Top 9 Suppliers for Real Hip Hop Jewelry Wholesale in 2023

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Jewelry has been a crucial part of hip hop from its very inception in the 70s and 80s. As such, hip hop jewelry has taken the world by storm owing to its unique, courageous, and flashy designs. Let us discover some top suppliers for wholesale hip hop jewelry.

Gone are the days that people only listened to pop music. The 21st century is the age of rappers who wear innovative and flashy pieces of jewelry that make heads turn immediately they enter a room. Kurtis Blow, the first hip hop artist with a certified gold record rap song, debut his self-titled record wearing no more than six gold chains and no shirt in 1980. From then, rap artists have made it a unique lifestyle to brandish themselves with various types of jewelry, which have not always been affordable to non-celebrities.

Fortunately, jewelers found a way to make hip hop jewelry available to all the masses at a reasonable price.

This article aims to discuss hip hop jewelry suppliers from all around the world who specialize in providing these items at competitive prices. There is also an FAQ section to help you get a clearer perspective when purchasing various types of hip-hop jewelry.

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Top 9 Hip Hop Jewelry Wholesale Suppliers

Although hip hop jewelry has a reputation for being expensive, you can also get them at a wholesale price from various suppliers or manufacturers. It is also vital to note that those with embedded jewels are more costly than those without any precious stones. Here is a list of the top 9 wholesale suppliers for hip hop jewelry.

1. SOQ jewelry

SOQ Jewelry is one of the top internet-based fashion wholesaler&Manufacturer located in Zhejiang,CN and established in 2012. Our Unique high-quality designs are competitively priced and proven to sell. We carefully select a wide variety of quality designs to appeal to diverse customer tastes from high class wholesale Jewelry to cheap wholesale costume jewelry lines. We take our best efforts to bring the market the latest wholesale jewelry design and classic wholesale jewelry styles with the strongest retail appeal. 100% Customer Satisfaction has been the most significant factor in our success.

This platform provides a wide array of hip hop jewelry from various manufacturers and distributors at very competitive prices.

It guarantees its customers a wide selection of hip hop jewelry to meet the needs of the customer.

All its products must pass a rigorous product inspection process to ensure defect-free and top quality shipment. Some of its shipping services include DHL, and EMS, among many others.



As a China-based online platform, DHgate is one of the top wholesaling websites with the best prices for bulk goods. This platform allows global buyers to purchase various products directly from the factory at significantly lower prices as compared to other wholesale websites. It allows international businesses to provide secure payment services, escrow protection services, efficient logistics solutions, and internet financing options.

All products available at DHgate, including their hip hop jewelry, must pass a strict inspection test to ensure they meet the set quality standards. More so, the platform has access to over 230 countries all over the world, and their services are available in more than seven different languages. Customer confidential information is heavily guarded and encrypted from hackers, allowing customers to feel confident when making payments.


3.Ice versa

Ice Versa is a New York-based hip hop jewelry leading brand known for producing Streetwear Jewelry. The brand provides a superior and trendy selection of jewelry at excellent prices from various wholesalers, suppliers, and retailers from all over the world.

The company ensures a unique, safe, and secures shopping experience, allowing the customer to conduct transactions confidently. It guarantees encryption of website information as their Advanced Fraud Protection Suite (AFPS) safeguards the customer’s data by using special protection tools and filters. More so, the brand prides itself on always being on top of the trends of hip hop jewelry, ensuring that their customers have the latest and most popular styles. They also have classic pieces that are still relevant to date.


4 .25 Cent Body Jewelry

Based in Dallas, Texas, 25 Cent Body Jewelry is a manufacturing and wholesaling company that manufactures, designs, and imports hip hop jewelry from their overseas factory. The company provides customers with 316L surgical stainless steel body jewelry at the lowest price possible. Its pieces are high-quality, hypoallergenic, and long-lasting, ensuring a worthwhile investment once you choose to purchase from them.

25 Cent Body Jewelry offers fast and reliable services with no minimum order restrictions. Its products are of premium quality, and small and large quantity packages are also available. However, they only offer wholesale services without any drop shipping options.  


5.Hip Hop Jewelry Wholesale

If you are looking for a hip hop jewelry supplier with an extensive collection of products in a variety of styles, Hip Hop Jewelry Wholesale is the ideal choice. The company offers grillz, belts, buckles, bracelets, LED and LCD dog tags, watches, rings, chains, and so much more. It provides more than 300 hip hop jewelry products with various discount offers for volume products.

The website does not have minimum order restrictions, and all its products are open stock. It also provides free shipping in the USA, and there is no return policy unless the item is defective. All its products are of high-quality and contain gold, rhodium, or silver plating for enhanced durability.



Alibaba is a global wholesale trading site with a huge catalog of modern and trendy hip hop jewelry styles and designs. Similar to Chinabrands, it is the perfect sourcing site for iced out wholesale items. Since its launch in 1999, this platform serves millions of global buyers and suppliers. It provides access to over 190 countries and more than 40 different product categories.

Furthermore, this platform provides its services in more than 16 different languages and contains a very active customer response service to ensure the satisfaction of the customer’s needs. Whether it is contacting suppliers from their mobile phones or through email, Alibaba provides a reliable platform for all your global business needs.


7.Cheap Wholesale Jewelry and Accessories

Cheap Wholesale Jewelry has been perfecting its unique trade of selling cheap and top quality fashion jewelry and accessories for over 25 years. The company provides experience and expertise when it comes to marketing and advertising the latest trends in their catalogs. With its excellent manufacturing skills and procedures, this company is one of the leading hip hop wholesale jewelry businesses.

Among their list of products include gold, rhodium, or silver-plated chains and bracelets with a metal base, pure zircon hip hop rings, as well as designer jewelry. All their products are available at extremely affordable prices, with some also having discounts along with promo codes.


8.Bling Source

Whether you are looking for Hip hop chains, grillz, hip hop rings, or earrings, Bling Source has it all. Since its launch in 1999, this company has made a name for itself when it comes to providing high-quality, wholesale, and iced out jewelry.

Bling bling jewelry and hip hop designs are their specialty, with more than 4000 products in different styles, which are available at very affordable rates. The website has a minimum order requirement of $300 and offers a 20% discount with promo code when you spend $3000. It also has more tired discounts whereby when you buy more, you save more.



With over 20 years of experience, HipHopBling has been in the wholesale and retailing industry for hip hop products. Their products include rings, earrings, chains, gold grillz, men’s bracelets, chains, pendants, and buckles, among many others. These products consist of pure and heavy metals, like silver, platinum, and gold, ensuring they are durable and of top quality.

HipHopBling offers immediate shipping soon after order placement, as well as free shipping for goods with a total of over $75. It also provides exclusive discount deals for new sign up accounts and various wholesale packages.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the best distributors of wholesale iced out watches?

There are several wholesale markets for iced out watches, including Chinabrands and However, HipHopBling and Bling Source specialize in manufacturing and supplying high-quality iced out items, like chains, pendants, rings, watches, and bracelets. Their products also come with original or replica precious stones, like diamonds, zircons, or gems.

What are some of the best hip hop jewelry wholesalers in India?

Some of the best hip hop jewelry wholesalers in India include Chinabrands, Indiamart, or DHgate. They offer the best quality of hip hop items sourced from all over the world and available at low and affordable prices. More so, you can also get hip hop apparel, caps, and other items from these sites.


Types of Hip-Hop Jewelry

Hip-hop jewelry comes in various designs and forms. Designs like Rick Ross’s Ruby Gem, 50 Cent’s spinning G-Unit medallion, and many others have been trendy items that took over the hip-hop jewelry scene for quite some time. Now, this industry is more innovative and versatile, with many other designs to offer. Some of them include:

Hip hop chains

In the hip hop scene, a chain is a must-have essential. They are the most labor-intensive pieces of jewelry with unique designs in the industry. The chains feature a thick metal base with precious metal plating to ensure its durability and give it a thick and heavy look.

Often, they come in box style links interconnected with another box style design, and they are longer than the traditional chains. Another design of these hip hop chains is that they come with set stones like gems or diamonds to give men and women a bright and shiny style. Other famous styles of hip hop chains include row iced out chains, classic designs, and iced out chains.

Hip hop pendants

Pendants in hip hop necklaces carry the most value as it is considered to be the centerpiece of hip hop jewelry. It attracts the most attention due to its position when worn and comes in various styles and sizes.

Usually made from metals like gold, silver, and platinum, pendants also contain precious gemstones and jewels like rubies, diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. These precious stones may be a replica or genuine precious gems, depending on the price of the pendant. Their base consists of thick and heavy metal, with silver or gold plating.

Hip hop watches

Ever since the hip hop trend jumped into the fashion jewelry, hip hop watches have played a dominant role in the hip hop scene. No longer was a Cartier or Rolex enough for hip hop artists, they needed watches with more bling and precious jewels to make it stand out. As a result, iced out watches made from thick precious metal, mineral crystals, and genuine leather bands flooded the hip hop scene. You may also find a replica or real diamonds used to make these watches.

Hip hop rings

Rings are one of the most popular items among male jewelry. However, rings in the hip hop industry are quite different from the ordinary rings purchased by men. These rings consist of heavy and thick metal material and cast with precious jewels and gemstones, like diamonds. Some of them even contain images or initials of the artist, depending on their design preference.

Hip hop grillz, earrings, and bracelets

In the ‘80s, most rappers wore grills as a fashion statement to the public. It was a way of life that many people admired. However, jewelers of that time took long before they made the trend available to the general public, allowing this trend to fade away.

Luckily, hip hop grillz have made a comeback like never before. These grillz contain metal material coated with silver or gold, depending on the individual’s preference. Some of them even have diamonds attached for a more expensive and eye-catching look.

Earrings and bracelets are also fashionable in the hip hop scene. Similar to other hip hop jewelry, they consist of a heavy metal base with platinum or gold plating and embedded jewels to give them an expensive look.



Hip hop jewelry changes every day, and fans enjoy keeping up with the trends set by their favorite rappers.

The sites mentioned above ensure that retailers always stay on top of these trends by providing high-quality hip hop items at low and affordable prices.

More so, these websites will ensure you make a good profit margin while ensuring your customers are happy and satisfied with your products and services.


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