7 Famous Gold Filled Jewelry Manufacturers in The USA in 2024

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Given the hardiness of gold-filled jewelry, it is a much better alternative for most people who need something more valuable, especially when compared to gold-plated jewelry. The gold-filled jewelry is more resistant to wear and tear, and the gold layer doesn’t really wear off easily. As a result, the gold-filled jewelry appears to be a much better investment option for you if you are looking for high-quality jewelry.

The reason why gold-filled jewelry is quite popular today has to do with the fact that this class of jewelry is made of a rather thick layer of 14k gold that is pressure-bonded to brass, which is the base metal. Besides the use of high-quality gold and the thick layer of gold, gold-filled jewelry is also quite popular because it tends to be safer on the skin, especially for individuals who are sensitive to most of the metals used in gold-plated jewelry. So, if you can’t stand plated gold jewelry, gold-filled pieces of jewelry would be a great alternative.

Gold-filled jewelry is pretty much jewelry made of thick layers of solid gold. The solid gold can be 10k, 12k, 14k, or 18k solid gold, which is bonded to the brass or sterling silver base metal using heat or pressure. This layer of gold is hardy, stunning, affordable, and hypoallergenic, and it will be the best possible alternative to sterling silver, affordable solid gold, and gold-plated jewelry.

Note that gold-filled jewelry is made of great quality gold, and it has at least 100% more gold than gold-plated jewelry as it contains at least 5% gold by weight, which makes it a lot more valuable and also significantly more lasting in comparison to the plated gold jewelry. The gold on gold-filled jewelry doesn’t rub off, or flake, or even change colors easily. It’s important to keep in mind that pure gold is tarnish-resistant, as it doesn’t oxidize. With the use of solid gold in gold-filled jewelry, you are certain that you will enjoy better quality products.

So, where should you buy your gold-filled jewelry from? Who are the best gold-filled jewelry manufacturers in the US?    If you guys want to make gold-plated jewelry, please check our company profile, we can make them for you at a very reasonable price!

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7 Famous Gold-Filled Jewelry Manufacturers in the USA

1. Rebekah Gough Jewelry

First on the list is Rebekah Gough Jewelry, one of the leading manufacturers of gold-filled jewelry in the US. While offering great support and the best quality jewelry products, Rebekah Gough specializes in the delivery of the best gold-filled jewelry. The jewelry is made of a base metal covered with solid gold that is heat and pressure bonded to the gold.

The gold-filled jewelry is beautiful, affordable, and it’s a great alternative to solid gold jewelry. The gold-filled jewelry is also resistant to tarnishing, and the biggest majority of this gold-filled piece is made of 14k solid gold.

This brand also prides itself in the manufacture of the best quality and highly sentimental jewelry pieces that not only resonate with the wearer deeply but also represent the kind of jewelry that men and women love to keep close to their hearts.

The best bit about Rebekah Gough’s jewelry is that all their jewelry is handmade in the company’s studio that is based in Seattle, outside Washington State.


2. JK Findings

This is the other top-rated manufacturer of gold-filled jewelry, and you will be happy to know that the brand offers some of the best gold-filled varieties of jewelry.

Some of the metal options for this jewelry include the 12k and 14k gold-filled jewelry in gold, rose, and yellow gold varieties.

All their gold-filled jewelry varieties are marked with the 1/20GF stamp of authenticity, and they offer great performance.

JK Findings was established in 1975 in Rochester, NY, and they feature a sales office in Hong Kong.

The company boasts one of the best acquisition strategies, and the use of precision machining and laser engraving means that they make the best quality gold-filled jewelry.


3. CGM Findings

CGM Findings offers a wide range of high-quality gold-filled jewelry.

The brand offers a very stunning variety of gold-filled jewelry, including a wide array of gold jewelry and gemstones. They also promise great savings for the beads, gold-filled pieces of jewelry, earrings, rings, clasps, and leverbacks, among others.


4. BelatrizUSA

This is a leading Brazilian gold-filled jewelry manufacturer made of 18k gold filling that is bonded to a brass or any other metal base such as 925 sterling silver.

The company makes beautiful jewelry that is made of the best quality materials, as well as Brazilian natural stones, as well as Swarovski Cubic Zirconia.

The whole production process by the company focuses on the production of the best quality pieces of jewelry, which serves customers in at least 60 countries across the world.

The jewelry options offered by BelatrizUSA include jewelry options for men, women, and kids, which include necklaces, chains, bracelets, religious pieces of jewelry, pendants, hoops, rings, and earrings.


5. Custom Fashion Jewels

This gold-filled jewelry manufacturer might be one of the best ones yet, thanks to their diverse range of excellent products that allow you to demonstrate your thoughts and design preferences through jewelry.

The company’s manufacturing and development processes focus on the creation of wholesome and the best-developed jewelry options that are all gold-filled.

Custom Fashion Jewels promise the most beautiful custom jewelry options, all options that exhibit your sense of style and personality. Their designs are timeless, and they hold an impressive preciousness appeal that lasts for generations. As a result, the pieces of jewelry hold up quite well, with the best part being the fact that the jewelry is quite affordable.

Besides the creation of the best quality gold-filled jewelry, the company also makes all types of fashion jewelry, boasting excellent finishes and the best value products.

Some of the color options available include 14k gold, rose gold, and 24k gold.


6.Garlan Chain

Garlan Chain is a full-service gold-filled chain manufacturer that makes the highest quality chains.

The company was established in 1967, and it now boasts at least 1500 styles of chain necklaces. These chains are made of a variety of metals, but the widest variety of chains are gold-filled.

And with a variety of at least 50,000 chain variations, you will find pretty much all that you have been searching for with great ease.

The products offered are all affordable, durable, worth the money, and there is something for everyone.


7. Rio Grande

Rio Grande Gold-Filled Findings is the other top-rated company that offers great quality gold-filled jewelry.

This manufacturer deals in the best of gold-filled findings and chains in rose and yellow gold. Some of the jewelry varieties sold by the company include bails and enhancers, bracelets, beads, bead caps/tips or cones, charms, necklaces, chains, clasps, components, earrings, and tags, among others.

With a wide variety of gold-filled findings and the use of precious metals to create the best of gold jewelry, Gold-Filled Findings is one of the best places for you to start the search for your best gold-filled jewelry.



These are 7 of the most popular gold-filled jewelry manufacturers across the US. These manufacturers offer the best products, and if you are looking for gold-filled jewelry, then these are your best options.

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