20 Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Distributors in China/USA/UK in 2024

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Are you looking for wholesale fashion jewelry distributors and suppliers? A lot of buyers often type in google: where to buy wholesale jewelry? Where can I buy wholesale jewelry to sell?  If so, this post will help you to find s a better supplier and distributor.  In this post, you will learn why the fashion jewelry business is an evergreen business and 21 wholesalers you can find in China, USA, and the UK.

Jewelry is a trend that will never lose its fashion, making it a great item to look into when searching for a stable market. Starting a business is not always easy, as you need to choose something that will offer a steady foundation for you to build upon. If you’re considering the jewelry industry as a potential candidate, then you first need to look into where you can find reliable wholesale suppliers for your needs.

Hopefully, by the end of this articles, you would have acquired a few tips about where to get the best jewelry, the nature of this particular market, and a few general tad bits of information that I’m sure you will find useful in the future. Let’s get straight to it, shall we?


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One region that is popular for its wholesale provisions is China, and this has not changed when it comes to jewelry. There are many choices you can choose from when searching for a reliable online provider for your needs. Seven of these include:



7 Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Distributors and Suppliers in China

1. SOQ Jewelry

Why SOQ jewelry?

SOQ Jewelry

BEST PRICE.   Why SOQ jewelry is able to offer the best price? Because SOQ jewelry is the direct factory in China. The price is 20-50% lower than other distributor and wholesaler in China. All SOQ can offer is the best price.

SOQ is the original wholesaler and manufacturer located in Zhejiang, CN and established in 2012. Its Unique high-quality designs are competitively priced and proven to sell. They carefully select a wide range of quality designs to appeal to diverse customer tastes from high-class wholesale Jewelry to cheap wholesale costume jewelry lines. They go all out to bring the market the latest wholesale jewelry design and classic wholesale jewelry styles with the strongest retail appeal.

SOQ factory had passed Sears, Macy’s, Sedex, Kohl’s, JCP, Family Dollar Fujita, BISI factory audit and got C-TPAT certificate. They mainly supply forNorth America and Europe Speciality stores and retailers, such as Walmart Family Dollar Macy Forever 21 Sears. You can read our Case Study here: How to Make 40000 rings and Sold 20000 in one Week

If you want the best price for your fashion jewelry business, you would better contact this company.


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2. Every selection

This online wholesale jewelry business serves a large number of clientele in the UK and other European regions.

In 2014, the demand for their items got so big they had to move their warehousing to China to keep up with production.

It now serves over 200 countries in different areas across the globe. It boasts a wide selection that you can choose from – and is known for the great value for money they offer their customers.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Distributors

3. Alibaba

Alibaba is one of the most popular options available in the market when it comes to a range of different goods. Established in 1999, they have gone on to serve millions of customers worldwide. They offer a platform where multitudes of suppliers can provide their products to the market. With offer 50 main categories, they deal in a wide variety of products including jewelry and related accessories.


4.  AliExpress

This website is an online retail platform that was founded in China in 2010. It’s not the main provider – but rather provides a place where independent businesses can offer their products to an online market. They have a wide range of pieces including unique pieces of jewelry. The independent companies on this site mainly come from regions such as China, Singapore, and Malaysia.

If you choose to use this website for your jewelry supply, it’s crucial to go through all of the options on offer. Sometimes excitement can lead you to jump on the first attractive deal you come across, but there could be better things up ahead if you just take the time to look.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Distributors

 5. Gets

Gets is a great option to consider when you’re searching for a wide variety of beaded jewelry and other creative options. Established in 2000, this manufacturer offers a unique range of options in this category, including lampwork and glass beads, pearls, rhinestones, and other precious items. Their facilities boast six production departments featuring 150 technicians and 1800 employees in total.  They are well equipped to manage any order you might send their way.

Apart from jewelry beads and other accessories, they also offer the exportation of finished items for those who would not be interested with the creative segment of production.


6. JewelryBund

This organization focuses on the production of numerous accessories and jewelry products to the market. They are constantly researching new ways to enhance their designs, and have built a reputation for releasing new and exciting products spaced over regular periods. They offer western and Korean options with their accessories, ensuring you can never run out of options.

Jewelry band offers their products to clients all over the world. They own three production sites in China which guarantee a steady supply of new and exciting options.

SOQ Picuters

7.  Nihao Jewelry

Nihao jewelry offers a wide range of possibilities with its provisions. From skull jewelry to beaded bands and leopard earrings – they have everything you need. It also holds the OEM rights for many famous brands in the market, allowing you to pick from some popular options.

With this option, you get the opportunity to come up with your own designs. This way you can guarantee your buyers that you’re offering them unique pieces not available in bulk. You just need to contact the company with your particular needs, and they will buy the needed raw material and proceed with production. Once manufacturing is complete, they will send you the product ASAP.


7 Excellent Online Wholesale Jewelry Options in the USA


DistributorsCatogaryDrop ShippingProcessing TimeShipping
Cheap Wholesale JewelryJewelryYES2~4business daysWorld Wide
The Welman GroupJewelryNO1~3 business daysWorld Wide
StullerJewelryYESContact for detailsWorld Wide
Ruby ImportsJewelryYESContact for detailsWorld Wide
Kole importsJewelry&generalYESContact for detailsWorld Wide
JewelryMaxJewelryYES24 hoursWorld Wide
Fashion BellaJewelry& fashion accessoriesYES1-2 business daysWorld Wide


Another popular place to export your products from is the USA. In some cases, getting your items from this particular location may hold some extra appeal to individuals. This is because of all the famous brands that are based in this region. USA manufacturing is also known to apply stringent rules to their quality processes in most cases, enhancing the level of standards you can enjoy from an end product.

Some of the great options you can choose from when it comes to websites in this particular sector include:


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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Distributors

1. Cheap Wholesale Jewelry

As the name suggests, this platform focuses on the sale of jewelry products and accessories at highly cost-friendly prices. Needless to say, at such accommodating prices – one would hardly expect to come across precious stones for sale. They specialize in items such as Swarovski crystal and Cuban zirconia when offering options to their clients. However, their products offer the same pizazz as a diamond necklace when matched with the right outfits.

They also claim to have a range that is wholly locally manufactured – which can be an attractive element when dealing with pieces from this area.


  2. Ruby Imports

Ruby imports is a great choice when you’re looking for a more colorful option with your provisions. They offer a variety of alternatives with regard to products, including earrings, pendants and necklaces. This is a great place to visit if you’re thinking about making women’s jewelry your particular niche.

The organization also provides a helping hand to resellers by offering various discounts on the purchase of a number of similar items. Buying 3 to 5 identical pieces, for instance, will allow you to enjoy a 3% discount. They also offer free shipping with orders totaling $250 and above.


  3. Kole imports

With over 30 years of experience in the jewelry sector, this option provides a reliable source when looking for stable provisions. It has steadily developed into a big name in the market – and offers a range of novelty products that are guaranteed to catch the eye. Some of the popular items they offer from their range include necklaces, watches, earrings, and general wrist wear to name a few.

They also offer drop shipping services – which as mentioned earlier is a great way to reduce the risk in your business. This provision allows you to sell their products without having to handle inventory and delivery issues upon receiving an order.


4. The Welman Group

The Welman Group is an excellent alternative when you’re looking to delve into the high-end market. This US Company focuses on the provision of jewelry made from 925 parts silver sterling. They feature a unique collection of rings in their stock – with a particular focus on Celtic art. This organization is a great choice if you’re looking for out-of-the-box designs with contemporary, gothic, and other looks implemented to the pieces.

They also offer potential resellers attractive offers when buying their items in bulk. With this option, you can enjoy discounts ranging between 3 and 7%, depending on the value of the items you purchase. The higher the value – the higher the discount available.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Distributors

 5. Stuller

This option focuses entirely on the high-end market, making it a great choice if you’re looking to detour into this sector. They aim to supply retailers looking to attract upper-market clientele with their products – thus they offer nothing but the best with their provisions. They are no counterfeit options available, for example, with all the precious stones available representing the real thing and not glass replicas.

Fortunately, they also offer their customers a range of very attractive discounts for a variety of goods, including diamonds of a particular size as well as black cobalt and titanium options. Some of these discounts can rise as high as 75%, depending on the item in question.


 6. JewelryMax

If you’re intent on providing products that are out-of-the-box and represent a more artistic than glamorous appeal – Jewelrymax is the best way to go. Offering a variety of contemporary pieces based on a variety of concepts such as the West Coast surfer vibe – this provider focuses on supplying the hipster and artistic community with an alternative to traditional jewelry. It can be a great way to set your jewelry business apart from the competition.

Those looking for effective ways to reduce their expenses can also benefit from some of the offers provided by this company. These include deals such as a flat fee for delivery with any product, as well as free delivery available for orders above $200.

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7.  Fashion Bella

Though this option features a variety of women’s clothing and offers their jewelry as part of their accessory products – they also boast a wide range of alternatives to choose from. The numerous designs on offer ensure you will find something that suits your particular tastes and preferences. They offer a diverse range of products – including necklaces, earrings and rings


6 Recommended Online Jewelry Sites in the UK

How to Get My Jewelry Designs Manufactured

The United Kingdom serves as another great option when looking for ideal places to source your jewelry products and accessories. Like the USA, it’s filled with popular brands in this market that have made a name for themselves around the globe. This is a particularly good choice when hoping to attract most of your clientele from Europe. People are likely to buy things that they are more familiar with – even if that familiarity simply has to do with the region it came from.

Some of the alternatives you should consider when studying the wholesale options available in this region include:


1. Radford Accessories

With over fourty years of experience in the jewelry industry, Radford accessories represent one of the most established firms in this sector. They mainly focus on the promotion of their wholesale services – so they are a more reliable option if you’re looking for a collection of products and not just single items. In general, you cannot purchase items for less than £100 when shopping with them. Part of their additional services includes next day delivery options which are available at an extra charge.


2. Mainly silver

Boasting over 20 years of professional experience mainly silver is a great option when looking for a collection of highly appealing designs. They have a wide variety of choices available when it comes to the products on sale, allowing you to choose items according to your particular needs, tastes, and desires. It mainly functions as a wholesale jewelry supply outlet – so like Radford, you can only purchase items worth £100 or over.

They offer their products worldwide but their delivery time can take between 3 and five working days. With this in mind, it’s recommendable to order any items early-on to avoid potential delays should you come across someone wanting to purchase the jewelry in question.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Distributors

3. Jewel City

This option is another alternative that has years of experience in this industry with over a decade of service proffered to the market. The website offers its items in a variety of styles that you can choose from – including options such as Aztec, animal, abstract, festival, or statement pieces just to name a few. If you’re not sure about what you want, you can always take a look at their best seller categories – which offers you a list of the top 100 items that are hot at that moment among other classifications.

Luckily, this alternative also ships its products worldwide. The delivery time you can enjoy, however, will depend on factors such as the nature of your order as well as your particular location. It’s recommendable to clarify these matters when making an order so you can know exactly when to expect your products after purchase.


4. Amber Jewelry

Amber Jewelry is a well-known option in the western hemisphere and deals with a variety of products including bangles, rings, bracelets and bulky jewelry. Its collection consists of numerous designs, with delicate and shiny pieces, not the only options available. Unfortunately, this organization only exports its products to the UK and Europe – making it difficult for people outside these regions to attain their pieces.

Their delivery situation can be a bad or good thing depending on how you think about it. If you have a contact within the UK who can order these items on your behalf and then resend them to your location – you can easily avoid the restrictions based on the regions served by this company. This can place you apart from your rivals, who might not be able to get the same products so easily.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Distributors

5. Miss Milly

Miss Milly is generally new to the industry when compared to other options. This doesn’t mean that their provisions are not just as good, however, and they are quickly taking the market by storm. Based in the UK, they offer their products to clients all across the globe but charge an additional fee for next day delivery services. The minimum amount you can spend when shopping at this outlet is £100.

You can choose from different materials, including crystal, shells, metal, stone and resins. They also have a kids collection, ensuring no one is left out should you offer family options with your provisions. Their jewelry comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.


6.  Park Lane

Established in 1955, Park Lane has decades of experience in this industry. They offer a wide variety of options for both men and women alike. They provide their shipping services to the UK and the rest of Europe – making it an ideal option when you’re based in these regions. Like most other wholesale services, they have a minimum order amount that requires you to buy goods worth at least £150, with free shipping offered for items valued at £250 and above.

Are their Viable Opportunities in the Jewelry Business?

A quick answer to this question is yes, absolutely. Some research has suggested that this sector could total up to €250 billion worldwide by the year 2020. This is not a figure to laugh at – so the wise thing would be getting on board now while there is still space on the ship. The recession has been blamed for the slow demand experienced in this industry in recent years, but thanks to the changing financial times this no longer seems to be a problem.

However, it’s also essential to ensure that you keep up with the trends if you’re not to be left behind by your competitors. The styles in this market can tend to change rather swiftly, so it’s vital you remain on your toes and watch out for any new fashions entering the scene.

One of the issues you should consider in this market, for instance, is brand vs unbranded jewelry. Most experts are currently predicting a growth in the branded jewelry sector – with most of these professionals mainly differing on the timeline involved. This would suggest that branded jewelry could be an excellent option to take up when looking to maximize your profits. Some of the brands you should consider when thinking about this option include Tiffany’s, Cartier, David Yurman and Pandora to name a few.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Distributors

Great Ways to Improve the Profit in your Jewelry Business

There are a variety of strategies you can implement when looking to enhance the kind of profit you can enjoy from this business, some of these include:

  1.    Costume Jewelry

This is becoming a prevalent option as many women strive to match their outfits to the fullest. By acquiring pieces that can easily merge with a variety of options, you can enhance the number of sales you make in this sector. Some recommendable approaches when thinking about costume jewelry include choosing neutral colours such as silver and black to create your designs.

  1.    DIY Jewelry

If you’re looking for something affordable in this category, then making your own items is a good way to reduce overall costs and expenses. All you have to do is purchase the materials needed to make your products.

  1.    Leather and Pearl Jewelry

Instead of going for the more expensive products in the market, you can also choose to sell more affordable alternatives – such as leather and pearls. You can easily come up with unique leather designs if you happen to have the creative spark within you. Pearl pieces have also grown in popularity as a result of their ability to match everything.

  1.    Plated Alternatives

If you don’t have the funds to establish a high-end jewelry business, you can always start with this alternative before rising up the ranks. Plated options, whether you’re dealing with gold or silver always represent a cheaper choice as compared to their fully original counterparts.


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Why Online Fashion Jewelry?

SOQ Pictures

There are many things that you can decide to sell when dealing with the fashion industry. Clothes are one of the most popular options available when looking to invest in this business. However, jewelry offers you a whole range of consumers you might not be aware. As a clothes store, you will probably focus on a particular style of clothing – such as men’s suits, urban wear, or women’s dresses. Selling everything is pretty much impossible when dealing with this sector. This means that you will only attract customers that are looking for your particular style of clothes.

Jewelry, on the other hand, offers something for everyone. Unlike clothing – jewelry can speak to a large variety of people no matter their fashion preferences. That lady looking for a sundress will want a cute necklace to go with it, while the gentlemen who just bought a three-piece suit would need a watch to complete the image. Whether it’s a teenage boy seeking a gift for his girlfriend, or a pair of old lovebirds looking for something memorable for their 46th anniversary – you will never run out of options in this market.

Another great thing is the size of this product makes it possible for you to stock a whole range of different items representing various tastes. From high-end pieces that exude glam and sophistication to simple plastic charms that can be worn by youth and younger children. All of this will not require you to rent an extra warehouse to store your goods – as thousands of pieces can be easily kept at a secure area within your operational headquarters.

You can end up making some attractive margins with every sale. All you need to do is build a name for your brand to attract more consumers. Lots of established sellers in this market, such as Tiffany’s, for instance, make huge profits as a result of the esteem they hold in the market – allowing them to charge more for their pieces.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Wholesale Jewelry Industry


Some of the queries that have likely passed through your mind when considering this business opportunity include:

  1.    Who are the best costume jewelry providers in the US market?

Ruby Imports, cheap wholesale jewelry, jewelry may, and wholesale sterling are probably your best options when looking at this particular category.


  1.    How can I best promote my jewelry business?

A few things you can do to attract more customers to your store include creating a site to have more of an online presence, enhancing your public promotional operations such as developing more ads and implementing effective social media strategies.


  1.    What are my best options for wholesale jewelry products in the market?

Some of the providers mentioned earlier on offer some pretty good prospects when you’re seeking an affordable but reliable solution in this sector. They include China brands, Mainly Silver, Miss Milly and Jewel City to name a few. The main provision that brings these particular options together is the worldwide and reliable delivery services available.


  1.    Apart from Alibaba and Aliexpress, where else can I get my jewelry from?

Some alternative options that are available if you’re looking to avoid the more general platforms include, Shein and Garbest – as well as the options above of China brands and Jewelry band.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Distributors

  1.    Where can I get wholesale jewelry items from China?

If you’re specifically looking for items sourced from the Asian market, then choosing an option from one of the earlier candidates including China brands and Niahaojewelry is the best way to go. You can also opt to look through additional alternatives such as the Yiwu International Trade City and the GZ market.


  1.     What are some trustworthy websites offering unique jewelry at wholesale prices?

The suggestion earlier mentioned all offer unique products in their roster. However, depending on your particular location, some might not offer delivery services to your region. It’s essential that you choose an option that can easily meet your delivery needs without having to incur any additional costs. Apart from chinabrands.com, some other reliable alternatives in the market include:

  •    Cliory.com
  •    Uberdiva.com
  •    Voylla.com


  1.    What are some additional ways to seek out wholesale jewelry suppliers in the market?

Apart from going online to source out helpful articles such as this one, there are some other ways you can use to identify a reliable option in this sector. Some of these include:

  •    Visiting various B2B market places in this sector.
  •    Attending trade fairs based in this market.
  •    Seeking references and recommendations from reliable sources.
  •    Outsourcing your research needs to another established company – who will then provide you with the best solution for your particular needs.


     8   Where can I find wholesale jewelry options in Brazil, Nepal, and India?

If you’re focusing on Brazil, then your best shot would be to visit regions such as Rua 25 de marco or Ladeira Porto geral which are both in Sao Paulo and can be accessed via the subway. If you’re dealing with Nepal or India, then a recommendable option would be seeking markets that offer handmade gemstone jewelry.


     9   How to save money with Dropshipping?

If you would prefer a more risk-averse approach with your business. Then drop shipping is always an excellent option to consider. This alternative allows you to make a profit without having to invest in any stock at all. All you have to do is attract clients to your platform where you can offer a range of different items from china brands. Once a client has made an order, you can transfer the request to the company together with the delivery details. They will handle the rest from there and ensure your customer gets their goods.

China brands offering this particular service is a significant advantage when working with limited investment capital.




Lastly, it’s always wise to take the time to contemplate all your options before making a final decision. This can ensure that you don’t regret this choice in the near future when you come across a better deal than the one you rashly accepted. It’s also wise to remember that the cheapest option is not always the best option available in the market.


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