7 Wholesale Gold Filled Jewelry Manufacturers in 2024

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Wondering what gold-filled jewelry is and where to buy the jewelry from? In this article, we’ll share insights into everything you need to know about gold-filled jewelry and who the best manufacturers of gold-filled jewelry are. So, let’s get started!

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What is gold-filled jewelry?

With gold-filled jewelry making up at least 5% of the gold jewelry on the market, gold–filled jewelry, can be defined as a class of jewelry that is recognized officially in the United States. Gold-filled jewelry is mechanically-plated gold, and this class of gold jewelry had gained popularity across the US over the years.

Gold-filled jewelry can be defined as a piece of jewelry made of solid gold. It is made of an ultra-thin layer of gold which is bonded to the base metal permanently. This layer of gold that is bonded to the base metal or the metal core is bonded through the application of heat and intense pressure. The most common core or base metal for the gold-filled jewelry is sterling silver, but they’re also are cases where brass is used as the base metal and gold plated to it. Through the mechanical treatment of the gold to the base metal, the gold layer is pretty much bonded to the base metal more permanently. In most cases, the gold will last pretty much forever, without chipping, but this depends on how well the jewelry is cared for and how the manufacturer gold fills the jewelry.

Gold-filled jewelry is valuable thanks to the gold filling that is between 0.03 and 0.1 millimeters. It isn’t, however, as valuable as the solid gold jewelry, and the microscopic gold film that is up to 1000 times thicker than the gold film makes the gold-filled jewelry more valuable than the gold-plated jewelry.

Note that the difference between gold-filled jewelry, solid gold, and pure gold jewelry is that while the 24k pure gold has 99.99$ gold, solid gold is an alloy of gold – 10k, 14k, or 18k, and it refers to the karatage of pure gold in the gold alloy. Gold-filled jewelry, on the other hand, can be defined as the layered jewelry product whose karatage applies only to the amount of gold used for the gold layers. But to qualify as gold-filled, the jewelry in question must have at least 5% of gold in total product weight.

In Canada and the US, the total percentage of gold on gold-filled pieces was determined to be not less than 1/20th the weight of the piece of jewelry. With this in mind, the gold-filled jewelry would bear the 1/20 14k GF or the 1/20 12k GF. And besides the strict restrictions for Gold-Filled jewelry, the jewelry is also expected to meet all the federal standards for quality that are set by FTC (Federal Trade Commission), as well as the Government Regulatory Boards.

For the gold-filled jewelry will have the top layer with solid gold, which means that the gold-filled jewelry would look exactly like the solid gold jewelry. This also means that the jewelry is safe on the skin, and you shouldn’t be worried about irritation or allergic reactions from the gold-filled jewelry being in contact with the skin. The 14K gold-filled jewelry, for example, is free of nickel.

Note that gold-filled jewelry is also known as rolled gold plated or rolled gold, with a solid layer of gold over sterling silver or brass.

Wondering where to buy the best of gold-filled jewelry from?

Keep reading for details of all your options for the best wholesalers of gold-filled jewelry manufacturers.

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Gold Filled is one of the best companies on the market, offering the best of gold-filled jewelry. In their own words, Gold Filled offers what they call a New Dimension in the world of Fine Jewelry, where you will have access to the best price alternatives to the high-karat value gold jewelry.

Gold-Filled Ltd prides itself on being the best manufacturer of the gold-filled jewelry, meaning you can access the best quality white, yellow, and pink gold-filled pieces of jewelry. They use the best quality raw materials and crafting techniques to ensure the best of gold-filled pieces of jewelry.

This company also represents an exclusive manufacturer of top-quality products, as certified by the US Federal Trade Commission, as well as the Government Regulatory Boards. They also feature a large network of top distributors who supply the best of white, yellow, as well as pink, gold-filled pieces of jewelry.


2. Alibaba

Alibaba might not be a manufacturer of gold-filled jewelry, but it boasts the largest collection of manufacturers selling the best of the gold-filled jewelry. Once on the site, Alibaba allows you to filter through the site in search of the best kinds of gold-filled jewelry, from necklaces and rings to bracelets and pendants, among others. In other words, Alibaba is the biggest sourcing site for gold-filled jewelry, and it gives you access to the largest database of gold-filled manufacturers.



This is the other excellent wholesale that you can access gold filled jewelry from. HKTDC OR Hong Kong Trade Development Council is the statutory body that was established in 1966 to assist and promote trading activities in Hong Kong. It boasts over 50 offices globally, with 13 of these based in Mainland China, and all the HKTDC offices aim to promote Hong Kong as the leading 2-way business hub and global investment. They feature several top-rated jewelry manufacturers, and you won’t have to worry about poor quality products when working with HKTDC.


4. JK Findings

Established as far back as 1975, JK Findings is one of the best providers/ manufacturers of gold-filled jewelry. JK Findings offers excellent product quality and excellent selection and product prices for a wide variety of gold-filled jewelry. Some of the options offered by JK Findings include 1/20 14K Rose gold filled jewelry, 1/20 10k yellow gold-filled jewelry, 1/20 12K yellow-gold-filled jewelry, as well as 1/20 14K Yellow gold-filled jewelry.

As a gold-filled jewelry manufacturer based in Rochester, New York, and also a sales office in Hong Kong, JK Findings boasts a long history as a lead industry jewelry designer that not only sources but also controls the production of high-quality and highly innovative jewelry product offering. The company is a lead product manufacturer and designer that offers the best customer support services.

In addition to the use of the most advanced acquisition strategies and the production of excellent products at competitive prices, JK Findings stands out from the competition by virtue of their use of Precision Machining and best of Laser Engraving Technologies, hence the best of not just gold-filled jewelry, but also the best of platinum, titanium, sterling silver, and stainless steel jewelry.

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5. Gold-Filled Creations

The other company you could buy your gold-filled jewelry from is this manufacturer called Gold Filled Creations. This manufacturer offers a wide range of gold filled jewelry, including 10mm rings and leverback earrings, to gold chains and rings, among others.

Gold Filled Creations offer the widest variety of fittings and chains, and the best part is that this manufacturer gives you the chance to design your own unique fashion jewelry designs. You could choose to make gold filled jewelry, for instance, balls, beads, earrings, chains, closures, and based, among others. The prices offered are also quite competitive. So, if you are looking for any gold-filled jewelry, Gold Filled Creations might be a great manufacturer to shop from.


6. House of Gems

If you are looking for a wholesale manufacturer of the widest variety of gold filled jewelry, House of Gems might be the best place for you to start your search. This manufacturer offers some of the best 14k gold filled bead caps, bails, bead tips, thimbles, crimp beads, clasps, crimp covers, drops and connectors, earring findings, end caps, eye pins headpins, closed and oval rings, filled tubes, twisted jump rings, split rings, wires, among others.

House of Gems is, therefore, the leading jewelry supplier, and they offer the best quality jewelry accessories at greatly discounted prices. Working with a large network of designers and manufacturers, as well as many other direct suppliers, House of Gems guarantees good quality jewelry at all times.

Besides offering the best of gold filled jewelry, House of Gems also supplies high-quality gems sourced from the largest freshwater pearl producers in the world, and the gold used is also sourced from the leading global jewelry hubs, not just in the US but also in Italy among other countries. So, if you are looking for the best wholesale beads, gold filled jewelry, and also the best Jewelry making supplies, House of Gems might be a great place for you to start your search or purchases.


7. CGM Findings

If you are looking for the best of gold-filled jewelry and jewelry findings, or even silver filled findings, CGM Findings might be the best place for you to get started. CGM Findings offer gold filled or rolled gold or rolled gold plating, which, as mentioned above, comprises a solid layer of gold that’s been heat and pressure-bonded to the base metal. The base metal could be sterling silver or brass, but brass is the more common metal base for gold filled jewelry. Most of the high-quality gold-filled pieces will, as a result, look like 14k gold, which is part of the reason why the gold-filled jewelry is often pricey.

Like other varieties of gold-filled jewelry, the variety offered by CGM Findings bear the 1/20 12KT GF or the 1/20 14kt GF stamps for authenticity. Note that for the gold filled findings with a sterling silver base, you will have to spend more money to acquire them than you would with the jewelry options filled with a brass base.

CGM Findings offer a large variety of gold filled jewelry, including chains, beads, and findings, as well as heads and settings. The company offers the best First Class Jewelry Findings, with the most stunning selections of jewelry made of gold filled jewelry, including precious and semi-precious stones and beads. They also promise great savings and the best services thanks to the company’s option to stock some of the highest quality findings, as well as gems and beads.



If you are looking for wholesale gold filled jewelry for personal or business use, these 7 manufacturers of gold filled jewelry would be the best place for you to start. These manufacturers offer the best quality gold-filled jewelry, and you’ll always get your money’s worth.

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