15 Fashion Accessories Wholesale Markets in US/UK/CHINA (Updated in 2024)

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With Christmas just around the corner, everyone is getting excited about Christmas decorations and what the holidays have in store for them. Here is a list of some of the best wholesale Christmas decorations suppliers.

Christmas is time to celebrate with your family and close friends. Besides the food, people also get really excited about the decorations. There is nothing better than getting together with your family to decorate a Christmas tree and fill your home with green and red accessories. When wanting to deck out your home, it is easy for you to go over-budget and splurge on decorations. This article seeks to provide you with some Christmas decorations wholesale suppliers from all over the world. There will also be an FAQ section for more clarification regarding Christmas decorations.


Christmas decorations suppliers

Many people consider Christmas as the most wonderful time of the year. However, the expense of these holidays can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are several Christmas decorations suppliers available from different locations all over the world. Some ways to find some reliable and affordable Christmas decorations suppliers is through:

  • The ornament Expo
  • Search engines like Baidu, Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • Home and Décor Fair/Tradeshow
  • Social media like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, etc.
Suppliers Category Location Selling regions
eBay General products USA Global
Christmas Place Festival items and Christmas decorations USA Global
Rosewholesale Fashion accessories and Christmas decorations USA Global
DOLLAR DAYS General products USA Global
Wholesale Accessory Market General products USA Global
Chinabrands General products China Global
DHgate General products China Global
AliExpress General products China Global
Banggood General products China Global
RetroFestive General products Canada Canada
Canadian Tire General products Canada Global
Open a Party All decoration-related items Canada Canada
Sparks Gifts Wholesale Gifts and Christmas decorations UK UK
Inspiration Wholesale Flowers and Christmas Decorations UK UK
Exporters India General products India Global
IndiaMART General products India Global
TradeIndia General products India Global
Lavida Gifts and Christmas decor Australia Australia
Christmas Warehouse Christmas items Australia Global
Kosh & Co. Flowers and Christmas decorations Australia Global


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Fashion Accessories Wholesale Markets

Wholesale Christmas Decorations Suppliers in the USA

Purchasing Christmas decorations in bulk is an excellent way to save some of your hard-earned money during this festive season. Many people look for products from the USA owing to their reputation for premium quality and durable products. However, not all products meet this expectation. Customers must be cautious when purchasing goods and services of online platforms. As a result, we have compiled some top wholesale Christmas decorations suppliers in the USA. Some tools used to find these local suppliers include:

  • com
  • Worldwide Brands
  • Makers Row
  • Reference USA


Ever since its establishment in 1995, eBay has become one of the world’s favorite destination to shop, sell, and give. It has created an inclusive, efficient, and accessible e-commerce platform for anyone to take part in the global economy. Famous for its easy access and affordable items, this platform provides high-quality products and services, ensuring customers receive a unique shopping experience.

However, eBay has not invested in building warehouses and do not have competitive distribution projects. As a result, eBay sellers are personally responsible for making shipments and do not guarantee their customers with an exact shipment time.

Fashion Accessories Wholesale Markets

Christmas Place

Located at the incredible foothills of Smoky Mountains, Pigeon Forge is one of the largest and permanent wholesale Christmas decorations suppliers in the American South, and one of the largest in America. Whether you are looking for retro, traditional, whimsical, classic, or contemporary Christmas designs, Christmas Place has it all. The company also offers personalized Christmas ornaments, artificial Christmas trees, and Christmas lights from your favorite Holiday brands like Department 56, Christopher Radko, Mark Roberts, and many more.

The brand has been in existence for over 30 years and draws an inordinately massive crowd of fascinated visitors. If you are looking for the perfect selections for home, tree, year-round, and holiday decorations that reflect your unique style, Christmas Place is the ideal venue to shop.



As a leading international online fashion clothing store, Rosewholesale focuses on providing its customers with the most trendy fashion styles, when it comes to attire and accessories. All their products are of premium quality and are available at competitive factory-direct prices. The more you buy, the more you save your coins. With its unique and extensive selection of exceptional items and maximum discounts, customers are sure to receive the proper Christmas decorations.

The brand has made partnerships with logistics operators, like DHL, EMS, and UPS, allowing it to make the shipment to more than 200 countries. It also has a team of professional warehouse personnel to take the proper care of your orders as they await packaging and delivery according to their rigorous standards.



Dollar days is the top supplier for wholesale goods for nonprofit and betterment organizations, as well as various businesses. Since its launch in 2001, it has supplied its customers with high-quality products to improve the quality of their lives. The company provides affordable products and services that will exceed your expectations.

This Scottsdale Ariz-based online wholesaler also distributes a wide variety of low-cost merchandise to gift shops, dollar stores, and other discount retailers in the US. If you are looking for wholesale drop shipping services on a small scale, Dollar days is the ideal choice. You can also physically check the quality and integrity of their products in their showroom.

Fashion Accessories Wholesale Markets

Wholesale Accessory Market

Wholesale Accessory Market is a fashion accessory wholesaler to help small-town retail owners. It has been supplying goods to these small retail businesses across America since 2000, ensuring they have the proper amount of supplies and support. As a result, it has become a leading wholesale accessory distributor in the United States.

The brand also has a simple return policy and offers free shipping services in the States. It prides itself on providing its customers with a unique shopping experience as their services are deeply rooted in Christian principles and values. They offer a wide range of products, including wholesale rustic farmhouse décor, coffee mugs, and wholesale Christmas and Halloween decorations.


Wholesale Christmas Decoration Suppliers in China

China has some of the largest manufacturing factories in the world, with less expensive costs for stock and manpower. If you are looking for suppliers who will offer you a high-profit margin and quality assurance in their products, China is your next best bet. As such, many retailers prefer sourcing for Christmas decorations from China’s online marketplace. Here is a list of some of the top suppliers for wholesale Christmas decorations in China.



When it comes to finding top-notch suppliers of Christmas decorations from across the globe, Chinabrands has proved to be one of the best sources. It assembles various buyers, suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors in one platform, allowing its customers to have access to multiple suppliers for different Christmas decorations products.

The available products come at ridiculously reasonable prices, and some have several discount offers with promo codes. You will find Christmas trees, Christmas-decorated hats, Christmas lights, Christmas table decorations, Christmas sweaters, and Santa Claus costumes, to mention a few.  This global dropshipping wholesaler is based in Guangdong, China, and has a global reach in more than 200 countries.

Fashion Accessories Wholesale Markets


DHgate is one of the original and largest online wholesale marketing platforms in the e-commerce industry. This innovative platform allows global buyers to buy directly from factories at ridiculously low prices than other wholesale companies. It enables global suppliers and manufacturers to market and sell their products in bulk globally by providing safe payment services, efficient escrow protection services, easy to use logistic solutions, and reliable internet financing.

The website began in 2004 and has several product categories, like accessories, apparel, jewelry, Christmas and other holiday decorations, and electronics, among many others. It connects more than 2.2 million sellers globally to 26 million international individual and enterprise buyers from over 222 regions and countries. Some of their logistic partners include DHL, FedEx, UPS, Master Card, Visa, and American Express.



As an affiliate under Alibaba, the world’s largest retail vendor based in China, AliExpress is also a retail and wholesale online marketplace that offers premium quality products at factory prices and in small quantities. It has no minimum order restriction as you can make an order for one item and make safe payments under their Buyer Protection services.

The website provides a wide selection of products ranging from fashion accessories, holiday decorations, home and utility items, baby products, and mobile phones and accessories, among many others. It also has various discount codes and a 24/7 help center to cater to the queries of customers, ensuring customer satisfaction at all costs.

Fashion Accessories Wholesale Markets


Just like their unique motto, the best bang for your buck, Banggood specializes in providing B2C and cross-border e-commerce transactions, bringing China’s efficient supply chain and high-quality goods to the world. With the experience of over ten years, Banggood has a variety of supply chain resources, allowing their buyers to only get the best quality products from China at competitive prices.

If you want to purchase goods in bulk, they have a wholesale program that contains exclusive prices guaranteed to astonish you. You can also get individual samples from their site as a test order to ensure you get excellent value for our buck. The company also provides low-cost shipping options to countries all over the world, and some of their payment services include PayPal, Boleto, credit card, and other alternatives.

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Wholesale Christmas Decoration Suppliers in Canada

Canada has a reputation for being self-sufficient and consists of a variety of people who come from different backgrounds and cultures. Similarly, there is a wide variety of Christmas traditions found there. Canadians enjoy decorating their homes with Christmas lights, trees, as well as other decorative items that suit the occasion. You will also find Christmas stockings hung by the fireplace for every family member, ready for Santa’s gifts. Here are some top wholesale Christmas Decorations suppliers in Canada to help in easing the financial burden of decorating your home.

Fashion Accessories Wholesale Markets


RetroFestive began back in 2007 as the Canadian Leg Lamp Company and exclusively sold full-sized leg lamps. Five years later, the company branched out into the retro holiday fare and introduced moose mugs and other unique movie memorabilia. If you are fond of recreating nostalgic Christmas movie-themed holidays in your home, this is the perfect store for you.

This brand purposes in recreating your favorite childhood memories, whether it was movie inspired or an enjoyable experience that you were part of as a child. This e-commerce business ships all over Canada, or you may opt to pop into their Oakville Warehouse for a chance to view their innovative and retro style. It is also vital to note that the company is only open for two months in a year.


Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire is a popular retail store in Canada, with more than 90% of Canadians living near a Canadian Tire Retail Store. The brand has over 500 locations across Canada, each offering a diverse approach and selection of exquisite products and services. As a result, it has numerous loyal customers and suppliers.

Fashion Accessories Wholesale Markets

Open a Party

Open a Party Inc. is 100% Canadian operated and owned and only serves the Canadian market since 2011. They ship their orders from their main warehouse in Ontario, Canada, and have over 6,500 novelty, party, craft, toy, and teaching supply items.

The company has an ‘A’ rating from the Better Business Bureau ad is the single largest online Canadian party supply company. It serves over 80,000 Canadian customers annually, and all their products and services are in Canadian dollars.

Wholesale Christmas Decoration suppliers in the UK

People in the UK have the tradition to celebrate Christmas with their families as they watch the excitement on everyone’s face while they open their gifts.  Most households have a Christmas tree or in other cases, even two of them, as well other Christmas decorations like lights, Santa Claus costumes, Ivy, Holly, and Mistletoes, among many others.

Most towns, villages, and cities have Christmas decorations, with a famous person often given the honor to switch on the Christmas lights. The most popular Christmas lights in the UK are in Oxford Street, London. They attract thousands of people from all over the world as they go to watch the big ‘switch on’ around the beginning of November. Here are some top wholesale Christmas Decorations Suppliers in the UK. 


Sparks Gift Wholesalers

Launched about 25 years ago, this is one of UK’s leading wholesale gift suppliers, with stocks of over 3000 top quality gift products. Whether you are looking for holiday cards, children’s gifts, ornaments, and animal figurines, or household decorations, Sparks Gift Wholesalers has it all.

The company provides free UK shipping services for orders above £200, excluding VAT, and there are no minimum order restrictions. However, they do have a delivery cost of £.95 for orders that amount to less than £200. The brand provides Mix & Match for over 20 brands, and you can shop for various Christmas ornaments, wholesale Christmas gift bags, mugs, and other items, not necessarily in carton quantity.

Fashion Accessories Wholesale Markets

Inspirations Wholesale

If you are looking for a reliable source for all things Christmas, florist, and homeware supplies, Inspirations Wholesale is the ideal store. It provides a unique and diverse range of top quality products, excellent to meet the customer’s expectations and satisfaction. This brand began as a family-owned business in 1990, and now it is one of the leading wholesalers for Christmas decorations, interior design products, and florist supplies in the UK, located in a 27,000 sq. Foot warehouse.

They contain a massive stock of artificial Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, LED Christmas tree lights, colorful candles, ornaments, baubles, and much more. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can contact the company with your requirements so that they can source it for you.

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Wholesale Christmas Decorations Suppliers in India


ExportersIndia.com provides what every B2B entrepreneur dreams about, from instant inquiries to potential buyers to 24/7 live showrooms to global exposure. With this platform, numerous wholesale suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, importers, and service providers promote and transact to form a global business village.

As such, businesses receive healthy competition and have the chance to appeal to global customers by exhibiting their products and giving them a platform to interact with their respective communities. The website provides an easy to use the portal and a massive databank of both sellers and buyers from all over the world, making it easier to source for quality products with reasonable price tags.

Fashion Accessories Wholesale Markets


As India’s largest B2B marketplace, IndiaMART connects suppliers and buyers, providing both parties with a wide range of products and services. 60% of its market share is in India, and its primary focus is providing a marketing and trading platform for small and medium-sized business enterprises.

Since its establishment in 1999, IndiaMART has enhanced the business visibility for suppliers and increased credibility for their brands. Alternatively, buyers have constant access to various products and services, including Christmas decorations, and a protected payment program for their transactions.



Established in 1996, TradeIndia is a platform that offers the Indian business community the ability to create global presence through its wide array of services, like directory service, the facilitation of trade promotional events, and many other online services. The platform is an ideal place for sellers and buyers from across the globe to interact and conduct business effectively.

TradeIndia has established a reputation for being India’s largest B2B marketplace. The company has over 4 million registered users and continues to grow exponentially every minute. INFOCOM NETWORK LTD. Maintains and promotes the platform to ensure it caters to the needs of its users.


Wholesale Christmas Decoration Suppliers in Australia

Lavida Trading

Created in 2001 by a small team of people who began their careers in the retail/giftware industry, Lavida is a one-stop wholesale supplier for all homeware and gift retail stores. Its offices are in Somersby, New South Wales, where they also have their own warehouse and packing facility.

The company also attends Home and Giving Trade Fairs in Melbourne and Sydney, allowing buyers to interact with the brand on a personal level as well as enabling the company to introduce its new product range. It is during these Home and Giving Trade Fairs that most wholesale Christmas decorations are unveiled for the first time, especially those that are new in their catalogs.


Christmas Warehouse

Christmas Warehouse provides the most fantastic range of products as it has over 40 international manufacturers and suppliers who allow them to have a diverse and plentiful array of products filled with the Christmas spirit. Whether you are looking for incredible pre-selected Christmas themes, fashion colors, or new decoration collections, Christmas Warehouse has it all.

Its website has developed the concept of the Christmas Warehouse Megastores, where they sell a variety of Christmas products with abundant stock, including lighting displays, trees, animation, decorations, tinsel, and everything you might need for Christmas. Christmas Warehouse is a one-stop Christmas store with a low price guarantee, product replacement promise, and points earning save for buyers.


Kosh & Co

Kosh & Co is an Australian-owned family business launched in 1931. It has been a manufacturer of accessories and decorations, as well as a florist supplier for over 80 years. The company has a physical address in 80 Adderley St. West, Auburn NSW 2144.

The website has a minimum order restriction of $50 exclusive of GST for all call-in and online purchases. Registered teachers and students gain access to exclusive educational benefits, like access to trading prices, through the website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy wholesale Christmas decorations?

Every individual has different personalities, lifestyles, and needs. As such, what someone views to be beautiful and innovative might not be taken the same way by another individual. Wholesale Christmas decorations offer a wide selection of Christmas products and services, ideal to meet every customer’s needs. It also provides competitive prices to ensure the buyer gets products worth their value.

Where do I find wholesale Christmas decorations in Europe?

 People who enjoy preparing for the Christmas festivities early in advance, I would personally recommend the Chinese wholesale markets due to their diverse range of products at reasonable rates. However, if it is the last minute or you prefer local Christmas products, check with suppliers and manufacturers with showrooms in the Europages.

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The wholesale Christmas decoration suppliers mentioned above are some of the leading e-commerce platforms in the world. They all have an online website, making it easier for global buyers and suppliers to interact and conduct business. By consulting these sources, you are bound to get a variety of Christmas products at affordable prices and in bulk.


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