Buy Wholesale Stainless Steel Jewelry with No Minimum in 2024

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In this article, we are going to sites where you can make purchases with no minimum order and those with a low MOQ. Let’s first get into why you ought to buy stainless steel jewelry with no minimum order.


Buy Wholesale Stainless Steel Jewelry with Low MOQ

Let’s explore where you can purchase wholesale stainless steel jewelry with low MOQ.


1. SOQ Jewelry

If you want to know more about SOQ jewelry, read more information here!  or watch the video below


2. Nihaojewlery

Nihaojewlery considers itself a professional supplier of fashion jewelry and accessories.

They have more than 100,000 items that in stock so you have a wide range category to choose from. Nihaojewlery is in manufacturing, working to produce the most popular styles at lower pricing but still maintain and superior quality.

In general, they provide different fashion jewelry made for wholesale selling but still maintain their integrity.

Their main target market is people looking to start a business. With their wide portfolio, you ought to be quite a few items you can get for sale.

You can get handsome profits too. As per the website, there is no minimum order. That makes it ideal for individuals and those who want to start a business but have a modest starting capital.

Overall, Nihaojewlery is the ODM and OEM manufacturer of some famous jewelry brands.



Here we have, wholesale stainless steel jewelry offering quality jewelry under the popular trends.

For years they have been a leading distributor of wholesale jewelry and now are among the leading wholesale stainless steel jewelry company globally. On offer that have stainless steel bracelets, tungsten, rings, chains, necklaces, pendants as well as jewelry with diamonds.

Additionally, is a wholesaler and jewelry retailer only and as per their website, the largest on the web.

The brand is also a manufacturer and direct importer of the latest fashion jewelry, costume jewelry as well as trendy accessories. The company is also known for its body piercing and semi-precious stones, both of which are made with quality material. The showroom purchases attract a $200 minimum order


4. Cheap Wholesale Jewelry

On this site, you’ll find a vast selection of cheap wholesale stainless steel jewelry. Their offering includes stainless steel bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and much more.

The company states they have searched low and high to ensure that they bring you cheap wholesale stainless jewelry.

Cheap Wholesale Jewelry has been in existence for the past 25 years. They have made a name for themselves as being the leading distributor of wholesale fashion jewelry. Something the brand has is an assortment of men’s stainless steel jewelry and rings.

These jewelry items come with unique designs not see anywhere. They only accept orders totaling $100. There’s a low order fee of $25 when they are less.



Here we have a professional jewelry supplier that is from China. ZuoBiSi Jewelry Online boasts about having more than 100,000 fashion stainless steel jewelry, beads, and accessories.

They all come in very competitive wholesale pricing. The company has ten years’ experience in the fashion world. They also have over 300 new additions to the collection monthly. There are no middlemen, so you’re assured the prices will always be low.

ZuoBiSi Jewelry has fast service and fast shipping. You can also order high-quality products and not have to register.

You need only three pieces to get a wholesale price, with that being the wholesale very low minimum quantity. Extra services include OEM and ODM orders. There is also drop shipping directly to your customers to reduce on shipping.


5. Viva Import

Viva import has been around for 30+ years, having come about in 1989. They credit their excellent customer service for their ability to accumulate a list of business partners over the years.

Viva Import also works on bringing complete and updated collections Stainless Steel Jewelry on 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry. Their objective is to have quality products for cheap continually.

Some of the items you can get are biker jewelry, earrings, pendants, necklaces, rosaries, bracelets, anklets, chains, money clips, and the like. All these products are made from stainless steel.


Reasons to Buy Wholesale Stainless Steel Jewelry No Minimum

Ideal for small business: When starting, you’re likely going to have little money to start a huge jewelry line. Therefore, with a small budget, you’ll thankfully not get locked out of the jewelry industry until you get more cash. You can start with what you have and gradually expand as the profits roll in.

You can start your business today: Given that you’re not waiting to have a large capital, you can start with what you have in your hand. Some website offers low pricing, with jewelry going for less than a dollar. If you make the purchase and mark up the price for sale, you’re able to make back what you put in and profit.

Websites for Wholesale Stainless Steel Jewelry No Minimum

Let’s take a dive into the online world and see what website you can check out that have no minimum order on their stainless steel jewelry.


First, we have Silver, and they are a provider of wholesale steel jewelry. The company does offer exceptional pricing on their products and also give volume discounts to their customers.

A strong point they have is their collection of stainless steel jewelry at fantastic pricing. They range from having delicate stainless steel chains to heavy-duty stainless bracelets with a promise that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Their wholesale stainless steel jewelry line includes delicate, feminine chains, to chunky necklaces.

You’ll also get fancy rubber or stainless steel bracelets, with the option of getting luxury bracelets that include clip bracelets, black stainless steel bracelets, and two-tone bracelets.

If you prefer something simple and plain, Silver Depot offers stainless bracelets, as well as men’s rings, along with pendants, with designs such as four-leaf clover, Star of David, hearts, and crosses.

Lastly, the brand also has available stainless steel bracelets with cubic zirconias. With such a selection, men and women of all ages will get what they need.


2. 316Steel Corp. offers customers the latest wholesale fashion stainless steel jewelry there is in the market.

They also have exclusive designs that are unique to them. You can get the latest styles of rings, earrings, chains, body jewelry, cufflinks, pendants, watches, jeans chains, brooches, wallet chains, pins, bracelets, tools, gift bags, and more at wholesale prices.

Something the brand is known for is their incredible pricing. What follows is the fast order turnaround time, low cost when it comes to shipping, and customer service.

One thing brags about is being a world-leading manufacturer of stainless steel jewelry, tungsten jewelry, and 925 sterling silver jewelry, along with wholesale fashion jewelry.

They are dedicated to being the top in the industry when it comes to wholesale stainless steel jewelry. works with thousands of merchants from over 90 countries. There are over 30,000 different products available ready for shipping at all times. You also get discounts for bulk orders.


3. JC Fashion Jewelry

JC Fashion Jewelry is a manufacturer and wholesaler providing stainless steel, titanium and tungsten jewelry and has been around for the past eight years.

They are based in Shenzhen, China. Some of what you can get includes rings, earrings, necklaces, bangles, pendants, bracelets, and the like.

JC Fashion states that have two types of pricing. The first is the wholesale pricing, and the other is custom order pricing. When it comes to their wholesale price of the stock, they have more than 5000 styles in stock.

The MOQ is one piece per item with a minimum order of $100 on mixed items. There are weekly arrivals so you can expect to find a variety of designs over time.

There are hot items at any given moment, so you have to be fast when placing the orders. Sales are also normal when they want to clear old stock to make room for new arrivals.


4. Ali Express

With Ali Express, you get hot promotions on jewelry and with no minimum order. Here you get the best online deals and discounts too.

Reviews from customers let you know if you’re working with a vendor that is worth their salt. If you’re looking for no minimum order jewelry, then Ali Express is the right place to check.

There are thousands of products to choose from. You can get more high-end labels or something cheaper and economical.

Ali Express a fantastic platform in that that you’ll find brand names right next to smaller independent discount sellers.

They offer quality products as well and are reliable when it comes to shopping and payment methods. Discounts are also something that is not lacking on the platform.

There are daily new online-only discounts and offers that you ought to take advantage of. There is also no minimum order on Ali Express.


5. Ali Baba got launched in 1999 and is now the leading platform in global wholesale trade. This website is under Alibaba Group.

There are indeed millions of suppliers and buyers based around the world that use the platform.

Those using come from 190+ countries and regions. There is also ease in getting access to products and their sellers. By itself, Ali Baba has 40 different major categories, and under each, there are hundreds of millions of products.

Currently, on their website, there are 494 -wholesale jewelry with no minimum order. Fifty-one percent of them are silver jewelry, 35 percent are metal crafts, and lastly, 34 percent are bangles and bracelets.

You can also get alloys, stainless steel, rhinestone, crystal, pearl, zircon, and silicone at no minimum order as well. Overall you can expect to find items at discounted rates, each seller eager to ensure that you pick them based on competitive pricing.

Another feature that also works best for this platform is you can talk to the supplier in their local language.


6. eBay

eBay is very much like Ali Baba and Ali Express where there are a number of suppliers. That means you’re in touch with a number of companies who help you get what you need.

The basic pricing for when you search stainless steel jewelry in the search bar is items under a dollar, those between one and three dollars and those above three dollars.

That makes it easier for you to get the products you want at the pricing that works for you.

As you’re looking through sellers to choose from, you’ll want to gravitate towards those who are top-rated.

A large chunk of the products on offer do come from China, so it’s a matter of picking the product and making a purchase.


7. Amazon

Just as with the previously mentioned website, Amazon is also home to a ton of supplier that you can choose from.

You need only type what you need from the search bar and work your way through the various search results to find what you need. There is a wide variety of wholesale stainless steel jewelry with no minimum that you can get.

Something that makes Amazon friendly for customers is that you can check the rating of a supplier or the product before you choose to engage with them.

The better the rating, the more you’re likely assured that you’re getting quality products. Amazon is also home for a vast collection of jewelry, leaving you spoilt for choice as you make your order.



8. Wish

Here we have another platform that is similar to the ones mentioned as well. Something you notice right off the butt is that you’ll have to sign in using your social accounts or email.

You, therefore, have to be registered to the platform if you’re to get what you need. Once you’re logged in, you’ll find that depending on where you stay; the pricing will be in your local currency.

Overall, things are a bit more pricy on Wish than the other China-based platforms. They do, however, have a variety of products, some with discount pricing.

Something you do note when browsing the products is that they are all top quality, so you can expect to get the type of jewelry you’ve coveted and be happy with it.


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