21 Small Jewelry Business Ideas You Can Start in 2023

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Are you looking for small jewelry business ideas? Jewelry will never go out of fashion, as it has been there for centuries. With this, it is easy to start a jewelry business and succeed.

With the increase in demand and changes in trends in 2023, many under-explored business opportunities have come up.

If you are interested in starting a small jewelry business and need to know which type of jewelry to deal with, read on, as I will list 21 of the best jewelry business you can start in 2023.


21 Small Jewelry Business Ideas

1. Personalized Jewelry

This is another good jewelry business idea you can start in 2023. A piece of personalized jewelry can be worn to remember someone else or as a sign of love.

This type of jewelry can also be used to gift a loved one. Before venturing into this business, it is important to establish your target consumers.

Some of the personalized jewelry you can make includes bracelets and necklaces.

The best thing about personalized jewelry is that different people would want to use different materials of their choice to be used in their jewelry. This will give you a comprehensive knowledge of the most kind of material most people prefer and maximize it.

small jewelry business ideas

2. Beaded Jewelry

Beaded jewelry is another lucrative jewelry business you can start. More people are open to encompassing beaded jewelry in their fashion, which is a good thing.

This type of jewelry business is ideal if you are a seller with skills or talent in making beads.

However, you can also start this business and source your beaded jewelry from somewhere else and resell them as they are or customize them to make them more unique.

Examples of beaded jewelry you can sell include beaded earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. You can use many materials to make your beaded jewelry, including glass, plastic, stone, and even wood.

small jewelry business ideas

3. Anklet jewelry

Anklet jewelry is a type of jewelry that women mostly wear on their ankles.

If you live in a majorly warm area or the temperatures are hot, consider starting this type of jewelry business.

You can make and sell these jewelry pieces around summertime to maximize your sales. There is one perfect material that is ideal for making this kind of jewelry, and that is hemp material. Hemp is the best material, as you can easily braid it into several knots.

You can also use other quality materials such as silver, leather, and nylon.


4. Costume watches

Costume watches are another great jewelry business you can start in 2023, as it has become common among the modern generation. Most people prefer receiving and gifting each other with costume watches as they can be customized to any beautiful design. You can use different types of materials to make your costume watches, such as silver, platinum, and gold.


5. Zodiac jewelry

For the past few years, people have made themselves familiar with the month they were born and have tried to make it more special by buying or gifting each other items related to their zodiac signs. For instance, if you were born in March, you can buy a piece of custom-made jewelry related to the Pisces zodiac sign.

As a jewelry business owner, you can take advantage of this trend and make beautiful zodiac jewelry, as this type of jewelry is always in demand. Typical examples of zodiac jewelry may include bracelets, necklaces, and rings.


6. Luxury Jewelry

This is one section of the jewelry business you can start as a small owner. Luxury jewelry, usually made from natural diamonds and gold, is rare, and businesses that have it always need more stock.

This jewelry business is best if you have high-end clients that prefer not any other jewelry but precious natural stones like gold.

Although this might be expensive for a small business owner at first, it pays eventually. Gold or diamond are some of the best materials for this kind of jewelry business, as you want the quality to speak for itself.


7. Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewelry is another perfect business you can start since vintage pieces are very expensive and can give you great returns.

You do not have to start making this kind of jewelry from scratch, as you can resell them from thrift stores or an online auction. Some of the most loved vintage jewelry pieces include rings, necklaces, or bracelets.

small jewelry business ideas

8. Eco-friendly jewelry

As most people seek to raise environmental safety awareness, they are looking to venture into every possible place, including the kind of jewelry they put on.

Starting an eco-friendly jewelry business will be advantageous as you will open a market with the most wanted products. You can focus on making this type of jewelry from recycled materials such as sea glasses, bicycle chains, cans, and soda bottles. Your eco-friendly jewelry can include anklets, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.


9. Resin jewelry

Resin jewelry is another type of small business jewelry you can start. This is a good business for a small business owner, as it is relatively cheap and can bring much money when sold.

You can use different materials, from small shells and flowers, to make this jewelry. Epoxy resin is another beautiful crystal that can be used to make resin jewelry.

You can also use different decorations to make your jewelry more appealing to customers. The most popular resin jewelry is a pendant.


10. Shell Jewelry

Shell jewelry is also another magnificent jewelry idea you can start in 2023. Shells are known to be unique in their color and texture, making them more appealing to wear.

This type of jewelry business will do better in coastal locations where there are many tourists from every part of the world. Examples of jewelry business items you can make include earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. If you are looking forward to starting this kind of jewelry business and are wondering where to get your shell from, do not worry.

You can get most of your shells from the beach by digging deep into the sand or searching for them after a low tide on the ocean’s shores. You can use oysters, molluscs, or conch shells to make your jewelry.


11. Pendants

Pendants are other rising jewelry that both males and females have embraced. This kind of jewelry can be made in different shapes, from stars, ovals, or even a circle.

You can start this jewelry business by focusing on people in the younger age brackets, like teens, as your targeted market. This is one of the highest-paying jewelry businesses as it allows you to diversify your product shapes and sizes, making it unique from any other kind of jewelry.

You can use popular materials to make these pendants, including plastics, wood, or copper.

small jewelry business ideas

12. Handmade Jewelry

This is another excellent small jewelry business you can start, as people are starting to appreciate the art of this type of jewelry. This jewelry business is perfect if you have the talent or skill to make unique jewelry items. First, you can try selling these jewelry items to your close friends for their opinion. Materials you can use to make this kind of jewelry are silver, platinum, and gold.


13. Silver Jewelry

Silver is one of the popular materials used in jewelry making. Silver jewelry is a good business idea silver as it is cheaper than diamond or gold and, therefore, can bring you more profit. Many people prefer silver jewelry, which goes well with most skin tones.


14. Customized engraved jewelry

Customized engraved jewelry is a great jewelry business you can start in 2023. You can start making this jewelry by customizing handwritten messages and casting them on a metal replica.

You can focus this business on couples or relatives who love putting on jewelry given to them as gifts.

One thing about customized jewelry is that you work with different materials according to a client’s preference. Materials you can use include wood, plastic, stones, and crystals. Examples of jewelry you can make include necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

small jewelry business ideas

15. Polished wooden jewelry

The polished wooden jewelry business is rare in the jewelry industry, although it is starting to rise.

You can use this opportunity and venture into this type of jewelry business, as a few jewelry business owners run it.

This jewelry business will be more profitable if you have a skill or knowledge of wood that can be used for jewelry.

Since this is a piece of wooden jewelry, you will only have to work with wood as a material.


16. Smart jewelry

Smart jewelry is another great small jewelry business idea you can start.

Many people are more concerned about their health and want to watch their weight, heart rate, and stress levels. You can begin by making smartwatches, rings, and even pendants that monitor any of the above issues.

The best materials to make this kind of jewelry include stainless steel and plated 18k gold. You can also use expensive metals such as diamond and gold to make smart jewelry.


17. Women’s necklaces

Women’s necklaces are among the most sold jewelry as most women own them.

You can make this jewelry from scratch or order the pre-made ones and customize them with your desired designs.

Since there are different classes of women, you can venture into expensive and cheap women’s necklaces to capture a wider market.

small jewelry business ideas

18. Special jewelry made from ashes

Jewelry made from a loved one’s ashes or hair is becoming more popular, making it a great business idea to consider starting.

This type of jewelry is made by trapping a loved one’s ashes inside any jewelry material of choice. These are sentimental and are becoming a trend in 2023.


19. Religious Jewelry

This type of jewelry is also becoming popular among different religious groups. For instance, you can venture into producing cross necklaces specifically for Catholics.

You can also research other religious groups’ symbols and focus on that. Most of this religious jewelry is usually made from wood and plastic.

You can import this jewelry from somewhere else and resell them or create them from scratch with unique designs.


20. Children’s Jewelry

While most people may think that jewelry is only meant for adults, kids also look good in jewelry.

This is a good business idea to start in 2023, as parents are more open about their children putting on jewelry.

The most common type of children’s jewelry is bracelets and hair pins. One thing you should consider when venturing into this type of jewelry business is to familiarize yourself with the colors that most kids love.

Most girls love the color pink, while boys prefer the color blue. Since children’s skin tends to be a little more sensitive, it is best to use materials that are friendly to their tender skin. Some materials you can use to make children’s jewelry include 14k yellow gold, 925-sterling silver, crystals, and stones.

small jewelry business ideas

21. Statement Jewelry

This is another good jewelry business idea to start, as more people are now confident in their looks and want to be outstanding. Statement jewelry is bold and authentic and should be made with very bright colors to be attractive. However, you should remember that women mostly wear this kind of jewelry, so it is better to establish a target market first.

However, men are slowly picking up the pace on this trend.

The best thing about this kind of jewelry is that you can create different metals, including gold, silver, brass, or even platinum. Stainless steel and aluminum are also suitable materials to make these jewelry pieces.



Starting a jewelry business in 2023 can be easy if you find your target market and the right materials to start.

Different people love different kinds of jewelry, making this a wide market to trade in. If you have been gifted, you can decide to make your own jewelry from scratch and sell it.

You can also buy and resell these jewelry at a cheaper price from thrift stores.

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