15 Famous Wholesale Costume Jewellery Suppliers UK in 2024

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Searching for a wholesale costume jewellery suppliers in the UK? Here, we are going to explore 15 famous wholesale costume jewellery supplier in the UK in 2024 and also give you reasons why you should partner with them.  We also tell you  the benefits of choosing Wholesale Costume Jewellery Suppliers and Manufacturers

Starting a jewellery business has become a lot easier in the recent. Among the many reasons, one that stands out is people’s awareness of the importance of partnerships.

People no longer have to come up with items from scratch. They can make bulk purchases from a supplier or manufacturer, add their logo and instructions and voila, they have a product line.

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The same applies to the world of jewellery making. You don’t have to make the jewellery from scratch. You can select from a catalogue, ask the company to put your private label. Once they are shipped to you, they are ready to hit the shelf and online stores.

 An added advantage it this kind of business model is the ability to customize. You can have existing products tweaked to suit your target market. If you wish to explode in the jewellery industry, you can have the manufacturer produce unique designs you’ve come up with.

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15 Famous Wholesale Costume Jewellery Suppliers UK 2024

1. Jewellery World

This is a family-run business that has been around for 20 years. They work with precious jewellery and fashion jewellery.

They have a broad range of products including hair accessories, watches, and bridal jewellery.

What makes them stand out is the variety they have on offer, but the drawback is that making a purchase is subject to availability because some items do go out of stock.


2. Radford Supplies Ltd

This brand has been in the market for 40 years operating as a wholesaler of fashion jewellery.

They are now indeed one of the UK’s largest and established importers and distributors when it comes to fashion accessories, handbags, scarfs, hair accessories, and purses.

What makes this a preferred brand is their design team that is always evolving to keep up with trends.

Some will find their uniqueness does attract a higher price.

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3. Amber Wholesale Jewellery

They are an online supplier of wholesale fashion jewellery, accessories and more. They are among the top UK brands when it comes to wholesale costume jewellery and hair accessories as well. Their prices are competitive. Amber works to provide jewellery that mirrors the latest trends. What makes them advantageous is that their minimum order is a lot lower than other brands. Their drawback is they don’t have a physical store.


4. Jewel city

This jewellery company opened its doors in 2006 and are among the leading suppliers of wholesale fashion accessories working with retailers across the UK and Europe.

Their accessories include jewellery, scarves, handbags, purses, key rings, fascinators, hats and mirrors, all at wholesale.

Jewelcity stands out also as a brand that offers customization, private labelling and has a lower minimum order with discounts. It is also not uncommon to find items out of stock.


5. Western Counties Wholesale Fashion Jewellery 

This wholesale fashion jewellery company has been around for 20 years. They have a warehouse you can visit to make your purchases with over 3500 lines of jewellery and accessories to choose from. They include spring, summer and winter accessories, anklets and toe rings, phone charms, bags and purses, bead chokers, bracelets only to mention a few. Western Counties is a trade only website.


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6. Talbot Fashions LLP

This is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fashion accessories to the trade. It got established in 1980. They have a modern warehousing facility and dispatch orders throughout the UK, Europe and globally. Talbot Fashions LLP specializes in sourcing and wholesale of fashion jewellery and accessories for the people of different age groups and sexes. They also have a long list of clientele that includes chain stores and market traders. It’ll take a day or two to receive your order within the UK.

7. Briolette

If you want to work with a brand whose jewellery is synonymous with prestige, style, quality, and elegance, then this is the company to consider working with.

Briolette continually comes up with new and inspiring collections and has competitive pricing strategies which don’t compromise the quality of products or artistry.

The company operates under a trade only policy. That means you have to be a member to view their jewellery collection.


8. Yoko’s Fashion

The business is one of the UK’s leading importers, distributors, wholesalers, and exporters of fashion jewellery and accessories as well.

Yoko’s Fashion focus is high street fashion accessories that are popular. They work with market traders, wholesalers, shops and retailers.

What makes them appealing is their fashion consciousness that is evident in the lines they produce. You are required to register and log in to see details of what they have on offer.


9. Lila

The business provides high quality and unique jewellery. Lila constantly innovates and thrives on customer feedback to create beautiful jewellery.

They offer brooches, carded earrings, luxurious pendants, bangles, and rings to mention a few.

The company prides itself with quality and having excellent products and services to match. The pricing has the average buyer in mind to get value for money. The only drawback is the online store has too few products


10.PS Wholesale Ltd

They are a company that got established in 2002.

Here you will find bags, charm bracelets, toe rings, steel rings, metal chains, resin beads, glass rings and other variety of jewellery. PS Wholesale offer primarily works with retailers, wholesalers, market traders, manufacturers and the like.

They have a wide collection of items but very few when it comes to jewellery. They are ideal if you are looking for costumes.


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11. Silver Amber

This wholesaler has been around since 2007. They work with sterling silver jewellery that includes earrings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets.

They also work with gold. Their focus market is the UK, Europe, and America.

All their work is handmade by skilled craftsmen that combine both amber and 925-sterling silver to make the pieces. Silver Amber offer discounts for their loyal customers.

However, their minimum order is higher than other brands in the market.

12. Handsel

This wholesaler has been in business since 1977. Their focus is sterling silver jewellery, necklaces, chains, pendants, lockets, earrings, and costume and fashion jewellery.

They also produce hair accessories for children and adults alike. Handsel works with retailers, market traders, online traders, and multiple retailers.

They have a low minimum order with their focus market being the UK and Europe.


13. Cici Accessory

This importer and wholesaler have been in the business of over 20 years.

Cici Accessory has an extensive variety of products, including bracelets, bridal jewellery, hair accessories, fascinator, rings, and scarfs. Their factory is based in China, but they operate from Manchester via a showroom.

You can partner with this business to make your own product design. The merchandise is fairly priced to suit their target market. They have a higher minimum order value.


14. Laurence Butler Ltd

If you wish to work with copper especially you can partner with Laurence Butler.

The company was formed in 1960 and have been working with businesses globally, with France and the US being the largest importers.

The small family-run company has coppersmiths manufacturing and supplying copper and brassware in general. The company is a niche brand so you can only get copper jewellery from them.


15. Miya Fashion Accessories

Operating under Koyoo UK Ltd, this wholesaler jewellery company got established in 2008. They are one of the leading scarfs suppliers in the UK. Miya also offers a wide variety of fashion accessories with trendy and vintage options available.

Their target market is high-street stores and designer brands. They work with online traders, market traders, wholesalers, retailers, and exporters.

The main markets are in the UK, Europe, Asia, and the US. Their site is currently down.

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Why should you choose Wholesale Costume Jewellery Suppliers and Manufacturers?

Launching your jewellery line is exciting, but there is the awareness of the grind that one has to undergo to bring the dream to fruition. For that to happen, you ought to work with people who have expertise in jewellery making. That is where wholesale costume jewellery suppliers and manufacturers come in. Let’s explore the reasons to work with them.


Reason 1:  Costume Jewellery is unique

The world of jewellery making is expansive, meaning there are many types of jewellery out in the market as there are unique ideas.

When it comes to choosing a wholesale custom jewellery supplier and manufacturer, you are assured that you will get one that accurately fits your vision.

An added advantage is that you don’t have to follow the grain of what they produce. At this time you want to partner with a company that can bring your ideas to fruition.

Some companies work with specific materials; let’s use the idea of crystals. If that is the kind of product you want to sell, you can add your own twist. You will likely at this point have seen what the market has to offer before coming up with a niche item.

Overall, you’re assured that your jewellery brand will be both charming and unique and thus standing out from other competitors.  That brings us to the next reason to opt for wholesale costume jewellery suppliers and manufacturers.

Unique designs


Reason 2: Your brand is not a follower, but a fashion leader in the fashion jewellery world

Given that you are formulating your designs and partnering with a jewellery maker, your product line will automatically stand out. As you market using your platforms of choice, the potential buyer will be quick to notice that you are not merely following trends and doing what’s been done before.

Ultimately it is a way to showcase your talents to the world. People will gravitate toward your jewellery line because now they would have considered you a fashion leader.

That type of status is the same in all the fashion industry. Clothing, shoe, and handbags have their hierarchy of who commands the most respect and is considered high-end.

If you wish to have the same for your brand, then you’ll have to slip the script and make things never seen in the market before. In that way, customers will flock to your brand with a lot less effort on your part.


Reason 3: Costume Jewellery is cheaper to make if you find original Costume Jewellery Manufacturers

The labour cost and prices of quality products for jewellery making are a lot more affordable when you work with an existing Costume Jewellery Manufacturers.

They already have the infrastructure in place for production. If you were to do the same, you’d first to go about purchasing machinery and cater to other technical aspects before you being the production of your personal line.

With that in mind, it is why people gravitate toward Costume Jewellery Manufacturers — making the jewellery line will be cheaper on your end. Various manufacturers offer different price points for what you need.

Here it requires a bit of research on your part and sending out emails to find out who has the price that fits your budget. Alternatively, you can visit the manufacturer and get the right price.

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Reason 4: Costume Jewellery will be good for your business

Humans work the same; if something impressed you and you fell in love with it, you will more than likely go back to the same vendor for more. That’s why people have fast food joints, clothing brand and electronic brands they gravitate toward.

The uniqueness of your design and the brand itself will ensure that customers remember you. When they make the first purchase, it now turns into what we can consider a love affair with your jewellery line.

The uniqueness of your items also means that you can demand more for each. Pricing higher than your competitors is the logical move to make.

As a result, you end up making substantially more profit than other brands. It, therefore, makes perfect business sense to partner with a Costume Jewellery Manufacturer for all your jewellery needs.

Thanks for reading our post. If you want to manufacture your designs in China. You can try our factory. Want to know more about our company? Click here to know more.


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