Who Are The Best Jewelry Wholesale Suppliers in 2024?(Quick Answer)

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Who are the best jewelry wholesale suppliers? How to source jewelry for your fashion business? Well, different people will give you different names depending on what they are looking for, being as jewelry comes in different kinds, and so it is quite hard to point to one specific organization.

Still, some names keep appearing each year as favorites by many, and it is clear to see why they are as popular.

So, want to start your jewelry business right? These suppliers will not only offer you a wide selection of products at a good price.

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1. Ruby Imports

Want some pendant sets, sparkly necklaces, and an assortment of bling for your new joint? Ruby imports deals in a wide range of products to get you started on the right foot, at great prizes so you can make a profit.

Their main mode if doing business is in an attractive discount policy where 3-5 identical items get you 3% off, 6-11 identical items give you a 5% discount and you get 12% off the total cost of 12 or more identical items. You also save coins in shipping.

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2. Kole Imports

For over 30 years, Kole Imports has been supplying interesting pieces of jewelry to buyers at impressive prices for a wide variety of purchases.

Being as the company has been in this business for long, it has established long-term relationships with such retail giants as Walmart and Staples, and also experimented with several discount policies to attract clientele.

One of the policies that Kole Imports is using, drop shipping, has proven popular with lots of new and old clients.


3. Stuller

If yours is a high-end business, then Stuller has you covered.

This company loves diamond, a fact that you will note on taking one look at its site. Stuller has a discount policy to enable those seeking to get into the business, and each sale is categorized.

Heart Shaped Diamonds are discounted depending on weight while cobalt and titanium rings are currently running at a discount as well.

They also have huge discounts in wedding bands as well as engagement rings. You may want to check the site regularly for sales that run every now and then.


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4. SOQ Jewelry

If you want to know more about SOQ, please go to our about page.  



5. The Welman Group

The Welman Group has specialized in Celtic designs for all its jewelry, and it is specifically a wholesaler. The company does not sell any of its unique designs in retail, and so all the prices are quoted for business owners.

The group works with a discount policy that groups items depending on quantity.  For purchases worth $500 and above, you get a 3% discount on total cost, 5% off for items worth $1000 and above, and 7% of items worth over $2000.the variety is wide and jewelry selection original – meaning you are unlikely to find it anywhere else in the US.


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6. JewelryMax

JewelryMax, a California-based wholesaler of jewelry, is always keen on maintaining a west-coast feel, which is how we can define its products.

So, if you are interested in rings that give a surfing vibe or bespoke earring and a wide range of earrings, JewelryMax is your go-to.

Prices are quite friendly to help you get started off right and even better is the fact that you don’t have to buy the whole shop to get handsome discounts.




How do you find these wholesalers?

Traditionally, trade fairs have proven to be quite resourceful.

Suppliers of these products will gather at some place a few times a year to showcase what they have and this presents the best chance to meet as many of them in one place.

With the internet providing such valuable information freely these days, you can conduct a random search too.

You also want to read online reviews to see what others have to say about these suppliers.


Do you have to stick with suppliers from your country?

Not at all, as this would limit you. The world is now a global village and so your options are unlimited.

As long as the company you are dealing with has a workable delivery plan, you can expand your horizon.

Drop-shipping has especially opened up ways for people to do business and the various methods of communication ensure you can talk to anyone, anywhere, and at any time.


Do most suppliers have order limits?

For you to enjoy certain discounts, you would have to buy a certain quantity.

When choosing a supplier, you want to check at their minimum limit to see whether it is in line with yours.

All the best in your business!

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