10 Stainless Steel Jewelry Wholesale Suppliers in New York in 2024

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If you are looking for stainless steel jewelry wholesale in the USA or in New York, this post is for you.

Stainless steel jewelry is not just for men. Women are now able to get fashionable stainless steel jewelry as well. There has been a shift in the market from focusing only on functional pieces to having something more stylish. People can wear stainless steel because it is durable but also as something that adds flair to someone’s ensemble.

If you’re getting stainless steel jewelry, then it is the strength that you’re after. The properties alone make this metal useful for jewelry making as well. On average, this kind of metal contains 10 percent chromium and then smaller percentages of niobium, molybdenum, titanium, nickel, and other alloys. What metal gets added depends on the grade of metal you’re seeking.

An aspect that makes stainless steel last is thanks to the invisible layer of chrome and oxide that forms to protect the top layer of the steel. That makes it resistant to corrosion and thus durable and resistant to discoloration, oxidation and also rust. Since the steel is not plated, it cannot discolor, or fade or chip over time.

People who should consider getting stainless steel jewelry are those living in humid conditions. As mentioned, the steel will not corrode so you can event take your jewelry to the shower, pool, or even the ocean. Stainless steel is also ideal for those who have allergies to most of the metals in the market.

Now that we have a general idea of what makes stainless steel a worthwhile companion let’s look at the reasons why you ought to consider choosing stainless steel jewelry from wholesale suppliers in New York.

10 Stainless Steel Jewelry Wholesale Suppliers in New York

Let’s now dive in into our selection of ten stainless steel jewelry wholesale supplier in New York. The life is not conclusive but works for a fantastic starting point. That is especially if you want to open a stainless steel jewelry store.


1. P&K Jewelry, Inc

P&K Jewelry got founded in 1995 and so far has grown to become one of the world’s largest sources of Sterling Silver & Marcasite Jewelry. The company stays current with the present and projected jewelry trends. The P&K Jewelry team also travels around the world to get inspiration on the various technologies, colors, and general patterns taking place.

The brand thrives on making quality products and exquisite designs. P&K Jewelry products range from rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, pins, to name a few. There are also other accessories on offer like toe rings, key chains, money clips, etc. Their imports come from all over the world. Some of the areas include China, Thailand, Mexico, Italy, Bali, and India.


2. NES New York City

NES is a wholesale jeweler with that goal of helping its customers business grows at an exponential rate. They do that through the experience they have in the market. They are industry leaders when it comes to wholesale fashion, silver, and steel. NES boasts over 6000 trendy and fashion-forward styles that are in the market. The quality and craftsmanship are also what would help a company partnering with them grow.

In all their products, NES is dedicated to educating its customers about the product and the trends surrounding it. That is what makes the shopping experience with NES so unique. You can also visit their showrooms for an added learning experience. The team will be there to help you pick a line out of their extensive collection that resonates best with you.


3. Leia Jewelry

Leia opened in 1999, and for the past 20 years, they have been delivering. Their goal is to provide a superior customer experience as well as add tremendous value to their customers. It is their will to want to fulfill your customer needs. If you’re going to get into what they are selling you will have to sign up.

For their stainless steel lines, Leia has a male and female range. For the women, they have bracelets and bangles, earrings, leather bracelets, pendants, rings, and stainless steel chains. For the men, they equally have bracelets and bangles, leather bracelets, necklaces, rings, pendants, and stainless steel chains too. The company is also open to suggestions.


4. BMD. Trading Inc

Also referred to as BMD, here we have an American jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler who have their headquarters in New York City. The founders of the company have actually been in the jewelry industry since 1999. BMD are designers, manufacturers, distributors, and marketer of their wholesale products. Currently, the catalog stands at 17,000 items.

The products they have ranged from but aren’t limited to 14-Karat gold, sterling silver, and stainless steel jewelry.

The brand is continuously aiming to satisfy their customer’s needs, who are both found locally and internationally. They work on the highest standards that the industry accepts as being the norm. BMD only do wholesale and provide the most top service and products known in the industry.


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5. American Jewelry Manufacturing

American Jewelry Manufacturing considers their company a new up and coming company that has one goal in mind. This goal is to provide customers with high quality and fashionable merchandise at the best prices possible.

American Jewelry Manufacturing has a team of the professional and experienced buyer that travel globally and sought out the best factories where they can get their merchandise manufactured.

To always give customers the best prices, the company makes everything in large quantities, which gets one discounted rates. There are hundreds of items in stock, with the line continually changing.

The American Jewelry Manufacturing main offerings are types of metal ranging that include stainless steel and rhodium-plated brass, gold-filled, sterling silver, etc. Additionally, the company will soon launch its own male and female brand of jewelry.


6. B.Tiff New York

Here is another brand that has been around since 1999. They have a defined, unique style that celebrates the world’s greatest love stories. B.Tiff New York boasts impeccable designs as well as durable materials and also sustainable production. The company also states that they craft their jewelry from the finest stainless steel.

They also fit your everyday life with timeless beauty as well as bringing joy into everyday life. The pieces are entirely original, so you’re able to mix and match the jewelry that you purchase.

You can indeed also wear them in the shower, the pool, or even the ocean and not have to worry about it tarnishing.

For their plated jewelry, they acknowledge that tarnishing will happen, but they offer re-polishing and re-plating free for the first year and a $25 service fee from then on.


7. Wona Trading

Wona Trading is a fast-growing wholesaler when it comes to fashion and costume jewelry and accessories.

They are based in the NYC fashion district where they have a showroom. Wona is both an importer and exporter. The company got established in 2004 and still offers quality products all at competitive prices.

Their focus is also on the latest trends and even seasonal and stylish jewelry.

The company thanks to its long term success to the long-term relationship they forge with their clients.

They have a professionally run website where the team is always ready to help. Their stainless steel collection is not as extensive, but they do have beautiful pieces. For pricing, you’ll have to log in to see them.


8. Wholesale Central

Here we have a B2B directory of wholesale suppliers. That makes it the right place to go.

The operations of the company are under Sumner Communications. In general, Wholesale Central is a trusted site because everyone is pre-screened before joining the platform. That refers to the wholesalers, importers, distributors, drop shippers, and even the manufacturers.

Anyone can view the available wholesalers without having to log in. However, if you want bonus features such as getting premium access, then you can join the Buyers Network.

All then you have to do is search for stainless steel jewelry in the search bar, and you’ll find the various suppliers available to you within New York and other places within the States.


9. Pink Box

Pink Box is a company that designs, manufactures, and distributes quality bangle bracelets in the USA.

Their designers and craftsmen do indeed work hard to provide their customers with top quality bracelets. According to their website, the names are synonymous with quality, beauty, and affordability.

The company got founded in 2011 and provided consumers around the world with authentic and hand-made bangle bracelets and accessories in the USA.

The company also does have an extensive selection of hand-made bangle bracelets as well as other personalized items.

They have among the most comprehensive lines of indeed beautifully designed jewelry in the industry. There is also competitive everyday low pricing that guarantees that your business needs get met.


10 Ken Craft

Lastly, we have Ken Craft that has been celebrating excellence for the past 34 years. They served several major stores for years.

The services included are house designing, custom packaging, EDI integration, and also ticketing for the purpose of on-time delivery. That keeps them ahead of the competition.

Their primary offering is timeless and modern-day sterling silver jewelry and has the latest trends and also best-selling times to keep things fresh. When it comes to quality, pricing, and quantity, Ken Craft can get you what you want and need.

You can also make special orders where you can get your jewelry designed for a niche market.


Why should you choose Stainless Steel Jewelry Wholesale Suppliers in New York?

Let’s explore

1. The capital of Fashion jewelry

New York is a global fashion capital. That means when you’re there, you can interact with the best fashionistas and brands in the entire world. There is a ton of inspiration from the New York fashion scene that designers and manufacturers are spoilt for choice. Each takes their interpretation of what they see and create a jewelry line. There is, therefore, no shortage of unique ideas that the various companies come up with to serve their customers.

New York City is also a melting pot of various cultures and nationalities. Each brings with them a unique and specific interpretation of beauty that designers can use to craft one-of-a-kind pieces. They can learn from the locals, and the visitors flocking the fashion scene and the runway shows and always be able to produce stylish jewelry lines for both men and women.


2. The home of fashion designers

If you wish to find the best in the world with regards to fashion, NYC is an excellent place to start. There are tons of large and small fashion designers who’ve made a name for themselves. It is also an evolving industry. Designers and other thinkers have to stay ahead of the trend curve and make accurate predictions of what is going to be hot in the next season.

This kind of inspiration trickles down to jewelry, not just clothing lines. Designers need jewelry to complete any outfit. That means that the jewelry industry is not neglected. You will find that there are design teams that also travel the globe to find out what jewelry is hot in various parts of the world. They then bring this inspiration home to make exquisite pieces of jewelry.


3. High quality

Quality is non-negotiable when it comes to the jewelry scene in New York. A manufacturer or wholesaler cannot provide substandard items of jewelry and remain in the market for long. People are continually searching for the next best thing to those in the industry have to ensure that their standards are above par. That is good news for you, the customer who is able to get what they want all at competitive pricing.


4. Shopping locally

If you’re based in NYC, you want to work with wholesalers working locally. You want to support the economy of the area too. Another added advantage is that shipping time is reduced to mere minutes. That is essential, especially when a line is unexpectedly in demand and the items go out of stock. You don’t have to panic knowing that you can call your wholesaler and they’ll sort you out within minutes.



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