High-volume sale merchants are known as Top merchants on this website.


DHgate does not have minimum quantity order requirements, meaning customers can buy as low as one or two units. Depending on the quantity you want, the price of the goods changes. The more units you purchase, the lesser the overall amount.

Means of communication

This online platform offers communication between buyers and sellers through online chats, messaging, as well as email. The most preferred is online chat because suppliers often reply faster than through other channels. If they do not respond immediately, expect a reply within the first 24 hours.

Payment options

With various payment methods available for different regions, the versatility of this website ensures all buyers can conveniently make payments for their goods. From MasterCard to American Express to Visa to online bank transfers to Apple Pay, the list is endless.

DHgate provides escrow payment model to ensure quality delivery of goods to the buyer. As such, the customer’s payment is not accessible by the supplier until confirmation of receipt of delivery of the goods.

Shipping methods

Depending on the quality and weight of your goods, DHgate has several shipping partners including DHL, China post, FedEx, ePacket, UPS, and EMS, among many others. If you have a low quantity order and you are not in a hurry to receive it, you may opt for ePacket or China post. However, you will not receive real-time tracking info, making it easy for your order to get lost. It also takes quite some time to reach a particular destination.

High-valued goods are best delivered via express delivery while large quantity goods go through sea or air transport. DHgate offers DH storage for large quantity products set for delivery in the US or UK. It ensures fast shipping and more comfortable refund and returns processes at no extra cost. It is advisable to look out for the on-time delivery badge beside the supplier’s name to show his track record for making on-time deliveries to his customers.

DHgate considerations

This online platform provides a full refund policy to buyers who have not received their orders on time or if the products received are not exactly as described. Buyers may also ask for a partial refund if they are okay with the products received even though they are not as described. You may also opt to resend the package back to the supplier if it did not arrive within the agreed delivery time.


Suppliers Manufacturers, vendors, wholesalers, distributors, trading companies, importers
MOQ No minimum order requirement
Type of communication Skype, online chat, or email correspondence
Shipping options Express delivery, traditional air or sea transportation, China post, ePacket, etc.
Payment methods Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, online bank transfers, Money bookers, American Express




AliExpress is one of the world’s largest b2b and b2c online portal owned by the Alibaba group. While Alibaba concentrates of the big wholesale orders, AliExpress fulfills customers and small wholesale orders from all over the world. AliExpress headquarters are in Hangzhou, China.


This website has both big trading companies as well as factories that supply bulky orders and sell them at low prices. Similarly, there are also small sellers with individual stores on AliExpress in a bid to make the most profit and attract the most buyers. AliExpress offers similar products at competitive prices, allowing the buyer to make the most affordable and preferred choice.


At AliExpress, there is no minimum order quantity. Buyers can order as low as one unit per order or even 500 pieces at a go. Buyers also have the option to contact the supplier and negotiate the price of the products, if he/she is buying in bulk.


This website provides buyers with several online communication options, such as online chat and email correspondence, whereby the supplier replies within 24 hours. Customers can also chat with suppliers via the phone or Skype upon request.

Payment options

AliExpress offers its clients’ fast and secure payment methods and a readily available support team, in case of any issues. Some of the available payment methods include AliExpress Pocket, Webmone, Credit or debit card, Wire transfer, Western union, Boleto, PayPal, SMS payment, and Cash payment, among many others. The website also uses ‘3D secure’ technology to guarantee security for online payment methods.

Shipping options

Most delivery orders from AliExpress are via ePacket or China post, in which they do not reach the buyer in time. Suppliers send high-value orders via express delivery, which has a costly courier fee. Some of the suppliers AliExpress uses include FedEx, DHL, EMS, TNT, and UPS. The suppliers decide on shipping costs, making buyers incur additional charges when using premium courier services like DHL.

AliExpress considerations

The website has a return and refund policy for goods delivered but does not meet the buyer’s expectations. However, you need to provide picture or video evidence as proof to the supplier and support team. AliExpress also has a return and resend goods policy, discount and coupon offers, or direct refunds, depending on the preference of the buyer.


Type of suppliers Factories, small and big wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors
MOQs No minimum order quantity
Means of communication Online chat/messaging is the main. However buyers can also ask for phone and Skype
Payment options Visa, MasterCard, Western union, PayPal, bank transfer
Shipping methods China post mail package, ePacket, UPS, DHL, FedEx



4.Yiwu go

Yiwu go is a small commodity wholesale marketplace that offers an online presence for physical Chinese suppliers and factories. Its headquarters are in Yiwu, China.

Type of suppliers

There is a wide array of products available on the Yiwu platform. Most suppliers on this platform come from the Yiwu International Trade City, which comprises of several large wholesalers in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China. Most of these suppliers have a physical factory, where they source their goods.


Depending on the supplier, the minimum order quantity ranges from as low as one unit to as many as 1000 pieces. Most suppliers prefer a minimum of 10 pieces per order. The more the number of products bought, the cheaper the price.

Means of communication

Yiwu go utilizes its ‘Send Inquiry’ feature for formal communication. Buyers may also opt to use the website’s ‘Contact’ option to access the supplier’s address, email, and phone number.

Payment options

Means of payment are negotiable on the website between the buyer and supplier. You can use PayPal for small orders while bulky orders prefer payment via L/C or T/T.

Shipping options

Yiwu go shipping options are similar to those of Alibaba, which include express delivery and air or sea freight for large orders.

Yiwu go considerations

Many visual pictures of products on this website contain Chinese characters, which is inconveniencing for many non-Chinese speakers. However, buyers can freely seek clarification on the product from suppliers by contacting them directly on the website.  Replies form the supplier may take quite a long time, regardless of the bulk of your order.


Suppliers Suppliers from Yiwu International Trade City
MOQs $100-$300
Means of communication


Most suppliers do not speak English. It is best to hire a sourcing agent or interpreter to aid in communication
Payment options RMB payment. Most people find independent Chinese nationals to help with the payment process
Shipping methods Buyer has to organize the most suitable Chinese freight for his goods



5.Made in China& 6 Global Source

Made in China is a third-party Chinese wholesale website that connects buyers and Chinese suppliers. Based in Nanjing, China, Chinese suppliers create a homepage with a company profile, product listings, and an introduction for the buyer to peruse and choose the best supplier for his/her goods.

Global source is a b2b sourcing platform, located in Hong Kong, China. It facilitates trading between China and the rest of the world by operating through trade shows, magazines, apps, and online marketplaces.

Type of suppliers

The primary kind of suppliers on Made in China and Global Sources are manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and large trading companies. There are very few small trading companies because the entry subscription fee is quite expensive, and the prices are very competitive.

These factories and large trading companies sell their products in bulk and accept ODM and OEM as long as their quantity order reaches the minimum requirement. However, delivery time may take more time (15-25 days) since the factory may need to reproduce the products.


Both of these websites have high order quantity requirement, being that they are O2O platforms, meaning it involves online negotiation, offline production, and delivery. Often, MOQ is hundreds of orders, depending on the supplier.


On Global Source, you can contact suppliers via online chat or its ‘Inquire Now’ button, while Made in China offers its buyers with a ‘Chat Now’ and ‘Send Inquiry’ feature. In both websites, suppliers are known to reply faster when contacted via online chat and reply latest within 24 hours. However, ‘Send Inquiry’ is ideal for detailed information about your order.

Payment options

Payment methods are negotiable with the supplier. Different orders use different payment options, depending on the supplier’s preference. Most suppliers prefer PayPal for small orders and Western Union, T/T, and L/C for bulky orders.

Shipping options

Often, suppliers on both websites recommend the traditional air and sea transport, which may take about 30-40 days to arrive in Europe and the U.S.A. However, if you want your goods faster, you may agree with the supplier to ship your products via UPS, DHL, and TNT.

Platform considerations

After the conclusion of trading negotiations, the buyer and seller need to sign a formal contract. In case of disagreement, the parties refer to the agreement and find a solution quickly.


Type of suppliers Large trading companies and manufacturers
MOQs $1000-$5000
Ways of communication Mainly email, but Skype and WeChat is also available
Payment methods PayPal for most small orders, and Western Union, T/T, and L/C for bulky orders
Shipping methods Supplier organizes shipping via air, sea, or express delivery


Pro tips: if you guys can not find your targeted suppliers on these wholesale website, no worries.  You guys can go to google to find what you want. There are millions of companies on Google. For example, if you want to find steel manufacturers or belt filter cloth manufacturers, you can easily find Cosasteel and Bonfilt. So just go to google to find what you want!



Online platforms pose a high risk among traders, especially when it comes to Chinese sellers. With numerous counterfeit products and the inability to physically see their products while making orders, buyers second guess themselves and avoid making such long-distance orders.

However, these six Chinese wholesale websites minimize the risk and contain well-thought-out buyer safety guidelines. It is advisable to begin with low-ticket purchases, like $500, and after successful consignment, you can always add value to your order.


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