The Ultimate Yiwu Market Guide in 2024 (Everything You need to Know)

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If you want to more about Yiwu Market, this 6000 words post is for you. We introduce the Yiwu market in detail in this post. You will absolutely learn a lot in this post.

If you are shopping for small commodities for resale, perhaps you’ve signed up for Amazon FBA or planning to sell jewelry on Etsy or eBay, knowledge of and access to the best trading city is invaluable.

While looking for suppliers of products is easy, there are many options online, you could save time (and money) by sourcing for your jewelry pieces from the World’s largest trading city for all small commodities, Yiwu.


How big is Yiwu anyway?

Well, before we look at the demographics, or rather, the actual number of stores at the World’s largest trading city, you might want to know that this trading city is visited by at least 550,000 buyers from all over the world.

Unbelievable, right? Well, there must be something this store is doing right or differently. If you are wondering about the number of wholesale markets in Yiwu or what makes the markets at Yiwu popular and different, or even the things that you should know before you begin your shopping experience at the Yiwu markets, you are at the right place.

In this article, we’ll look at everything you need to know about the Yiwu markets and how to best source for your small commodities from the market with less hassle, among other things. Basically, this article will uncover all the hidden secrets about the market to ensure that you know what to get from where, what to do, what not to do, and some of the expectations you should have in mind.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the Yiwu Wholesale Markets and how to source small commodities in bulk from this market.

So, let’s get started.


About Yiwu Wholesale Markets

Where is Yiwu?

Whether you’ve shopped from China before or this will be your maiden trip, you need to understand the geography of the land you are visiting.

Yiwu is a massive global market that’s located in the central city in the Zhejiang Province of China. Though the city of Yiwu is famous as an international market for small commodities, this vibrant market is also a leading tourist destination.

The interesting bit is that this city wasn’t always a booming trade center. Yiwu was, like most of the other cities in China, a small agricultural city that developed slowly into a city built largely on markets for small commodities. 40 years later, and after numerous developments, the city of Yiwu is totally reformed and open to the rest of the world. If you are a trader interested in wholesale products (small commodities), you cannot go wrong if you kick off your shopping trip in this market.

Yiwu market is now a famous global city, and it boasts a reputation of being an international small commodity trading market for at least 200 countries and trade regions from different regions of the world.

So, what spurred the growth of this previously small agricultural city into an international market?

Well, among other reasons, the top reasons for the rapid growth of this city is the centrality of the city. Unlike other cities and provinces in China, Yiwu is based in the center of Zhejiang Province. Thanks to this location, Yiwu automatically became the best distribution center for most of the everyday products in the province. The location and accessibility of the city are the main reasons why Yiwu city is China’s most popular trading city. To put this into perspective, Yiwu is responsible for more than 12% of the total foreign trade recorded in China.

Besides the central location of the city within the Zhejiang Province, something else spurred the growth of this Chinese city, its close proximity to the industrious and populous Shanghai (one of the biggest of the four Chinese municipalities) and Hangzhou (the capital of Zhejiang, China’s most populous city located in East China). You can access Yiwu from any of these large trade districts via bus or train. With such convenience in transportation, it makes total sense to see rapid growth in a city like Yiwu.

Over the years, Yiwu city has formed numerous industrial clusters, which is the other reason for the rapid growth of this Chinese city. Among others, the leading industry clusters in the city include China Socks based in Zhuji City, Hardware Center located in Yong Kang City, Textile and Umbrella Center based in Shaoxing City, Plastic and Rubber Center based in Taizhou City, as well as the Plastic Machinery Center based in Ningbo City. These are only a few of the industrial clusters in Yiwu city, even as several other industrial centers keep opening up in the city.

In addition to the industrial clusters in Yiwu, the growth of Yiwu was also encouraged by the development opportunities around it. For starters, Yiwu is, actually a very legendary city that boasts a robust and sophisticated entertainment and cultural scenes. So, even when guys are not shopping, Yiwu offers a lot more for tourists to explore. Naturally, people learn about the commodities market and the simpler sourcing options in the city, and this encourages more business for the markets city.


About the Yiwu Wholesale Markets

If you wish to source for commodities from China, the first thing you will (or should) learn is that the city of Yiwu features uniquely clustered markets. These market clusters in the international trade city form the core of the market even though there are numerous other specialized streets and professional markets you could shop from. But even with the clusters and market differentiators, all the markets in the City somehow support each other, which makes shopping easier or more confusing, depending on how you look at things. So, even though Yiwu market is recommended as and regarded as the best international small commodities market to source products from, the truth is that those small commodities markets regarded as the top-rated Yiwu wholesale markets, are, in essence, more than 10 small commodities markets that you can buy products in wholesale from.

One of the most popular Yiwu wholesale small commodities markets you may have heard about is the largest and the most popular wholesale markets called the International Trade City.

What you might not know is that this International Trade City is actually located in Yiwu’s (Zhejiang Province’s) village called the Futian Village. This market is also called the Futian Market and to others, the Yiwu Wholesale Market or the International Trade City.

These are all names for one market, which is, as mentioned above, the largest of the wholesale small commodities market in Yiwu city.

To keep things going and to make other traders in the market happy, the Futian Market and the rest of the markets in this city supplement each other when it comes to product categories and suppliers.

The other markets, not close to or closely associated with the Futian market, are more of specialty product markers, and they often have the products absent from the Futian market. For instance, these specialty markets will have products like machinery, furniture, and even production materials; all missing from the Futian market.


Yiwu’s Specialized Streets

In addition to the market clusters and the independent markets, the large Yiwu city wholesale market also features specialized streets.

The specialized streets are essential elements of the Yiwu wholesale ecosystem since they offer buyers the chance to make purchases from the street business vendors instead of having to go deep into the Futian wholesale markets. These specialized street vendors often find themselves without selling booths in the main market, hence the move to the streets. These street vendors do not, however, have large product stocks.


Breakdown of the Futian Market

As mentioned above, the Futian Market is Yiwu city’s largest wholesale market for small commodities. What this means is that if you are planning to shop from the world’s largest small commodities wholesale market, you must have a map to guide you. Otherwise, you will spend days searching, and you could be duped on the busy streets.

Don’t forget that the Futian Markets refer to the International Trade City or the Yiwu Wholesale Market. For this article, we’ll use Futian Market and the International Trade City interchangeably.

That said, here are the top shopping districts you should know about.

1.International Trade City, Market District 1 (F1-F4)– Toys, Jewelry, Ornaments and Accessories, and Factory Outlets

2.International Trade City, Market District 2 (F1-F5)– Suitcases, Vehicles/ electric products/ hardware accessories, Kitchen and sanitary ware/ home appliances, Export agencies, Anhui Mall/ Sichuan Mall/ HongKong Mall/ Korean Mall, watches, electric appliances, etc.

3.International Trade City, Market District 3 (F1-F4) –Eyeglasses, Outdoor products/ cultural/ sports/ office/ stationery, Zippers and buttons/ beauty products, Factory outlets for beauty, apparels and sports.

4.International Trade City, Market District 4 (F1-F5) – Socks, Sewing items/ daily necessities like gloves/ knitted products/ earmuffs/ hats, Belts/ bras/ underwear/ scarfs, Tourism, and shopping center.

5.International Trade City, Market District 5 (F1-F5)–Garments, Knitting materials, beddings, auto accessories, and Online Services.

Popular Wholesale Markets in Yiwu

Before you start shopping or before you initiate any sourcing procedures, you need first to know the Wholesale markets, you will be buying from. You also need to remember that you have other options besides the wholesale markets, which means that you should be ready and willing to explore all the diverse markets in this Chinese city of Yiwu.

Some of the markets you should consider include:


1.Yiwu Futian Market

As mentioned above, the Futian market is the largest small commodities wholesale markets in Yiwu. It’s also the most famous of all the other markets in Yiwu, with more than 50,000 booths spread across the five market districts mentioned above, District 1- District 5. The popular product categories in the Futian Market include suitcases, toys, jewelry and accessories, bags, as well as small accessories.

This market is located at No.69 Chouzhou North Road.


2.Yiwu International Production Material Market

While the Futian market specializes in small commodities, the International Production Material market is where you go to if you are looking for furniture or machinery, as well as lighting and leather items.

The product categories include F1, F2, F3, and F4.

  • F1 features industrial electrical appliances, raw materials for printing, commercial, logistical equipment, as well as flower accessories.
  • F2 is a broader product category with items like printing and packaging machinery, food processing machinery, generation equipment, injection molding machines, power equipment, and cutting tools.
  • F3 covers commercial lighting equipment, home decoration lighting, LED lights/accessories, holiday lights, as well as outdoor lighting.
  • F4 has everything to do with leather.


3.Yiwu Furniture Market

Located at the core area, west of the city of Yiwu, the Yiwu Furniture market is a large-scale market for furniture. This market has been approved by the Yiwu City government, and it offers the highest-quality modern furniture, supporting facilities, and the best market environments in the entire Zhejiang Province.

The furniture sold in this market is also classified into different groups, to enhance your shopping experiences. These furniture categories include:

  • B2 this section has a common office and civil furniture
  • F1 has sofas, rattan art, software, glass furniture, hardware, as well as the supporting furniture service areas
  • F2 features children’s suites and modern boards
  • F3 has classical, European, solid wood, and mahogany furniture
  • F4 features fine furniture and space management furniture
  • F5 features home accessories area furniture, as well as decoration design companies, not to mention an entire business district.


4. Yiwu Huangyuan Clothing Market

This market is located in Yiwu city’s prosperous business circle of Xiu-Hu. The market boasts the biggest collection of the best quality/ professional clothing market. This market is based in the middle of Zhejiang, and it complements retail and wholesale businesses.

This market is located at the intersection of the Huangyuan Road and Jiangbin Middle Road.

The product categories include:

  • F1 specializing in jeans and pants
  • F2 features the best of men’s wear
  • F3 has women’s wear
  • F4 has sportswear, sweaters, pajamas, evening dresses, shirts, wedding dresses, and women’s clothing.
  • F5 has children’s clothes
  • F6 is the market with Korea-imported clothing.

5.Yiwu Digital Market

If you are looking for a dedicated retail business to buy items for individual usage, then you could opt for the digital market. The digital market has a lot to offer, but if you are interested in purchasing a huge order, you might have to go to Shenzhen for you your order.

The digital market is located at No.238 Binwang Road. Some of the items sold in this market include projectors and projection equipment, assembled computers, and branded laptops, among other electronic items.

6. Yiwu Communication Market

On No 211 Binwang Road, you will find the communication market. This market boasts the largest assortment of phones in the entire Futian Market. So, if you are interested in finding the best suppliers of phones in the Futian Market, the Communication Market is the best place for you to begin your shopping spree. The best part is that if you don’t have enough time to go to the Wholesale markets in Shenzhen, you can still make your wholesale purchases for digital cameras and mobile phones on this market.


7. Yiwu Material Market

Over the years, and with rising demand, the Yiwu Material Market is now one of the biggest large-scale markets for the best of building decoration materials, while also doubling as the leading distribution center for stone, aluminum, as well as ceramic products. This market is based on No. 199 Xicheng Road, and it boasts upwards of 350 booths.

This market also features four trading areas specific for ceramic, metallic materials, lighting hardware, and stone. But even with these four main trading categories, the market also engages in materials and items such as sanitary ware, granite, aluminum, ceramic, stainless steel, glass, plastic, lamps, steel, plumbing pipes, and hardware, among other Category 10 products.


8. Zhezhong Timber Market

The other big market in the Futian Market has got to be this Timber distribution market. The Zhezhong timber market represents the market with the highest grade and the largest volume of timber. This market is at the center/ middle of Zhejiang Province, and it boasts a three-level jump in its scale, grade, and structure, following decades of cultivation, as well as development.

This timber market is known for sawn timber processing and log trading, and it’s based on No. 266 Xicheng Road.


Specialized Streets in Yiwu Market

As mentioned above, not every supplier/ trader is able to set up shop in the main market, which is why they’ve set up shop along the streets. Yiwu’s specialized streets form an indispensable part of the Yiwu business, and they are an essential part of the Yiwu market ecosystem.

But given the huge number of street vendors, we’ll only highlight some of the specialized and important street vendors you might want to know about.

Below is an outline of the main product categories and the streets you can find them on.

  • The Overstock Market (Suitcases, clothing, toys, bags, stationery, and shoes, etc. – You can shop overstock items from Meihu Stock Street located North of Wuai Road or at the Wuai Stock Street that’s located South of Wuai Road.
  • Ornaments and Accessories – you can shop these from Changchun Ornament Streets 1-7 located at the intersection of Gongren North Road and Mall Avenue. You can also shop these items from Jinfuyuan or the Xingzhong Jewelry Street-based at the intersection of Chouzhou North Road and Chengbei Road.
  • Scarfs – you can shop scarfs from Futian District 3 at the intersection of Gongren North Road and Yinhai Road.
  • Bras and Underwear – you can shop these items from Huangyuan Bra & Underwear Street, located on Lane 6 of Huangyuan Road.
  • Furniture – If you are looking for furniture in the specialized streets, then you might want to head out to Zhanqian Furniture Street on No. 247 Chengzhong North Road.
  • Eyeglasses – You can shop for eyeglasses on Huangyuan eyeglasses streets located on No. 190 Jiangbin Middle Road.
  • Cosmetics & Beauty Products – The beauty and cosmetics products specialized street is easily the most popular of all the streets. The specialized street is Binwang cosmetics street based on No. 238 Binwang Road.
  • Leather – besides there being a leather market in the main Futian Market, you can still find leather and leather materials on Chengxin District 1, Opposite Gate 67 at Yiwu International Trade City along Chengxin Avenue.
  • Gifts, Culture, Calendars, and New Year Pictures – You can find these in the Sunshine Community, which is at the Intersection of Zongze Road and Gongren North Road.
  • Ceramics, Photo Frames, lighters, Cigarette sets, decorative Painting, oil painting – these items can be purchased from Zhaozhai Street, which is near No.16, ZhaoZhai Street 2.
  • Christmas Goodies – If shopping for Christmas goodies on the streets, you might want to go to No. 601 Chouzhou North Road. This specialized street is located near No 882 on Gongren North Road.


Now that you know where to buy different items from, let’s look at the sourcing processes and dealing with suppliers from the expansive Yiwu Markets.


Sourcing Products from Yiwu Markets and How to Deal with the Suppliers

Tips for finding Suppliers in the Wholesale Yiwu Market

  • Research

If you decide to make the trip down to Zhejiang Province, you need to make sure that you know how to best deal with the suppliers. And whether you are heading down to the market on your own or you have an agent or translator tagging along, you must research and take your time before you settle on a supplier.

While understanding or having a general idea of product categories and locations goes a long way in simplifying your search for the best suppliers and products, you need to be able to identify the best suppliers for you.

  • Find an agent

If you are in the Yiwu market for the first time, ever, you should consider finding an agent to guide you in your search. With the best agent by your side, it will be easier for you to find great or even similar suppliers to match your needs.

  • Find information online

Fortunately, the search for the best agents and suppliers is not that tough since you can access supplier information from different websites, including Yiwugo. This website offers comprehensive lists on the leading suppliers found in Yiwu market. Thanks to this online platform, you will have identified a few suppliers you could approach and even shop from. So, by the time you are going to the market, you have a general idea of who and what you are dealing with, and you can visit their specific booths once on the market, check out their products, get and try samples, and inquire about prices and whether you can land a better deal or not.


How to best communicate with suppliers in Yiwu Market

  • Product Pricing and Preferred Currency

Unless you learned Chinese in Middle School and were perfect in it, you should be ready for some big communication barriers. Though Yiwu Market is one of the largest markets in the world, the suppliers in this market and the streets know very little English, and most of them don’t understand a word of English. So, even when dealing with the suppliers who understand basic English, you need to either find an honest translator or be ready to use gestures. You don’t want to pay more for an item just because of communication breakdown. Therefore, in addition to simple terms like good, cheap, how much, and price, be ready to mimic things and, most importantly point to items with your finger once you are at a supplier’s booth.

The reason why we recommend the finger-pointing strategy is that once you point at an item, the supplier will show you the cost of the item on their calculator. The price you are shown is the price of the RMB. Here’s an important thing to take into consideration – the suppliers accept prices in RMB, and they will always reject prices quoted in US dollars. So, don’t go into the market with USD values in mind.

  • Stock Quantities

When communicating with the suppliers, you must also keep in mind that if you are buying stock in small quantities, you must carry cash to pay for the items. Your purchased items will be delivered to your hotel. Don’t forget to use simple terms when communicating.

  • Find a translator or an agent for complex information

If you are one of the shoppers who wish to know everything about a product before they order, say you’d like to understand the manufacturing process, development of a private label product, or how to customize the products, you should find a manufacturer.

A reliable translator will simplify communication with suppliers on the market, ensuring that you have all the information you needed about the product before you buy it. A translator costs between 200 and 300RMB/ day; which is equivalent to $30 and $50.

Keep in mind, however, that the translator will not help with inspections, orders, or deliveries once you leave the market.

Besides product descriptions, the translator could also take you around the wholesale market.

You can find an agent online or at the airport, or even from an advert at your hotel’s entrance.

  • You may need a sourcing agent

A translator introduces you to the market and ensures that your purchase process is simple. But as mentioned above, the translator is not there to help you with orders and deliveries. These are tasks completed by the sourcing agent.

A sourcing agent will help you out if you need to buy products in bulk, arrange shipment to your country, or customize products. Basically, you need a sourcing agent for everything that involves purchases and exports.


Dealing with Yiwu Market Suppliers

  • Simplify Your Supplier Selection with the Specialized Product Categories

One of the best ways for you to make sure that you save money and time is to understand what’s where in the Yiwu Market. As one of the largest global markets, there are districts with different products, and specific streets have certain product lines. Also, suppliers will be specialized in specific product categories, and you might find others dealing with products in different categories.

To avoid confusion, especially for bulk/wholesale purchases, opt for specialized suppliers. The other advantages of dealing with the specialized suppliers include their fair pricing, higher quality of products, product security, and these suppliers are well-informed when it comes to the products they sell.

Keep in mind that dealing with suppliers who deal with more than one product category means dealing with suppliers with connections to several multiple cooperative factories. These suppliers are not the most professional or knowledgeable of suppliers, in comparison with the specialized suppliers. Obviously, you wish to source for the best product quality, which means that the best you can do is to find and work with specialized suppliers.

  • Always confirm the quality of the products

Also, on quality is the fact that you must emphasize with your supplier your need for the best quality products, especially when you are ordering in bulk. Insist that you expect the quality of ordered products to be the same as the quality of the sampled pieces. Even when dealing with a specialized supplier, you must never assume that the quality of your bulk-ordered products will be similar to the quality of the sample – this doesn’t happen automatically. You need to double-check/ confirm the product quality with the suppliers at all times.

The worse that could happen if you assume that the supplier will do the right thing is that you will end up with products made of a different material than the one sampled, the weight, color, and size could also differ from the samples.

  • Price Negotiation

In addition to the consistency in product quality between samples and the actual products, the other important thing to learn when shopping from Yiwu wholesale markets is price negotiation.

Regarding price negotiations, you need to keep in mind that the prices will not differ as much, depending on the quantities ordered.

Overall, however, the pricing will be great if you order about 1000 pieces. In other cases, however, the supplier will only give you a small discount of between 3% and 5%.

While you will be tempted to ask your supplier if you will pay less or access a bigger discount of between 10% and 20% if you order 10,000 pieces, you need to go shopping knowing that you might only get a 3-5% discount for 10000 or 1000 pieces. Don’t go shopping with high discount expectations. You will be surprised.


Shipping Options from Yiwu to Your Home Country/ Destination

Besides its robust infrastructure, Yiwu city boasts one of the most developed logistical and transportation systems/ networks.

Some of the shipping options accessible from Yiwu city include Express Deliveries, Sea shipping, and air transportation.

  • Express Deliveries

If you are looking for the fastest means of deliveries from Yiwu to your home country, and by fast, we mean 3-5 business days, and delivery right to the door of the address provided, the express delivery is your best option.

The catch, however, is that with the express deliveries, come the high delivery fees. Therefore, we recommend settling for express deliveries if your order is small and for a high-value product such as electronic accessories, products, or watches.

So, should you contract the services of UPS, FedEx, or DHL? Well, although these are internationally acclaimed courier service providers, they are still expensive as they offer very small discounts on small individual items. Therefore, we recommend a Yiwu Express Agent. These agents are scattered throughout the Yiwu market, and your sourcing agent could recommend one. Though the express delivery agents offer small discounts as well, their rates are relatively lower than the express companies, and you could save up to 50% the quoted express cost.

  • Yixinou Railway

If you come from a country located along the Yixinou Railway line, you might want to have your order delivered to you via the Yixinou Railway. This railway line passes through Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, France, Germany, and Madrid.

The best part about the use of the railway line for product delivery is that it’s affordable and it will cost you half or even less the cost of transportation by air.

  • Freight Shipping

Besides rail and express shipping, your other option for transporting goods from Yiwu City to your country is by freight services. Whether you settle for air or sea shipping, you can arrange for freight shipping. All you need is access to the best freight forwarding companies, and you could find one in the Futian District or the Changchun District.

You should, however, be extra careful when selecting a freight forwarding company since some of the companies that claim to offer freight forwarding to your company might not actually offer the promised services. The problem with freighters that promise to deliver goods to any country in the world is that although they only ship to major countries, they are notorious for contacting the freight forwarders that actually ship to your country. What this means is that you will only end up with a very high price quote.

To avoid the loss of your products or getting conned, you should consider looking for a freight forwarding company that specializes in making product deliveries to your country. To be on the safest side and to have all the freighting costs managed in advanced, ask the company for a full product quote to your country. This quote should include the cost of custom clearance fees and other contingency fees.

If you don’t want shipping issues, especially if you come from the Middle East, Russia, Africa, or South America, you need to confirm that you are dealing with a freight forwarding company that’s actually based in your country because this company understand the custom rules and regulations in your company and are least likely to mislead you. Working with a freight forwarding company from your country also enhances communication.


Choosing the Best Yiwu Agent to Guide You in Your Purchasing and Exporting Journey

Besides thousands of suppliers in the world’s largest wholesale markets, the Yiwu market also presents another challenge if you have never been in the market – the purchasing agents are too many are confusing, and not all are trustworthy.

So, if this is your first time at Yiwu, you will be surrounded by hundreds of potential agents. Some of the agencies in Yiwu have upwards of 500 agents while the smaller agencies have about 5 or less agents. Besides the size of the agencies, these agencies also differ from each other depending on the number of the types of services they provide, their capacity and company resources. Thanks to these variations in size, services, and capabilities, there are General Service Type and the Value-added Service agencies.

Below, we look at how these agencies differ from each other.


  • General Service Type Agencies

These are the agencies that offer most of the common/ expected services, such as sample arrangement, product sourcing, and shipping arrangement.

Supplier Product Sourcing – Besides helping you search for the best product suppliers online; these companies could also accompany you to the wholesale market. Besides Yiwu, the best of these agents will take you to other markets around China, if you like.

Sample Arrangement – Should you require some revisions in your product orders, based on the products that are currently on the market, you could inform this supplier about your specific product requirements, leaving the product adjustments to your agent. This agent will also check the quality of the products before arranging for delivery. This agent will only arrange for delivery once the product customization processes are complete.

Shipping Arrangements – if you make orders from a single supplier or multiple suppliers, you could ask this agent to do the leg work – consolidation of different orders into a single consignment.


  • Value-Added Service Type Agents

These are the agents that offer additional services like free warehousing, quality inspection, and product development. One agent could facilitate all these services, or you could find one agent that offers all the services.

Things You Should be Aware of When Dealing with Yiwu Agents

  1. Changing suppliers – After confirming products with one supplier, the agents might change to a cheaper supplier, meaning that you will have poor quality products shipped.
  2. Request for kickbacks from suppliers – this often happens when shopping and the agent ask the supplier for a 2-5% kickback from the supplier. Since such negotiations are done in Chinese, you won’t know what’s happening.
  3. Forcing suppliers to lower/ cut the product prices – agents do this when they place your order, and unfortunately, you end up with poor quality products.


Things you should know about when shopping from Yiwu Market

  • Who owns the booths?

While some of the booths are owned by independent businesses, others are owned and run by manufacturers or their trading companies. The prices of products from the manufacturer-owned booths are often lower than the quoted prices at the factory.

  • Is the quality of products at Yiwu Market poor, as it’s alleged?

No. Most of the Made in Yiwu products are made from factories that adhere to the highest production standards.

While some poor-quality products get to the US and other markets, most of the products from Yiwu are of excellent quality.

Often, however, products sold to the developing countries are lower-quality goods.

  • Can large business owners buy products from Yiwu market?

While Yiwu market services small businesses, for the most part, this market is also the only market that services the biggest MOQs, meaning that you can shop from this market, whether you have a small or big business.

  • What is the difference between Yiwu and Ningbo, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen?

These three cities of Guangzhou, Ningbo, and Shenzhen are all huge coastal cities with large ports, and their location gives them an advantage over Yiwu. These port cities also have the largest professional trading companies known for their exceptional services.

Yiwu relies on Ningbo port, 200kms away for sea shipments. Even so, Yiwu is the largest wholesale market with everything you might need. Ningbo doesn’t have a market of its own; Shenzhen’s market is limited to electronics, while Guangzhou’s market is only known for clothing, jewelry, and accessories.


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