11 Stainless Steel Jewelry Wholesale Distributors You can Trust in 2024

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Are you looking for Stainless Steel Jewelry Wholesale Distributors for your new business? or searching for qulaity 316L Stainless Steel Jewelry wholesale or stainless steel jewelry manufacturers?

You are concerned about the fraudulent markets and you are not sure which jewelry wholesale distributor can be trusted. You are in a right place!

All you need is a bit more information to guide your decision and we’ve got it here for you.


11 Stainless Steel Jewelry Wholesale Distributors

1. SOQ Jewelry in China

A jewelry factory established in 2012 in Zhejiang, China that promises to bring all your customized designs to life. SOQ have a detailed website that clearly defines their mission that endeavors to make available quality fashion accessories at great prices favorable for business owners. They have partnered with great department stores like Walmart, JC Penny and Forever 21. Based on this collaboration, we think it’s safe to say that their target is the young millennial crowd which is a huge market.

As a strategic manufacturer and wholesaler, they cater to retailers and to the very diverse independent designers as well. If you are a young entrepreneur starting out and you have no experience in jewelry, SOQ offers to walk with you in your journey. Their factory has employees working on every last detail of any given product. Whatever kind of jewelry you need, in whatever color and whichever design, they will get it done. If you’re concerned about samples and design options, SOQ promises to avail these samples and if you are fresh out of ideas, they will appoint a designer for you. This all at a minimum investment cost to you.

They also have a really open channel social presence and this makes them relatable to their existing and new clients. SOQ have an online chat window which shows as a pop-up icon on your screen inviting you to use WhatsApp to communicate with a sales rep. Alternatively, if you are planning a trip to China, they welcome you to visit their factory and will even send someone to pick you up at the airport!

Shipping is flexible and quite affordable with SOQ with options ranging from DHL to your own private carrier. All you need is a minimum order of $200 to make your first purchase and have it delivered to your doorstep. This is a one-stop shop that offers solutions for everything ecommerce like labels, photos and packaging.


  • Wide collection
  • Quality pieces
  • Well established partnerships
  • Affordable
  • Easily Accessible support

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2. Ulyta

Located in and operating from Guangzhou, China, this manufacturer and wholesale distributor of fashion jewelry prides itself in classic stainless-steel pieces. They deal in production of bangles, earring sets, pendants and even money clips and watch jewelry. Their aim is to provide factory-direct prices to customers worldwide.

This global market is effectively accessible by their website which is also their online store and through modes of payment which are in many forms like MoneyGram, PayPal and Western Union. A look at their website is well worthwhile for anyone who loves jewelry. Tons of information about their products and services as well as what to expect through the entire order, payment, shipping to delivery process are fully detailed.

Ulyta also caters to customized orders which could take about two weeks to a month to process but will not provide free samples. You will have to order for a trial test to get an idea of their quality.

On the bright side, they do offer discounts that match the value of your purchase. Stainless-steel is their main business and while we appreciate that, their minimum order quantity (MOQ) is at $300 which is a bit too high for a fashion jeweler.

What you will love and appreciate with Ulyta is incorporation of technology to their business by creating a mobile App. The only drawback is that its only available to IOS devices through the Apple App Store.

Shipping is also a breeze with Ulyta because of the partnership they have with DHL, FedEx, UPS and EMS promising delivery in less than 8 days no matter where you are in the world. They have crush-proofed the packages to keep your pieces intact and you don’t even have to worry about customs. Expect your goods at the designated address.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Great and varied quality pieces
  • Flexible payment options
  • Convenient shipping policy
  • Mobile App


  • High cost on MOQ


3.Cheap Wholesale Jewelry

With offices situated in Rhode Island, this jeweler is a wholesale distributor with 25 years of experience in the jewelry industry. They pride themselves in bringing in the trendiest pieces in the most affordable price for the teenage customer. Some of their products are manufactured in the U.S but others are a product of Chinese factories.

Their product range is very versatile and includes some unique and not-so-common fashion accessory pieces. Toe rings, belly chains and body chains and even jewelry tattoos line their catalogue and this exciting niche variety gives them a great edge over other wholesalers.

You will appreciate their website which incudes a chat window and a contact number. Their products are fairly priced but a little higher than the previous two wholesalers. However, their imagery needs to be a little more attractive.

This jeweler has no minimum order requirement but does not cater to shipping process and requirements at customs office. Even though they have a flexible online mode of payment including PayPal, Cheap Wholesale Jewelry is limited in their global capacity as they do not ship to Africa.

Their refund policy, though existing, will only allow you a 10-day period after sale to request for it and the payout will be minus shipping, handling and discounts.


  • Great niche variety
  • Accessible customer support
  • Years of business experience
  • Flexible payment options
  • No minimum order limits


  • A little pricey for wholesale
  • Strict refund policy
  • Extra costs for customs, duty or taxes


4. AAB Style

Situated in Plantation, Florida, AAB Style Inc. has over 21 years of experience dealing in stainless-steel jewelry of all kinds and designs. This wholesaler, established in 1998, manufactures and markets unique and millennial type stainless steel products. From bracelets, wrapped in leather, double layered necklaces to bedazzled and themed rings, these guys do it all.

Their online store is interactive and descriptive and they have a physical store as well in Miami. They tried to update quality images with a short detail into their size and design. These pieces are cut out for the millennial young population. They are capable of worldwide distribution and provide for a quick online order service.

One of their quality products is the ribbed ceramic ring which combines a clear white ceramic piece that is covered by stainless-steel which is either in its pure, black or rose gold color. A classic example of simple sophistication that is a great fit for both male and female customers.


  • Easy to shop online with cart
  • New innovative designs
  • Larger target market


  • No cash refunds


5. Elf 925 Jewelry

Operating from Bangkok, Thailand, this jeweler largely known deal with Sterling Silver accessories, also has a great collection of 316L stainless-steel pieces among other brass, precious crystals and diamonds. They make their own jewelry and are very responsive and active in keeping with the sustainable practices that emphasize on sustainable extraction and production.

Elf 925 has the lowest minimum order requirement of the list at $99 for stock orders. For production orders on the other hand, they require a minimum of 200 pieces in the same style, color and size totaling a minimum of $5000. However, Elf 925 do not do custom made designs and the only option that is available to you is for you to combine elements of their already existing designs and make an order for customization. After you make your purchase and secure it with a 35% deposit, expect to wait for a minimum of 8 weeks to get your shipment.  That’s not very new-business budget friendly now, is it?

They do offer flexible payment options with Credit Card, Wire Transfer or PayPal which make it easier to pay. Their partnerships with FedEx, UPS and EMS help them carry out the delivery services to a limited point. At the port, you will be required to pay for extra costs due to any customs, import taxes and duties that will apply to your package. That depends on its size, the contents and the global and national trade policies that apply.

To reach them for queries, they have customer interactive social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and a bog too. A contact number is also available on their website.


  • Unique new designs
  • Low minimum requirement for stock
  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Informative and interactive website
  • Quick access to customer support


  • High cost of production
  • Limited variety per production
  • No customized pieces
  • High cost of delivery


6. Viva Import Corp

Majoring in stainless steel items of accessory like rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, chains and pendants, this jeweler operates from Miami. Their products are more to the taste of mature crowds with a biking hobby or with a deep appreciation for sculpted accessories.

Their earring studs are uniquely carved out with interesting patterns that are then used to clamp down on a birthstone of any color of choice that will be added to the final piece. You can get any type and color from hoops to dangles and for any event from a picnic to a Presidential debate.

Anything from snake chains to box, rope, curb, byzantine, figarro and any other chain design known can be found within Viva’s catalogue. They have great colors too from gold plated to black plated.


  • Great niche and variety
  • Online store
  • Some product description


  • Limited product line


7. Jewenior Jewelry

This is a manufacturer and distributor of fashion piece accessories based in Guanzhou China. Their specialty is bracelets, rings, necklaces and others. They do export internationally and have a quality control department that ensures consistency in quality production. This jewelers’ market is the older children, teenagers and young adult whose lifestyle will be a perfect fit with these dainty pieces.

In a Prince of Wales styled stainless steel chain link, the Red Stone bracelet features an alternate mix of decadent red stones and white shiny pearls.

Embedded in a double-figarucci type of chain, the Zirconi bracelet has the green emerald, the blue sapphire and the red ruby stones delicately fit into the links making for a beautiful hand accessory.

Their statement necklace collection is mind-blowing and will definitely have heads turning. Appropriately named the fashion statement set, they feature necklaces, rings, earrings in all types of designs and colors.


  • New and unique designs
  • Affordable quality accessories


  • No information on product
  • Poorly communicated website

8. Bright Silver Inc.

Having been in the jewelry business for well over 20 years now, Bright Silver are wholesale distributors of high-quality silver and stainless-steel accessory pieces. They operate out of Tujunga in California with a mission to provide the best jewelry at the most affordable wholesale price.

Their detailed website doubles up as their online shopping store with a convenient shopping cart to help you organize your order list.  Their catalogue features a variety of silver and stainless-steel jewelry for both men and women of a more mature age bracket. Say between 25 to 50. Cross designed chains, pendants and skull rings and bracelets are a popular theme with them making for a religious or spiritual niche target market.

They ship internationally and have varied payment modes such as PayPal and credit card. Regardless of shipping service used, customs, taxes and duties will be a responsibility of the customer. No mention of a minimum order quantity is made so we would assume it doesn’t apply but kindly do make effort to confirm before purchase. Bright’s return policy is even stricter than others we’ve seen before allowing you only 3 days post sale to claim a refund in the event that you receive the wrong product or you get a faulty piece.

Their customer support provided is a contact number and an email address. You might have a small problem with that.


  • Great prices
  • Years of business experience
  • Target niche market
  • No minimum order requirement
  • Flexible payment


  • Limited customer support
  • Strict refund policy
  • Not much variety


9. NIhao Jewelry 

Nihao deals with a range of beautifully designed jewels mostly made of Alloy and decorated with Crystal gems. Though we could not establish whether they provide for stainless-steel pieces, we loved their detailed and attractive catalogue. Their website has a contact email address and a mobile phone number for WhatsApp communication.

Nihao ships everywhere where DHL can reach and their return is a bit more flexible allowing you 7 days after sale to claim. A minimum order quantity is not necessary and you can order anything at any time and expect to receive it within 10 days. They guarantee an all-year round service.


  • New material and design alternative
  • No minimum order requirement
  • Ships worldwide
  • Real time communication channel


  • Not stainless steel guaranteed


10. Wholesale Central

Strictly a business to Business wholesale dealer who basically manages a database of genuine jewelry and fashion accessory wholesale distributors making it easier for new entrepreneurs to do research on what is available. The great thing about this site is there are no membership charges and you can rely on them for support when deciding to purchase from one distributor or another.

Located in Shelton, Fairfield County in Connecticut, is a branch company of Sunmer Communications who are leading merchandise publishers of magazines, directories and websites. That gives them the credibility of being a valid source seeing as they keep up to date and contribute to the wholesale industry in that way.

To fine tune your research, check out their website.


  • Great network of wholesale distributors’ information


Wrapping up

Stainless-steel jewelry seems to be the next best thing in the world of fashion accessories.

With all the options listed and even more undiscovered, you will be spoilt for choice on which wholesaler to buy from.

Those offering customizing and design services could turn you and your business to the next best thing. It’s totally worth trying out.


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