Jewelry Max Reviews in 2024 -You really Should Know

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Sourcing for wholesalers can be intimidating, especially if there aren’t many forums discussing the various brands. Here, while not endorsing the company, we’re giving a review of one such company, JewelryMax. We have taken a detailed look at the company, their website, and the products they offer, giving you feedback on what we liked and what can be improved.

We’ve equally gleaned different corners of the internet to find out what previous customers have to say about their experience. With the various testimonies and ratings given, you can gauge how well-rounded a company is. However, we do have to put the disclaimer that some of the feedback provided on various forums could be paid writers, bots, or staff asked to put in a review. Therefore, take all the information provided with a salt pitch and consider our recommendation on how to if JewelryMax is accurately depicted in said forums.

We do hope that this article sheds more light on the company and helps you make the personal decision of whether to work with JewelryMax or not.

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The brief introduction of JewelryMax  

JewelryMax is an internet-based fashion wholesaler based in Los Angeles, Southern California, USA. The company has been in existence since 2004 and has made a name for itself in the industry. Their primary purpose is to ensure customer satisfaction and is evident from their business approach.

The brand offers high-quality designs at competitive prices, meaning that their inventory moves; it’s not uncommon to find specific items out of stock. JewelryMax does take time to choose its product lines to appeal to a wide range of customers. One can get anything between high-end jewelry and cheap custom jewelry, all at wholesale prices.


Its official website

You can find the official website here. The site is quite colorful, and while that might appeal to some, it might be too bright and playful for others. The graphics are understandable; for the most part, you can claim that the website is professional. That aside, the platform is easy to navigate.

JewelryMax uses different photos to demonstrate what products they have, and once you click on the images, you are redirected to a page with the complete catalog. Otherwise, on the homepage, you find the typical tabs such as Home, About Us, Contact Us, along with Policy, My account, My Order, My Credit, and My Save Cart. It helps that they are at the top of the page and not at the bottom, as most other websites do.


What products are they selling?

Some of the items available are necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, brooches, key chains, watches, sunglasses, and other accessories such as fashion scarfs and hair accessories. For each of these items, you can click on the labeled images for an enlarged view to get a closer look at the jewelry’s features. Under each picture, there are also suggestions for other similar jewelry as well.

Apart from the various jewelry categories, JewelyMax has gone ahead and made the shopping experiences a lot easier with suggestions. For example, there are two different tabs: the Best Selling Jewelry We Love and Best Review & Most Requested Products. If you’re unsure of where to start or to know what to avoid, you can use these tabs as a reference point. They are, however, indeed some unique pieces that are worth considering.

There’s also easy access to New Arrivals, Restock, New Top Sellers, and All-Time Best Seller to get ideas of what customers love. Not many brands have taken the time to curate their best products for a better shopping experience. What’s more, there are ratings on the various products, so you know what other customers thought about the same item. The higher the rating, and the number of people sharing their feedback, the more assurance you have regarding the quality.


The features of JewelryMax products

The website is designed differently from other mainstream companies, whereby the jewelry is not placed under each type, for example, earrings, bangles, pendants, and chains, but instead under different themes. Let’s have a look at what they do have.

Do note that you’ll have to shuffle through the different categories if you’re looking for something more specific such as a bracelet. If you have a theme in mind, you’re good to go, but those wishing to expand their variety will find the process cumbersome. You may have to shop with several tabs opened, looking for what to add to your cart.

Happy Mother’s Day: Whether necklaces, bracelets, charms, or earrings, you can get all things’ mum’ themed in this collection, including jewelry with endearing terms such as “mama bear” and accompanying imprint of the same.

Happy Spring: This playful category appeals to those who love springtime features such as flowers and bugs. There are necklaces with playful pendants, but some adopt a more mature take to animals, such as their wasp-themed pendants.

Trendy & Modern: Here, you’ll find that the design approach is mainly minimalistic and straightforward. Essentially, if you’re looking for stylish everyday wear but with unique takes on the same, this is the category to look at.

Christian Jewelry: This collection is comprised chiefly of crosses, with some bearing various messages such as blessed, love, and faith.

Metal Craft: In this category, you get seasonal wearable handcrafted alloyed metal with a retro and rustic finish.

The beach is my happy place: shells, charms, turtles, starfish, shell bead, and the like: these are the types of themed items you can expect to get here.

White gold plating: This particular category only has necklaces, and it’s a good place if you’re interested in inexpensive neckwear. There is equally a large variety of pendants made from crystals to choose from.

Handmade Craft Jewelry: Looking for anything leather? Head over to this part of the website. There are quite a few magnetic bracelets and a wide variety of leather teardrop earrings.

Tropical Vibes: Earrings and pendants with flamingoes, palm trees, pineapples, and other aspects that remind you of a tropical island, including one with cacti, can be found here.

Beads and Stones: JewelryMax primarily has earrings and bracelets made from beads, glass, and semi-precious stones.

Chunky Metal Chain: The brand brings chunky chains and bracelets back in style, ideal for those looking to be both old-school and retro. Since the metal is not mentioned, it’s safe to assume they are all made from an alloy.

High Polish Finish: This category is broad when it comes to designs, but what you’ll mostly get are bracelets with various styles, all with a shine. Again, the metal isn’t stated; one can assume the items are made from a high alloy finish.

Pros and cons of JewelryMax

No entity is perfect, and branding it as such would be unwise. It requires a close look at all aspects of the company and looking at the top things that stand out. Let’s look at what’s to love about JewelryMax, and areas they can potentially improve on.



Customer feedback: The company has allowed for a rating system for its products. That means you can see the number of people who reviewed the product and the average star rating. That’s fantastic feedback to have, especially if you’re a new vendor and unsure about the overall quality of the same products.

Convenient item coding: Just as you have bar codes in store-bought items, something similar gets used on the JewelryMax. Adding items is all done quickly (you have to log in), but if you want to ask a question about a particular product, you can easily copy the code and get the assistance or opinion you need. There are product labels, but the coding system may work better for most.

Flat shipping rate: At the top of the website, the JewelryMax has an $8.50 flat shopping rate, which is welcome if you’re making large orders. What’s more is that if you spend over $200, you get free shipping, though that’s based on your location. Either way, knowing that you’re offered free shipping means that the brand does care about keeping your business costs manageable.

Dropshipping available: If you’re not keen on purchasing and storing inventory, then you’ll be happy about the dropshipping alternative. In essence, all you have to do is sell, and they will ship to your customers. The minimum cost is $5.0 and $0.5 for each item, which is quite affordable for a starting price. Your part will be marketing products, which is a better use of your time.

Customer support: The website has conveniently placed Live Chat and Text Us icons at the top of the page. Again, this is an excellent idea since you don’t have to scroll to the bottom of the page to get the help you need.



You have to log in: As with many other jewelry sites, you have to create an account to get access to the pricing and the cart. What’s better than other places is you don’t have to share your company and bank details with them; you do that when you’re making a purchase. California residents do need to provide a fax or email of seller’s permit for tax purposes.

They don’t have an active phone line: While we’d talked about the text and IM icons’ convenient placement, the company doesn’t provide a working number. That is incredibly inconvenient for those who need to make instant changes to their orders before payment gets processed or products get shipped. Emails aren’t also always responded to promptly.


Should You Do business with them?

The issue with trying to verify businesses’ legitimacy, such as JewelryMax, is that very few (less than 10) reviews are available online. Looking through the various platforms, you’ll find some written feedback, but most people opt to rate it. Overall, we can predict that across the different forums, the final tally would be a 4/5, which is still decent. However, there are some scathing reviews that we have to address.

There are two instances where customers accused the company of horrible customer service and being dishonest and fraudulent. For one person, they did not get their shipment after many weeks, with their emails going answered. The other complained of canceling an order within the allocated time to avoid getting billed, but the payment went through anyway.

Again, emails went answered a couple of days until they contacted the owner, who blamed the cancellation problem for a glitch in the website. They offered no solution to the matter and proceeded to hang up. The customer was angry (the post is in all caps), and despite how a customer talks, it doesn’t reflect well on the brand for the company owner to end a call unceremoniously after equally being rude.

These two posts are the most detailed. Though praising the company, the others sound generic and don’t help create a better picture of one’s experience. However, when you balance the two, the ratings are pretty acceptable despite the dissatisfaction rate. Keep this in mind before engaging the company. Try their point of contact first and make your own judgment on if you should do business with them.



The industry is flooded with jewelry companies, and JewelryMax, based out of Los Angeles, California, is no different in carving out its niche. Their website isn’t quite anything to write about in terms of the interface, but they are pretty helpful in curating their products. Having customers rate the jewelry items they’ve bought is also a nice touch.

However, an area the company would do well is establishing a direct line, sharing on their website, and showing working hours. Otherwise, they ought to be on top of their game when it comes to responding to emails. Sure, fast shipping has been cited as a plus for the company, but an email isn’t necessarily a timely communication tool when you’re in trouble.

Overall, the brand is still worth giving a try, owing to their friendly prices and fast shipping too

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