Where to Buy Wholesale Jewelry from in China in 2023?

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When working on your business strategy, one of the most important parts is the source of your products. Where will you seek stock at a price that makes it easy to break even and make a profit? China has for the longest time been the go-to place for entrepreneurs due to various factors.


Why is China a Popular Source?

Well, many reasons make China a preferred destination, among them the following.

  • Pocket-friendly

Just like every other entrepreneur, you are looking to make a profit from your trade and so you want to source from the most reasonably priced wholesaler without compromising quality. China meets this need.

Where to Buy Wholesale Jewelry from in China

  • Variety is Spice

If variety is really the spice of life, then you really need to source from a wholesaler that gives you plenty of options. Being as China has many makers of both luxurious and costume jewelry, you can count on getting a little of everything.


  • Easy Shipping

Whether you wish to work with manufacturers directly to bring your designs to life or want to buy ready-made jewelry, it is prudent that you find a dealer that will make shipping bliss. Makes no sense to have your merchandise held in sea for months. AliExpress and other forms of shipping take care of cargo leaving China.

Before settling with one online or offline jeweler, you would reap better rewards from checking a few brands to be sure which has the best prices and uses your material of choice. Even better is the fact that most of the makers will allow you to present your preferred designs that they can work with and then you will agree on the timeline.

So, this is where to buy wholesale jewelry from in China. They are online stores but you get to see and confirm merchandise through various online channels before making your purchase.

Where to Buy Wholesale Jewelry from in China

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1. Alibaba – Known Worldwide

Someone would have to be living in a hole to not have heard of this globally-renowned online platform. Launched in 1999, this online platform does not really have its own stocks; rather it works with suppliers all over the world as a site where they can sell their merchandise.

The best thing anout Alibaba is the variety you have in terms of jewelry as well as suppliers. After identifying one you would like to work with, you simply start the conversation and establish a connection.

Where to Buy Wholesale Jewelry from in China

2. Nihaojewelry – High Quality

This online giant not only has its own production factory, but it also sells its jewelry in wholesale and has great shipping services. If you wish for the company to bring your designs to life, you will just present them and agree on when delivery will be made. Thanks to impressive quality controls, this organization ensures delivery of high-quality goods. A little downer is that their process are not the best but you can negotiate for a discount depending on the size of your order.

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Where to Buy Wholesale Jewelry from in China

3. JewelryBund – Variety

While most jewelry makers simply ape what is already on the market or replicate what they have been doing for years, JewelryBund is different. The organization’s designers are always working to update trends that make them leaders in the industry. They also make jewelry on order and in bulk, so you can work directly with them and their topnotch drop-shipping.


4. SOQ Jewelry – Unique Pieces

This brand is relatively new in the block being as it was established in 2012, but that hasn’t prevented it from competing with bigger names.

What makes this brand stand out is its strategy of netting both luxury and wholesale costume jewelry consumers. The product is high-quality and the prices are quite reasonable.


5. Chinabrands – For Low Prices

Operating just like Alibaba, Chinabrands specializes in costume jewelry. The prices are some of the most reasonable you will find, but the pieces could be a little uninspired. Since you can consult a specific jeweler, you have the option for having jewelry made to your liking and designed as per your wishes. Because there are so many jewelers on the site, you will still have some of the best prices for your retail business.

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Where to Buy Wholesale Jewelry from in China

Offline Jewelry Wholesalers in China

Not all wholesale jewelers in China are online-based. Some of them have been trading offline for the longest time and are only now venturing online.

1. Guangdong Xuping Jewelry Co. Ltd

Guangdong Xuping Jewelry has been in the jewelry business since 1991, within which time it has built a strong brand.

The company manufactures and sells jewelry in China and all over the world after successfully applying the differentiation strategy. The company makes both luxurious and costume jewelry.


2. Yiwu Jewelry Market

If you want to get the best prices for your pieces, look no further than Yiwu Jewelry Market.

Located on the second floor of the International Trade City, this market will give you all the options you need for jewelry.

With over 2,0000 stalls, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to jewelry selection. The jewelers here have all sorts of jewelry, but the focus is on costume jewelry.

Shipping can also be arranged with individual stall owners.

Where to Buy Wholesale Jewelry from in China

3. Qingdao H&H Jewelry Co. Ltd

When in Qingdao, check into Qingdao H&H Jewelry Co. Ltd for an extensive selection of jewelry of various prices and make.

This company, located in Japan Industrial Park, has been at it since 2006, but in this time it has built a name for itself among jewelry wholesale buyers.

The prices are a little higher since the company is focused on higher-end clientele, but you will get high quality products for your money.

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Where to Buy Wholesale Jewelry from in China

Lots of Options

These stores and brands are not the only ones in China, but they are some of the best-known with the highest quality and price.

The product is not limited to costume jewelry, but more expensive pieces are available too.

Once you establish a dealer and build a relationship, you no longer have to travel across nations to China to make new selections as you can always choose from an online catalogue and have your merchandise delivered to your doorstep.

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