Top 7 Benefits of Outsourcing Fashion Jewelry Manufacturing to China

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 You may wonder: what are the benefits of outsourcing fashion jewelry manufacturing to China? Why most of the companies in the world benefit from making fashion Jewelry in China?

Here are the reasons.

7 Reasons Why Many Companies outsource Products to China

The first reason, I think, must be the lower cost.

Most Fashion jewelry companies outsource manufacturing to China to have their goods assembled, or completely produced overseas at a very low cost!

For example, a British company buys a ring at a price as low as 52 cents. 52 cents. Incredibly low price. They sell a price at $8.99.

You know what?

Outsourcing Fashion Jewelry Manufacturing to China

China accounts for 1/5 of global manufacturing. It is the largest Manufacturing country on the earth.

For instance, Guangzhou will remain the manufacturing center of high-quality electronic devices because Guangzhou has skilled and low-cost labor, as well as the great engineers needed to manufacture top-quality products. While many other regions excellent at making other types of manufacturing, such as textiles, fashion jewelry, plastics and automotive and more.

Starting your fashion jewelry business is not an easy venture. It is expensive and it will cost you a large amount of money and it is also risky.

Therefore, many startups consider reducing costs by outsourcing their products to countries like China


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Outsourcing Fashion Jewelry Manufacturing to China

So, lets talk about the top 7 benefits of outsourcing products to China

1 Lower labor costs.

China has a population of 1.4 billion. Think about that. How many populations in the world?

If you are an American company, you absolutely know how expensive to employ labor.

Labor is one of the biggest costs of any manufacturing company.

You have to know that outsourcing labor costs do not mean sending the products to another country. You can use workers from other factories. Your staffing becomes much more flexible when it is outsourced.


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Outsourcing Fashion Jewelry Manufacturing to China

2 All the products are affordable.

You can get great quality items for an affordable price in China.

Most of Chinese factories offer discounted rates for bulk orders. So, you can get more for you have paid.

If you were a jewelry wholesaler who is looking for affordable fashion jewelry, you can get high-quality jewelry products at a price as low ascents. Your retail price can be as high as many dollars.


3 Great results.

If you are an expert in doing business in China, you know that Chinese factories love to please their clients. So, if your price is OK, you will get great quality products and fast delivery.

Small tips: BE very hands-on for the first month or so, which will help the suppliers you choose to create just what you want.

Outsourcing Fashion Jewelry Manufacturing to China

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4 Focus on your Main business.

If your products are produced overseas, not it is the time to focus on your main business.

Focus on some business that will increase revenue and profit.

Your main business is growing your business and customer. If your supply chain is ready, focus on your marketing and sales, your company will grow into a big boy in your industry.


5. Great and fast Service

No matter how big is your order, Chinese Factory can handle it.


Manpower is abundant in China due to its large population. Most of Chinese factories are able to employ a lot of workers in a short time. They are able to a lot of workers depending on the order you give to them.

So, the Faster production rate is guaranteed

Outsourcing Fashion Jewelry Manufacturing to China

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6 A Wide Range of Materials

As the biggest manufacturing country in the world, there is a wide range of parts and raw Materials available in China. It is not exaggerating to say that you can buy all the material you need to make your order.

Remember that if one of your design they do not have in stock, most suppliers are love to produce them based on your requirements

Outsourcing Fashion Jewelry Manufacturing to China

7 Flexibility

Your supplier might manufacture products for more than two companies, some of them might be your competitors in your industry. Since the Chinese contract manufacturer has a bigger capacity than the original manufacturing factory, Chinese factory can increase production requirement s faster than your American Manufacturer.

Outsourcing Fashion Jewelry Manufacturing to China


All in all, There are many reasons and benefits you should produce your fashion jewelry in China.

With its low cost, great service and great quality, China is the best place to outsource your products idea.

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SOQ jewelry can offer the best price for your fashion business. The slogan of the company is –the best price for your fashion jewelry.

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