Ruby Imports Reviews in 2024-Read This Before Doing usiness With Them

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Starting a jewelry business is demanding, and for your business to thrive, you’ll need to find the right supplier. There are tons of options in the market, and knowing the right one is not straightforward. Ruby Imports is one of the wholesalers in the US market that has made a name for itself.

What makes them stand out is the hundreds of products they have under each jewelry line, something that not many wholesalers in the USA offer. Ruby Imports is a B2B, working with other businesses to provide goods at a wholesale price. They take their customers seriously, ensuring that they get the best service available. The company does require you to become a member to enjoy what they have to offer.

Here, we are going to look at the brand and what they have available. We’ll break down their various jewelry lines and look at the good and what can be better. Overall, this article will allow you to make an informed decision as to whether you can do business with Ruby Imports.

Let’s get started!

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The brief introduction of Ruby imports

Ruby Imports is a family-owned jewelry and accessories wholesaler based in Memphis, US. As per the website, the company states they are dedicated to offering excellent customer experiences that can lead to long-term loyalty and growth in their customer base. It is evident from their branding that they are committed to customer satisfaction and ensuring they providing products they are confident their customers will love. What’s more, Ruby Imports is more than happy for comments and suggestions on how to improve their business.

The minimum order to transact with the brand is $50, which is lower than some other alternatives. Overall, the company aims to provide the lowest prices to keep the customers coming back. Ruby Imports also offers discounted shipping rates along with limited-time seasonal rates. That, coupled with their fantastic customer service, helps rank the company highly.

Its official website

You can find the Ruby Imports official website here. From there, you can navigate their various product lines and see what you like. The site is easy to navigate since the multiple items are categorized and easy to spot. You can also browse for various things based on new arrivals, styles, colors, what’s been restocked, and available sales. The interface is relatively bright and not the best for those with visual difficulties.

Interacting with the website, that is, checking prices and making a purchase, requires you to join as a new member. If not, you’re locked out and won’t access other aspects such as the clearance sales. Essentially, knowing how much something goes for requires you to submit personal and business information. They ask for your email address, your account information, including your name, company name, business tax ID, physical address, phone number, and website.

Based on the requirement, it is evident that Ruby Imports only works with registered businesses, especially since you have to submit your account number and tax ID. Suppose you’re a start-up that yet to legitimize their business, then you’re not in luck. Therefore, before getting in touch with the company, ensure that you have the requirements. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to look elsewhere.


What products are they selling?

Ruby Imports has quite an array of product lines, making them a one-stop-shop for many products. As per the website, the company works with “Wholesale fashion jewelry, seasonal fashion jewelry, corporate gifts, beaded jewelry, fashion handbags, wedding gifts, prom accessories, themed jewelry, charm jewelry, antique, designer looks, holiday themes, sterling silver, Austrian rhinestone, Victorian, Swarovski, shell, ceramic stones, Italian glass beads, patina, natural turquoise stones, cubic zirconium, Lucite beads, freshwater pearl bracelets, bangles, toggles, necklace sets, pendants, pins, brooches, earrings, chandelier earrings, rings, watches, men’s watches, hairpins, hair clips, tiaras, scarves, shawl, gloves, purses, bags.”


The features of their products

Necklace sets: The brand has over 550 different alternatives for their necklace and earring sets. Some of the materials used include rhinestone crystal, faux sued, aged finished metal, faux leather, metal leaf, glass pearl, freshwater pearl, beads, metal casting, crystal stone, and much more. Overall, these sets are considered fashion jewelry, made from inexpensive materials and largely alloyed metals.

Necklaces: Most of the necklaces available are about the same length but with various pendant themes. Some of those available include animals, butterfly, cross, elephant, heart, horseshoe, ladybug, leaf, lion, owl, peace, snake, peacock, and starfish. The type of metal used is unclear, but you can also find non-mental necklaces such as the freshwater pearl, cubic zirconia pearl, glass beads, cowrie shell, glass stone, to mention a few. There are also body chains and chokers available. In total, the necklace collection has over 1000 options.

Bracelets: The bracelet selection is just as impressive as you’ll find every bracelet design imaginable. You’re almost assured that you’ll get the right collection or you from the over 1000 designs available for someone purchasing wholesale. There are bead and metal designs to choose from. For the beads, the bangle designs available are a stretch, bangle, toggle, link, chunky, crystal stone, glass bead, Lucite bead, mesh ball, natural stone, pearl, shell, and Shamballa. The metal designs are mostly similar, except for glass bead and leather. There are various themed bracelets to choose from as well. They include animals, butterflies, flowers, crosses, hearts, horse shoe, ladybug, leaf, metal chains, and peace.

Earrings: With over 2000+ earrings in the collection, you’re better off using the filter to find what you’re looking for; otherwise, you’ll spend many hours narrowing down to what you want. The types of earrings available include beads, clip-on, crystal stone, epoxy, fish hook, glass bead, hoop, natural stone, mash ball, pearl, shell, wooden, and post pin. There are equally several themes similar to those of the necklace and bracelet collections.

Rings: The rings available comes in sizes between six and nine; therefore, be sure to take the correct measurements if you’re making a personal purchase. Otherwise, for a retailer, the measurements will cater to a wide variety of clientele. There are 180 alternatives to choose from. The types available include stretch, chunky, crystal stone, epoxy, glass bead, Lucite bead, metal casting, natural stone, rhinestone, shell, and pearl. The theme design compliments the other jewelry collections.

Pendants: For a brand that prides itself on variety, the two types of pendants available are incredibly underwhelming. One only gets to choose from a cat pin pendant and a metal casting pendant and pin. Even so, that’s not entirely problematic since almost all necklaces come with charms.

Brooches: There are 180 different brooches to choose from, each appealing to various tastes. There are quite a few holiday-themed brooches, including Halloween and Christmas. If you like sports, music, and Texas, you’ll certainly get something.

Anklets: Even with 25 options available, the anklets Ruby Imports has on stock are impressive. They include metal ball bead, Cuban link chain, glass stone beads, and primarily rhinestone.


Other products

Ruby Imports has more to offer its clients. Other product lines they have include apparel, watches, bags, hair accessories, belts, tiaras, scarves, vests, ponchos, hats and caps, sunglasses, reading glasses, body chains, key chains, and other odds and ends.

To keep up with the changes we’re living through, and the brand has stepped up to help fight the pandemic. The company has expanded and now sells masks, face shields, scarfs, sanitizers, and gloves.


Pros and cons of Ruby imports

Let’s take a look at what’s to love about Ruby Imports and areas they can improve on.


Ruby Imports is doing several things right: let’s explore.

The expansive selection of products: Ruby Imports has an impressively wide variety of products under each jewelry category. Any retailer is indeed spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding what to stock up on. This immense selection attracts all kinds of people, and each assured that they’d get what they need. Overall, the company caters to a large demographic whether they are interested in jewelry or apparel.

Excellent customer service: True to their word, Ruby Imports does pride itself in creating an excellent customer experience. Most online reviews praise the company for their customer service, feeling valued, and having their needs met. It is clear that any comment or feedback is welcomed, and it’s something the company adopts to offer excellent service continually.

Fast shipping: Getting your products in a timely fashion is essential in any company, and it’s no different with jewelry. Getting your stock on time is critical if you want to gain and retain customers. The no-hustle nature of it makes Ruby Imports a good go-to wholesaler.

Reasonable pricing: While you have to log in to see the pricing, it is largely agreed that the items’ collection is reasonably priced for their market value. That means a retailer can buy wholesale and still break even and make a profit. It is their pricing that has allowed the company to remain relevant for almost a decade.



No brand is perfect, and here are some things Ruby Imports can improve on.

Forced registration: Ruby Imports does not display the item prices when you visit the website. To know who much something costs, you have to log in. Not everyone is comfortable with this, especially if you’re searching for a wholesaler. Having to give your personal information such as your name, email, and account number to know the price is not always best practice, and that aspect can deter some potential. It’s equally not acceptable knowing that your account number and other details are available with a merchant that you may end up not purchasing from.

Limited reviews: While not entirely problematic, there aren’t many reviews online that give the company’s current nature. A lot of the content available is from eight years ago, and even so, it’s only ratings and no actual feedback as to the company itself. For those who prefer to get a fuller picture of a company, this might be a drawback. Ruby Imports should consider encouraging all their customers to provide feedback for their services.


Should You Do business with them?

Based on the review online, it is agreed that Ruby Imports are an excellent company to do business with. Customer reviews from Birds Eye and Google rate the company at 4.4 out of 68 reviews and 4.8 out of 21 reviews, respectively. No one company is perfect, but based on the ratings, one can agree that anything about a 4 out of 5 stars is more than acceptable.

Even as we’ve covered the cons, it’s worth creating an account and interacts with the website to find what you need. With 500 to 1000 different items under each category, you’re bound to find the right kind of jewelry for you. It may be overwhelming, but it’s generally better than being limited. While the pricing is termed as reasonable, some will find the items pricier than their alternatives.



Ruby Imports is a company you can consider working with, thanks to their excellent customer service and an incredible variety of jewelry and accessories. With over 15 product lines, you’re more than likely to get what you need to stock up on your retail business. It’s also impressive that the brand has also moved to sell a variety of masks to combat Covid-19. While they are for-profit, it shows that they are adjusting to meet current demand.

While there might be cheaper wholesalers, it’s worth looking into what’s available before making the call to opt-out. Even so, it is your budget and target market that will determine if the company is the right fit for you.

Overall, they are worth giving a try given the sheer number of unique merchandise they have that’s bound to impress your customers. However, that’s only applicable if you do have a legitimate business where you can provide an account number and a business tax ID, which in itself locks out a particular demographic.

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