What Is The Best Time To Post Jewelry on Instagram?(With Tips)

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Do you have a jewelry business and want to grow your business’s online presence? You are probably doing a lot of research on how efficiently you can post to get the most views and likes. So many people with successful Jewelry businesses were at one point in your shoe.

And when in this position, you are curious to know the best time to post Jewelry to attract traffic.

Other than posting time, you might also want to know the tips to use when starting a jewelry business on Instagram.

This post shares the best time to post your Jewelry on Instagram and how to post them to attract traffic. Read on!


What is the best time to post Jewelry on Instagram?

The best time to post Jewelry on Instagram is on weekdays between 10 AM and 12 noon or off-work hours between 8–9 AM, 11 AM-1 PM, and 7–9 PM. However, posting time also varies depending on several factors.

The Best Time To Post Jewelry on Instagram

If you are trying to grow your Jewelry business page, then you will have to go with research that has established the time in which engagement is high on Instagram. However, if your business page has already grown and you have a substantial number of followers, then you have studied when your audience is most likely online, and that is when you should post.

Furthermore, the best time to post on Instagram varies depending on the day. However, you should not go a day without posting your Jewelry because consistency is what attracts a long-time audience. Generally, here are some guidelines that will help you determine what the best time for you to post on Instagram is;

  1. Post during weekdays
  2. Post during off-work hours
  3. Post depending on seasonal trends
  4. Post during breaks

As stated above, the best time to post your Jewelry on Instagram may vary depending on your specific audience and the type of content you are posting. It’s important to test different posting times and track your engagement rates to find the optimal posting schedule for your business.

The Best Time To Post Jewelry on Instagram

Why this time is the best time to post Jewelry on Instagram?

You might ask yourself why you can’t just post at any time; here is why the time mentioned above are the best to post your Jewelry on Instagram;

1. During weekdays

Weekdays tend to have higher engagement rates than weekends. According to studies, the best days to post on Instagram are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Research also indicates that most people start their weeks’ hard-on on Monday. By the time it is around noon, or a few hours to (10-12 noon), they are taking a break and looking at their Instagram. This is the time to post and capture the attention of thousands of people on social media and make your business known to them.

Furthermore, engagement on Instagram is quite high on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. Therefore, if you post your Jewelry between 8 and 10, so many people might have the opportunity to interact with your pieces.


2. During off-work hours

Post when people are likely to check their phones during their break or after work. The most popular times are 8–9 AM, 11 AM-1 PM, and 7–9 PM.

It’s also important to consider your target audience, their time zone, and seasonal trends that may affect their behavior.

Optimizing your posting schedule can increase your engagement rates, attract more followers, and ultimately grow your business on the platform.

The Best Time To Post Jewelry on Instagram

3. Consider seasonal trends

Consider seasonal trends and holidays that may affect your audience’s behavior. For example, posting holiday-themed Jewelry during the holiday season may be more effective.

Additionally, on some holidays when most people are home, engagement on Instagram tends to be high.

You should exploit that opportunity and create as much content as you can for your jewelry business and post.


4. Posting during breaks

Posting during breaks, such as lunchtime from 11 AM to 2 PM and 5–7 PM, is optimal because people tend to check their social media during breaks or downtime, such as during their commute or lunchtime.

Additionally, many people browse Instagram in the evenings when relaxing at home after work.

Therefore, during such times, your content will have more engagement.

The Best Time To Post Jewelry on Instagram

How to post Jewelry on Instagram that gets more clicks

1. Use high-quality images

What you post is everything! Research indicates that high-quality content gains more traffic and engagement.

Customers interact and click on content that clearly captures every aspect of what you are selling.

Therefore, use high-resolution images that showcase the Jewelry’s details and shine. Additionally, use natural light or a lightbox to capture clear and bright images.


2. Write engaging captions

Another way to get people to click on your Jewelry is by posting high-quality images alongside engaging captions.

It might be long or short and sweet. What is important is that your description should capture what the Jewelry you have posted entails in the most capturing way.

You should also be honest in your captions and also include basic information like size and material used.

The Best Time To Post Jewelry on Instagram

3. Use relevant hashtags

Use hashtags that are related to the Jewelry you are promoting.

Research popular hashtags in your niche and use them in your posts. They can help your content be visible to people who are not your followers.

And if they find your Jewelry worth clicking on, they will definitely click and interact with your content.

Additionally, always ensure you use at least one unique tag for your Jewelry, as 70% of Instagram hashtags are branded.


4. Share customer photos

Encourage your customers to share their photos wearing your Jewelry and feature them on your Instagram page.

This will increase trust in your jewelry business and might as well attract more people to your business who will engage with your content hence more clicks.


5. Use Instagram Stories

Use Instagram Stories to showcase new products, behind-the-scenes content, and promotions.

Use engaging visuals and creative captions to grab the attention of your followers.

You can also put question tags on your Instagram stories as a way of interacting with the audience.

Establishing that relationship with your audience might make them be also more engaging with your feed.


6. Be consistent

Another way to post your Jewelry and get more clicks is if you are consistent at it. Always ensure your audience has content to interact with.

This will keep your existing audience around and attract a new audience to your page.

In turn, your engagement will go high, and you will get more clicks on your Jewelry.

The Best Time To Post Jewelry on Instagram

6  tips for starting a jewelry business on Instagram

Starting a jewelry business on Instagram can be a great way to reach a wider audience and showcase your products. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Develop a brand identity

Define your brand’s aesthetic, values, and target audience. This will help you create a consistent brand image and attract the right customers.

Furthermore, you should come up with a brand name that resonates and represents your brand.

Customers should see everything that you post represents your brand. You should define your niche and create a brand so that customers won’t question what you are about or where you belong.


2. Build a strong profile.

Optimize your profile by using a clear profile picture, a descriptive bio, and a call to action. Make sure to include a link to your website or online shop.

Starting a Jewelry business can be tricky, but if you get the basics right, then it will be a little easy for you.

Since you do not have a physical shop where customers can consult on what your business is about, your profile and bio should tell them everything they need to know to stick around.

Ensure you capture enough on your bio to convert those who click on your page to followers.

The Best Time To Post Jewelry on Instagram

3. Showcase your Jewelry

Use high-quality images and videos to showcase your Jewelry on your page. Experiment with different angles, backgrounds, and lighting to make your Jewelry stand out.

Furthermore, when showcasing your Jewelry, ensure that the caption captures enough about the important specifications of the Jewelry.

As stated above, your customers should feel they are getting enough information to make an informed decision about whether to buy your Jewelry.


4. Engage with your audience

Respond to comments and direct messages promptly and build relationships with your followers.

Encourage customers to tag you in their posts and share their experiences with your Jewelry.

Additionally, Instagram has made it easy to get real-time feedback from customers. You can use this feedback to improve your business and satisfy your customers’ needs.


5. Use Instagram Shopping

If you have an online shop, tag your products in your posts using Instagram Shopping. This will make it easier for customers to purchase your Jewelry directly from your page.

Furthermore, this adds some credibility to your page, and more customers are most likely to believe in the genuineness of your business.


6. Marketing

No one will prepare you enough for the amount of marketing you have to pour into your jewelry business if you want to build a social media presence.

Do not be afraid to speak about your business. Always shout about it so that many people can know what you are about and what they tend to benefit from your business.

Furthermore, you can market your business by partnering with influencers in your niche to showcase your Jewelry on their pages.

This will expose your brand to a larger audience and increase your visibility. You can also run promotions and giveaways to encourage engagement and increase your reach. This will also help you attract new followers and customers.



The best time to post your Jewelry on your Instagram is during weekdays and off-work hours.

Research indicates that during off-work hours, most people are taking their breaks while on Instagram.

Therefore, chances are that during this time, the engagement will also be high. However, the best time to post varies depending on your content and your audience.

You should always study your audience and decide on a time that is convenient for them, and you are sure they will engage with your content.

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