Looking for Fashion Jewelry Manufacturer? – 6 Things Must Consider

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Heads are turning to China when it comes to finding jewelry manufactures. While that is crucial information, it does not narrow down the quest when it comes to how to find a good fashion jewelry manufacturer in China. The jewelry industry is growing, and when it comes to the entire beauty industry, it still has some ways to improve. If you’re starting, know there’s plenty of room for you.

Though that is encouraging, it doesn’t make the quest for finding the right jewelry manufacturer easier for you. When you check online, there are limited sources on how to do that, and that’s why we are here for you. As a brand, we understand that finding the right person to work with can be frustrating. It is a daunting task that might leave you stunned on where to go. We are here to change that; we want to usher you into the world of finding a good fashion jewelry manufacturer in China.

After research and based on our experiences, we found that there are certain criterions that a manufacturer ought to check off before you can consider working with them. Here are six requirements for you need to watch out for when sourcing for a proper fashion jewelry manufacturer. You can use them in both your online searches and fairs. Let’s dive in.


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1. Rich experience

Experience is everything. You want to work with a company that has been tried and tested and has a list of happy clients. Their website or company profile should also capture the evolution of their company. It is a demonstration of how they have been keeping up with trends and growing with the industry. An example of a company you want to work with is SOQ Jewelers. They have seven years’ experience, and while that seems minimal, their impressive list of clients and other accolades lets you know that they have been doing something right.

Bottom line: Rich experience for a jewelry manufacturer in China, therefore, doesn’t just rest on how long they have been in existence. It has to do with their portfolio as well.


2. Audits passed-Very Important

In your search of how to find a good fashion jewelry manufacturer in China, you want to ensure that they have passed quality tests. Examples of what they ought to have passed are the Sedex(You can see the picture above), APM jewelry, BSCI(ID:384601), Walmart(Factory ID 36211854 ), Target, Kohl and such other audits. (If you want to see all the audits, please contact us for the account number and password).SOQ has passed these audits. Even though you don’t settle on them as your go-to manufacturers, you have to make sure they have internationally recognizedhttps://www.amfori.org/ inspections done to ascertain that they meet international standards.

Bottom line: You want to work with a great fashion jewelry manufacturer in China that has been vetted and deemed fit to operate globally and always hit the mark.


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3. Have a design or samples team

A design team such as the one SOQ has is a telling sign of a brand that is big on product development. The team is tasked with doing market research, observing international trends and coming up with unique designs that capture the time. A design team also lets you know that you have a partner to work with if you are looking to make custom pieces. Equally, they can give you valuable advice before your idea hits the production line.

Before purchasing that beloved car, you have to take it for a drive. The same goes for jewelry. Images on a page can be doctored or only taken from angles that make them appear to be tip-top. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples so that you can be sure that you are getting the right thing. If you are going custom, you want to see an example before it is mass produced.

Bottom line: a design team and getting samples is a sign that you are working with a company dedicated to the growth of the jewelry industry, all the while meeting your needs.


4. Mass production time

Whether you are opening a small online store or have a franchise, you want to be sure that our inventory gets to you on time. Empty shelves and sold out signs are a no-no unless you are selling limited edition jewelry. Otherwise, in your quest of finding out how to find a good fashion jewelry manufacturer in China, you want to work with a business that has a short mass production time. You can use the 28-day SOQ has for mass production as a benchmark of what is acceptable in the industry. ( Big orders will take more time, Sometimes 8 weeks)

Bottom line: You inventory needs to be updated, so knowing the mass production time accords you the change to make the orders at the right date, so items are always in stock.


5. Best Price

As you work with companies that continue to check the requirements above, you still want to get your money’s worth, or even better, feel like you’ve scored a deal. Companies ideal for working with are like SOQ, which is an original company and offers very competitive prices.

The China jewelry industry is not a monopoly, so they have to price it right to attract more wholesale purchases. However, don’t be afraid to pay extra for extra services that make your experience seamless.

Bottom line: You want to get something worth the price. Be wary of companies offering you top grade jewelry at a throw-away price. It is likely that something very different will arrive at your warehouse.


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6. Experience with big brands and giant retailers

Team of Tanya Creation
Gennaro, Inc Team

Is your progress on this guide of how to find a good fashion jewelry manufacturer in China, it quickly becomes apparent that name-dropping is welcomed. In that case, you want to work with companies that have worked with big brands and giant retailers. It shows they are a worthy long term partner as you venture into finding someone to manufacture your jewelry.

A brand like SOQ has partnered with Tanya creation, Bay Sales in New York, Gennaro Inc., JC Penny, Target, Charming Charlie, Kohl, and Walmart. If you are not impressed already and still wish to venture out, make sure that you work with a manufacturer that works with mega brands in various countries. It is a mark of quality and a badge of honor for them.

Bottom line: While it is commendable to want to give start-ups and other small business manufactures a shot, if you are looking to be a super brand, you want to work with organizations already working with the best.


How to make the most of wholesale fashion jewelry distributors

With these six requirements, you ought to have figured out how to find a good fashion jewelry manufacturer in China. A fantastic place to start as we have highlighted in this article is SOQ. They have a list of 21 wholesale fashion jewelry distributors in China/USA/UK that you can check out. There is no one route to follow after you’ve learned how to find a good fashion jewelry manufacturer in China. The idea is to maximize your profits.

One of the ways is making custom jewelry. Nowadays, people are always on the hunt of unique pieces that make them stand out. They want to make a statement either on their Instagram pages or at a private event they’re attending. Opt for neutral colors that people will gravitate towards or eccentric pieces that suit your client base. Small businesses can also purchase the materials and make it themselves to save costs.

You also have to know who your clients are so that you don’t purchase inventory that stays in your warehouse for months unpurchased. If you are new to the business, go for timeless materials such as leather or pearls that have remained in fashion for centuries. What remains for you are adding your flare to them to make jewelry not available anywhere else in the market.

Where can I find distributors? Head on over to the SOQ site to have your questions answered. They are broken down into countries to make your sourcing needs easier.


Offline alternatives

You don’t have to settle for the online world to get what you want. There are fairs that you can attend where you can interact with accredited brands. What makes events such as the Caton fair, Hongkong Fair and other fairs fantastic is that you get to interact with company representatives. It eliminates email back and forth, and you get your questions answered stat.

You will likely find a plethora of companies to choose from; you only need to keep the list of six requirements to let you know whom to skip over. The other advantage of fairs is that the various manufacturers come with samples of their work and marketing collateral that you wouldn’t otherwise find on their websites of other listings. If you are keen on taking this approach of how to find a good fashion jewelry manufacturer in China, then you should go for it.


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